We want to permanently include your caregiver’s photo as PHOTO OF THE WEEK Photo Of The Week. It is quite a simple task:

1) Upload your picture using the script below

* Note: All pictures uploaded will be reviewed for suitability

2) Please send us an email via our contact form below with the following information:

* The filename of the picture you have uploaded
* Basic information about your picture including names, a short bio and desired caption
* Your name, today’s date and your website, if you have one!

3) Please do not bypass this script and email me your picture directly as an attachment to your email. The picture will be deleted from our server. If you are experiencing problems, please use the contact form below.

4) * PLEASE NOTE …………

(a) English Filenames only – if I can’t read the name of the filename – it will be deleted
(b) Filenames under 10 characters – if there is more than 10 characters – it will be deleted
>> (c) I mean it – with items (a) and (b) ….

(sorry everybody .. We do not like the spam we have been receiving by a handful abusing this option)



If you use this script you should include a link back to our website
with the link www.plasticrain.com to allow other users to benefit.

This page is designed to be inlcluded within another page therefore html, head
and body tags have not been used. You can include this page into another page by
following the instructions in README.

If you have any problems with this script please post a message in our message
boards at www.plasticrain.com/forums/


$serverpath = “/home/health/public_html/alzheimer/photos/awaiting_review”; // Path to where images should be uploaded to on the server.
$urltoimages = “http://alzheimer.BattlingForHealth.com/photos/awaiting_review”; // Web address to where the images are accessible from.
$maxsize = “700000”; // Example – 20000 is the same as 20kb

$mode = $_GET[‘mode’];
if ($mode == “”) { $mode = “form”; }

if ($mode == “form”) {
echo “

echo “\n”;
echo “\n”;

if ($mode == “upload”) {
$file = $_FILES[‘file’][‘name’];
// If you add your own file types don’t forget to add an uppercase version.
$allowedfiles[] = “gif”;
$allowedfiles[] = “jpg”;
$allowedfiles[] = “jpeg”;
$allowedfiles[] = “png”;
$allowedfiles[] = “GIF”;
$allowedfiles[] = “JPG”;
$allowedfiles[] = “JPEG”;
$allowedfiles[] = “PNG”;

if($_FILES[‘file’][‘size’] > $maxsize)
print “File size is too big – please reduce file size and try again.”;
else {
$path = “$serverpath/$file”;
foreach($allowedfiles as $allowedfile) {

if ($done <> “yes”) {
if (file_exists($path)) {
echo “A file with this name already exists – please rename the file and reupload.”;

if (substr($file, -3) == $allowedfile) {
move_uploaded_file($_FILES[‘file’][‘tmp_name’], “$path”);
$done = “yes”;
echo “

Your image has been successfully uploaded to our server and can be accessed using the URL provided below.

echo “


echo “



if ($done <> “yes”) { print “

Error: Your image as not been uploaded because it is not a recognised image file. Please try again.

“; }
echo “

PLEASE NOTE: If you see your picture above with a link, then you have successfully uploaded a picture to us. Please use the contact form below to let us know that a picture has been uploaded, and provide to us the associated description and details .. Thank-You for contributing to Battling Alzheimer’s Photo Of The Week!


* NOTE: by submitting your photo to Alzheimer.BattlingForHealth.com.. you are agreeing to the stipulation that your photo may be used in any manner we deem appropriate for promoting Battling Alzheimer, Battling for Health or the HART-Empire Network .. without compensation.

Send Us Your Details

Thank-you for sending your picture, but now you must let us know that you did that .. so please use the following form:


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