Scott York Fitness Tip – Tight Upper Back Solution

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Subscribe for more! Tweet me! If you exercise for any length of period, you’re eventually going to get tight knotted up muscles. I get them from time to time in my upper back area. Here’s a useful tip to help overcome knotted up muscles using a tennis ball. Scott York has been in the fitness industry for nearly 30 years. Scott has been certified by NASM, ISSA and others as a personal fitness trainer. Scott is married and has 3 young children so he knows how tough it is to stay in shape when you’re responsible for others as well as yourself. This youtube channel is designed to help you get in shape and lead a healthy lifestyle whether you are a beginner or and advanced fitness enthusiast looking to pick up new tips. Topics covered at this channel include: exercise, rehab, mindset, fitness challenges, nutrition, healthy snacks for kids, and much more. Please subscribe to get the latest tips! Thanks 🙂

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Tips to Get Past Weight Loss Plateau Point In Your Diet/Exercise Program To Help Achieve Your Goals

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Hi everybody, in this video I give you helpful diet and exercise tips to get over the dreaded plateau when your body just doesn’t seem to want to lose more weight. This can be a difficult time for people who have been steadily losing weight and then stop seeing the scale move lower. It’s a point where people tend to give up and start gaining weight again because they feel they will never reach their goal weight loss. Well, this video is about conquering this situation head on and giving your body a little push to get you over the hump. Ihope you found this video helpful. Please subscribe because I have so much more to come; something helpful and of interest to everyone. Thanks so much for viewing! To purchase a YouTips4U custom-designed T-Shirt please click here: To visit me at my blogspot, please click here:

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DIET RECIPE – Healthy Recipe for Breakfast

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

In this diet video I share my recipe for my healthy breakfast – for more diet and fitness video tips visit my site: www.BodyRock.Tv

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FITNESS – Cardio Exercise Workout 4

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Part 4/5. Visit www.BodyRock.Tv For more Free Fitness Videos, Workout Routines and Healthy Diet and Exercise Plans.

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Popcorn has antioxidants, too

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popcornSnacking is not bad as long as they are the right food and the right amount. And a recent study by researchers at the University of Scranton reveals that even popcorn has some redeeming qualities.

Whole grain cereals seem to be especially recommended because they contain lots of healthy things including fiber and polyphenols. Polyphenols are strong anti-oxidants which are also found in fruit and vegetables. And would you believe it – some whole-grain breakfast cereals have comparable polyphenol content per gram to fruit and vegetables.

According to lead author Dr. Joe Vinson

“Early researchers thought the fiber was the active ingredient for these benefits in whole grains — the reason why they may reduce the risk of cancer and coronary heart disease. But recently, polyphenols emerged as potentially more important. Breakfast cereals, pasta, crackers and salty snacks constitute over 66 percent of whole grain intake in the U.S. diet.”

Polyphenols occur naturally and abundantly in plants. They have been reported to have health benefits, including anti-inflammatory properties, benefits to cardiovascular health, and anti-cancer properties.

Food products other than fresh fruit and vegetables which are rich in polyphenols are

  • Tea
  • Red wine
  • Nuts

The current study looked at the following snacks and cereals and reported the following polyphenol content:

  • whole-grain corn or oats – about 0.2% by weight per box
  • wheat-based cereals – 0.07 %
  • rice cereals – 0.05%
  • raisin bran – 3%
  • popcorn – 2.6%
  • whole grain crackers – 0.45%
  • processed tortilla chips – negligible

It seems that the food manufacturing process does not destroy but rather retain the polyphenols in the plant products.

Vinson continues

“We always think of fruits and vegetables as the primary sources of polyphenols. But many people, especially students, don’t eat enough of them. Here we have a product that is very familiar in the diet and that people like to eat. We can push kids to eat more whole grains.”

Caveat: although this is good news, nutritionists give the following warning:

  • It is easy to binge on snacks and cereals. Practice moderation and stick to the serving size recommendations.
  • A lot of breakfast cereals contain lots of sugar. Go for the low sugar or sugar-free whole grain sort.
  • Some snacks contain lots of salt (thus high sodium content).
  • It’s not only what is in the food that matter. What’s not in there is also important. Aside from sugar and salt, processed food products usually contain preservatives and additives.
  • Finally, despite the comparable polyphenol content, these processed foods are still no substitute for fresh fruit and vegetables. It’s not only the polyphenols that matters. Think about essential vitamins, minerals, and other types of antioxidants that our body needs.

THE HART-SERIES: March 8-13, 2008

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* STILL Counting .. third time’s a charm~

This is what I have been eating this past week. The pictures from my last go around ended March 7, 2008 which was a Friday, so this starts on Saturday. I do my weigh-ins on Friday Mornings, so I will end on Thursday, March 13, 2008

Saturday March 8, 2008

* I didn’t take pictures, nor did I keep track and count my points. It was this day that I posted my previous post and pushed myself to going out and purchase another notepad and continue with my counting and recording of what I eat. Yup.

