Dr Bob The Drugless Doctor Presents “Get to Know” Men’s Health: Common Conditions

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


Men, do you know what brings many of you into my office? Pain! Do you have pain between your shoulders? What starch is causing that pain? I hope you have your notebook out for this episode of “Get to Know.” Make sure to follow me on Twitter, @druglessdoctor, and visit my website www.druglessdoctor.com.

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The best in 2010 here at Battling for Health

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Here in Battling for Health, we also have our favorite health topics and events for 2010 that we recommend for our readers old and new.


We have covered a lot in this subcategory, from the most common forms (smoking, alcohol and drug abuse) to the less common, such as:


Aging is one of my favorite subcategories in this blog and my favorite posts are those dealing with studies which cast a positive light on aging.

Alzheimer’s Disease

My 2010 favorite was clearly the series wherein we interviewed AD expert Dr. Michael Rafii. Check out:


Unfortunately, our posts on arthritis in 2010 have been scarce. We hope to correct this in 2011.

Asthma and allergies

We combine these two as they are closely related. We believe that the most relevant posts on are the effects of air-borne allergens such as traffic pollution, second-hand smoke, pollens and spores on our health. It is also for this reason that we especially support the Fresh Air Fund as a non-profit organization.


In the case of cancer, we have covered a lot of topics but my favorites are those on healthy lifestyle and the anti-cancer agents that you find in your kitchen. In addition, we have supported the Breast Cancer Action Group (BCA), in some of their campaigns.

Depression, stress and infertility

Depression and stress are linked to many disorders, including infertility, diabetes and heart disease. These are best described in the posts


Obviously, my favorite posts on diabetes are those dealing with lifestyle strategies but also relevant were the controversy leading to the withdrawal of Avandia in the European Union.

Heart and Stroke

Battling heart disease and stroke has been a very important part of this blog and will always remain to be in 2011. We have compiled a “best of 10” on hearty news and research topics for 2010. My personal favorites, of course, are still my posts about running and hiking.

Multiple sclerosis

We had just a few posts on MS but I think we have covered the most relevant issue of CCSVI.

Schizophrenia, hearing and vision are among those topics we have neglected in 2010. We will try to do better in 2011.

So what were your favorites in 2010 here at Battling for Health?

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