# 1 Weight Loss Story

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# 1 Weight Loss Story
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Sweet Home – 02-12-2011 – Tv9

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


Ladies special Programme Sweet Home, Making of Mirchi Vada in Sweet Home, Health tips for women, Latest fashions and fashionable dresses for ladies

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Post Baby Workout Diary & Fitness Tips – Bex Life

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


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Diet and cancer risk: vegetarians are the winners

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vegetables-freshThis is probably one of the largest studies to investigate the effect of diet and cancer risk. The study included more than 60,000 British residents and lasted for more than 12 years.

And the results indicate that a vegetarian diet lowers the risk for 20 different types of cancers.

According to researcher Dr. Naomi Allen

“This is strong evidence that vegetarians have lower rates of cancer than meat eaters.”

The study used the British data from an even larger study called the European Perspective Investment into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) which is tracking half a million Europeans.

The dietary characteristics of the participants are:

  • 32,403 meat eaters
  • 8,562 who ate fish but not meat
  • 20,601 vegetarians

During a 12.2-year follow up period, a large proportion of meat eaters developed cancer whereas the lowest incidence of cancer was among the vegetarians.

Statistically speaking, vegetarians were 12% less likely to develop cancer than those who ate meat. The fish eaters have also a lower likelihood – 18% less than meat eaters.

It has been known that red meat consumption is a risk factor for stomach cancer. What is surprising is the fact that the risk for lymph and blood cancers (e.g. leukaemia, lymphoma) is also much lower among vegetarians – in fact, much lower compared to other cancers. In the general population, the likelihood of developing any type of cancer is 33 in 100 people. For vegetarians, it’s 29 for every 100 people. When just looking at blood cancers, vegetarians had 50% lower risk that meat eaters. In one rare cancer of the bone marrow called multiple myeloma, the risk for vegetarians is even 75% less. Another cancer that is linked to the vegetarian diet is bladder cancer – 45% lower risk for vegetarians compared to meat eaters, However, risk for common cancers such as cancer of the prostate, breast and bowel isn’t seem to be dependent on diet and is basically the same for meat eaters and non-meat eaters.

The mechanisms behind the diet – cancer risk link is not very clear and health experts warn not to jump into conclusions and change diet immediately. However, it is comforting to know that it may be possible to modify our cancer risk by lifestyle change such as diet. We don’t have to change our diets and become all vegetarians doesn’t the study findings support the common but ignored knowledge of what a balanced diet is?

“A healthy, balanced diet [and] high in fibre, fruit and vegetables and low in saturated fat, salt and red and processed meat.”

Diabetic Vegan Recipe

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Veganism is popular and healthy

I need to start this off by saying that I am not a Vegan. My family eats more vegetables than meat based dishes, though we do consume meat. When I share vegan and vegetarian recipes, I am not condemning meat eaters at all!

Veganism has gained a lot of popularity among the health and eco-conscious. With the issues that elevated protein can cause in diabetic, I thought it may be a good idea to share recipes all diabetics can incorporate into their diet. So, if you are a vegan/vegetarian diabetic, this recipes is dedicated to you!

And if you aren’t vegan or maybe not diabetic, impress your friends with a dish that is tasty, but meatless! For you carnivores, you can replace the tofu with ricotta cheese.

Spinach OR Broccoli Casserole

*1 cup of cooked brown or wild rice
*2 cups silken tofu (or mashed semi-firm, OR ricotta cheese)
*1 package raw spinach or raw broccoli
*2 green peppers, chopped
*2 cups grated soy cheese, you favorite flavor
* 1 teaspoon salt (sea salt is wonderful)
*1 clove garlic, run through press.

Combine all of the ingredients in a large bowl. Place in a baking dish that has been prepared with olive oil (lightly). Slivers of almonds can be placed on top before placing in the over. Bake at 350 F for 30-35 minutes, longer if needed, up to 45 minutes. 5 minutes before removing, top with a meltable soy based cheese substitute.

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