3 reasons why varicose veins need to be treated

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There are many reasons why you might be considering varicose vein treatment, from the purely cosmetic to the seriously medical. Here’s a few of them.


1. They don’t look nice.

No two-ways about it, varicose veins are unsightly, and affect the way we feel about ourselves. And that’s okay: it’s absolutely normal. Women in particular tend to avoid wearing shorts or skirts, sunbathing, and sport in ode to their embarrassment.

There is much misconception about vein treatment. It’s a shame that so many women fail to explore their options because of the bad reputation the old NHS ‘high tie and strip’ methodology has. Don’t write off medical treatment just yet.

Most veins can actually be treated through laser therapy. And whilst it may not be possible to get 100% clearance, the majority of legs can be improved, altering cosmetic blemishes markedly, and thus increasing your wardrobe options no end!

left calf and varicose veins

2. Keep it medical

Varicose veins ache. A lot. They can be especially troublesome for patients who have to stand up a lot in their jobs- teachers or hospitality staff. But even office workers can suffer tiredness in the legs, ankle swelling, and throbbing sensations at the end of the day.

These pains can be alleviated with surgical stockings, designed to compress tightly from the ankle up to the leg, encouraging blood flow. They can be uncomfortable to wear, though, especially in hot weather, and so again, consider surgery.

New minimally-invasive techniques like endovenous laser treatment, VNUS closure or Clarivein can make most of these aches and pains go away quickly and with little recovery time.

Varicose vein treatment is normally executed without putting the patient to sleep, and most treatments are covered by health insurance companies. There’s no reason to continue suffering once you start to research the options available to you.


3. Skin Damage

We’ve all seen elderly relatives suffer the consequence of venous disease. Typically we see it in skin damage and ulcers at the ankle.

Longstanding high pressure in veins means damage to the skin as blood leaks out of veins and into layers of the skin.

Initially this can cause venous eczema- extreme dryness to the skin. It can be itchy and very sore. Symptoms can be managed with a steroid cream, but that isn’t a cure.

Over time, skin will darken in colour and texture will change- skin will become leathery and hard. This not only reflects a worsening of the condition, but also makes us more susceptible to minor injury. A simple scratch or cut can fail to heal, and develop into an ulcer.

Venous ulcers are serious medical conditions, taking a long time to heal with compression bandaging, a lot of pain, and antibiotics. It isn’t pleasant- and can be prevented.

The best way to tackle ulcers is to avoid getting one in the first place- early vein surgery with new, modern techniques can prevent what we write off as a cosmetic irritant into serious damage. Ask you doctor for advice and guidance- don’t be embarrassed to take action. In the long run, it can be worth it.

About the Author: Eddie Chaloner is a consultant vascular surgeon at London-based Radiance Health, and the nation’s leading authority on veins health. He features as a regular health commentator for the Daily Mail and Healthy magazine


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If you’re fed up with the “road map” of veins criss-crossing your legs, you’ll be happy to know that removing them is possible!

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