Ultimate Butt Workout for Women

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


For the full description, visit: bit.ly Our Ultimate 8-pack routine: bit.ly In this video, Katya shows one of her workouts for toning and strengthening your glutes. This is an ultimate workout for women who want to tighten and lift their butts. It is one routine of many more to come. 1. Deep Squats 2. Straight & Bent Leg Cross Raises 3. Kick Squats 4. Single Leg Bridges 5. Side Squats www.VitalityAdvocate.com is the new home for Matt Struve Fitness Videos, where he and Katya promote excellence in health, nutrition & fitness with Free Videos. Please subscribe and stay tuned for more on fitness, health and nutrition! Join the ongoing discussion about butt exercises and other vitality related topics at: www.facebook.com PS… ask any question you want below. We’re always online!

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