Sunday March 9, 2008

Displayed – My dinner – Pita with 100g turkey, mayo, lettuce and honey garlic BBQ sauce, melba toast and Maple Walnut Yogurt “ice” cream for dessert and some Smeckers Chocolate and Caramel syrops.

>> Today 36 points .. over by 4 points
>> Flex points 31 points remain for the week



Monday March 10, 2008

Displayed – My dinner – 2 peppered chicken filets, oven baked, with 3 weight watchers whole wheat toast and honey garlic BBQ dipping sauce! I also had 2 nutri gain bars for snacks afterwards

>> Today 36 points .. over by 4 points
>> Flex points 27 remain for the week


Tuesday March 11, 2008

Displayed – My lunch.. Pita with 100g of Chicken slices, and – My dinner .. I stopped at Sobies for some more #4012 Oranges MmmMMMMmm and ended up buying 6 home?made chocolate chip cookies and pretty much had that and 3 oranges for supper 🙂

>> Total points today 30 points – under by 2 points
>> 27 flex points still remain for the week



Wednesday March 12, 2008

Displayed – My dinner .. Pita with 100g turkey, orange, – also had same Yogurt Ice Cream as above for dessert\\

>> Total Points 33 points .. over by 1 point
>> 26 flex points remain for the week


Thursday March 13, 2008

Displayed – My breakfast – Weight Watcher’s size Whole Wheat toast, with peanut butter and honey. I was out all day and ate at Tim Hortons for lunch, and it was my wife’s birthday today for dinner – but, ate in – no pictures 🙂

>> total points today 39 – over by 7 points
>> 19 Flex points remained available – however, I should note that I didn’t count Saturday and probably went over by in excess of these unused flex points. I discovered dry Puffed Cereal (and it’s cheap!)


THE HART-SERIES: January 22-24, 2008

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Days Twenty-One to Twenty Three, still trying to lose weight (Tues, Wed, Thur)

Yes: I’m still counting! (even though I haven’t been posting in this blog)

For the ease of speeding up the blogging of my daily meals .. I will now post several days at a time to catch up on things. This will become more evident over the next few months as I become increasingly more busy during my day job (income tax preparation, etc) and especially so around the 20th and around the last week of each month

Tuesday – January 22, 2008

Coffee – 1 point
Pasta Salad – 6 points
4 Weight Watchers Toast with Peanut Butter – 4 points
Thinsation Peanut Butter cookies – 2 points
Thinsation Oreo cookies – 2 points
Pasta Salad – 6 points
4012 Orange – 1 point
Dutch Chocolate Yogurt Ice Cream – 5 points
Orange – 1 point
Melba Toast – 2 points

* No picture was taken January 22nd

>> Total 30 points, under
>>> Still have 8 splurge points left (after deducting January 21, 2008 excess of 20 points from 20th splurge points)

Wednesday January 23, 2008

Coffee – 1 point
4012 Orange – 1 point
Flax Cereal with 2% milk plus refills (2 points per cup) – 9 points
Orange – 1 point
Pasta Salad – 6 points
2 Blueberry Bagels with 200g turkey – 12 points
Orange – 1 poiint

>> Total 31 points, under
>> still have 8 splurge points left

* Picture of my Breakfast:

* Picture of my dinner:

Thursday January 24, 2008

Coffee – 1 point
Flax Cereal – 7 points
Pasta Salad – 6 points
Toasted Blueberry Bagel with Peanut Butter – 6 points
Tim Horton’s coffee with flavor shot of butter caramel – 2 points
Tim Horton’s Chicken Fajita on wholewheat wrap – 8 points
(MEMO: According to Tim Hortons Nutrition Page: 380 Cal, 15 Fat, 5 Fibre)
Orange – 1 point

>> total 31 points, under
>> Finished off the week with 8 splurge points remain!

* No picture was taken

THE HART-SERIES: January 21, 2008

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Day Twenty, trying to lose weight … (Monday)

It’s Pasta Salad Week!

Last night, While pigging out on mini donuts .. I made a new batch of HART’s FAMOUS PASTA SALAD .. counting as 3 points per cup. Hopefully it should last me the week!


Today I had:

Coffee – 1 poiint
Breakfast Pasta Salad – 4 points
Thinsations Oreo cookies – 2 points
(all day) Mini Donuts – balance from yesterday – 24 points
Lunch Pasta Salad – 6 points
Dinner – 4 Weight Watchers Toasted w/100g turkey sandwiches – 4 points
Dinner Pasta Salad – 6 points
4012 Orange – 1 point

Picture of my dinner


THE HART-SERIES: January 20, 2008

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Day Nineteen trying to lose weight (Sunday)

Coffee – 1 point
4 Weight Watchers Toast with Peanut Butter – 4 points
Dry Fruity Cheerios Cereal – handfulls for snacks – 3 points
Mini Donuts @2 points each – >> 1/2 of this packet! 24 points
176oz Lean Machine Grilled Chicken Breast – 6 points (168g) diff to dogs as treats!~

> 38 Points, over by 6 points
> 28 splurge points remain

I went shopping today to Sobey’s to get some ingredients for HART’s Famous Pasta Salad and those Mini Donuts looked delicious! I forgot – that each mini donut counts as 2 points however!

Picture of My Snacks For January 20th & 21st


Picture of my Dinner


THE HART-SERIES: January 19, 2008

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Day Eighteen .. watching my weight again … (Saturday)

Coffee – 1 point
Thinsation Oreo Cookies – 2 points
Sweet & Salty Almond Bar – 3 point
Thinsation Peanut Butter Cookies – 2 points
Salad with red peppers, bacon bits, sunflower seeds, croutons, 50g shaved turkey, dressing – 6 points
4 weight Watchers toasted shaved Turkey sandwiches (100g) with Mayo – 6 points
Chocolate Yogurt Icecream 1 cup – 4 points
w/low fat ice cream syrops – 2 points

>> 26 points today .. under
>> 34 splurge points still remain

I really like this Yogurt Icecream. My wife purchased some of those little yogurt treats that are in the fridge, and quite frankly I hate them! However, yogurt ice cream? I could fill my freezer with this stuff! It’s 2 points per 1/2 cup

Picture of my dinner


THE HART-SERIES: January 18, 2008

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Day Seventeen .. Watching my weight (Friday)

Coffee – 1 point
4 Weight Watchers Toast with Peanut Butter – 4 points
Sweet & Salty Bar – 3 points
Lunch at Koya Kiosk Beef & Chicken Teriyaki – 12 points
Tim Horton’s coffee – 2 points
Tim Horton’s Chocolate Chip Muffin – 9 points
Melba Toast – 2 points

>> 33 total points, over by 1 point
>> New week! 34 splurge points remain

Picture of My Dinner

I didn’t take any pictures of my dinner, because I didn’t eat dinner – I just had melba toast as a snack.

THE HART-SERIES: January 17, 2008

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Day Sixteen watching my weight ..

Coffee – 1 point
Crunchie Bar – 15 points
Junior Caramels (149g – 4 points per 42 g) – 14 points
Robin’s Donuts Coffee with Flavor Stick – 2 points
Robin’s Donuts mini Cinnamon Bun – 6 points
Cereal Lucky Charms and Cheerios with milk – 11 points

>> Total Points – 49 points, over by 17 points
>> No splurge points availble, and now negative 17 points~

I was caught off guard in meetings all day, without breakbreast. I stopped for gas and saw the Crunchie and Junior’s and just bought it. I munched the Crunchie down quite fast, as I haven’t really had any chocolate since XMAS week! The Junior Caramels were good .. as I was able to eat a few balls throughout the day. It’s annoying that a “serving” is 13 balls or about 42 grams, but the box was 149g. It just doesn’t make sense the way they package and mark these nutritional ingredients when it’s larger than a serving. 13 pieces? That’s a serving?

I didn’t get home until after The Celebrity Apprentice was over … (who was fired?). Thank goodness for Cereal and low maintenance dinner. I didn’t have any Caramels left to photograph, but I did take a picture of the package!

Picture of My Juniors – Remember these?


THE HART-SERIES: January 16, 2007

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Day fifteen watching my weight ..

Coffee – 1 point
4 Weight Watchers toast with Peanut Butter – 5 points
Cereal – Lucky Charms w/2% milk – 7 points
Salad with yellow peppers, sunflower seeds, bacon bits, caesar dressing, parmesan cheese – 5 points
Cereal – Lucky Charms for dinner! – 7 points
President’s Choice Sweet & Salty Almond bar – 3 points

>> Total Points – 28 points, still under
>> Still no available Splurge points this week

I’m a simple guy. Lucky Charms Cereal. Anytime 🙂

Picture of my Dinner


THE HART-SERIES: January 14, 2008

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Day Thirteen watching my weight …

Coffee – 1 point
Flax Cereal w/2% milk – 7 points
2 Rice Cakes – 2 points
1 Thinsation cookies – 2 points
2 Sweet & Salty Snack bars – 4 points
Chunky Prime Rib lean beef Soup 540ml – 5 points
4 whole wheat toast with peanut butter with 2 types of honey from farmers market – 9 points

>> Total 30 points, under
>> Still no splurge points remain

Picture of my Dinner


THE HART-SERIES: January 6, 2008

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Day Five

Coffee – 1 point
Kellogs All-Bran Bar – 2 points
Cereal Fruity Cheerios with Skim Milk – 4 points
HART’s Famous Hash Browns (with 2 eggs) – 14 points
Toasted Bagel with Peanut Butter – 5 points

>> 26 points, under
>> 22 splurge points still remain

Picture of my Supper


THE HART-SERIES: January 3, 2008

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Day Two

Coffee – 1 point
Oatmeal to go Bar – 3 points
Quaker Rice Crispy 100g Snack – 2 points
Cereal – Heaping bowl Cheerios w/2% milk – 5 points
Subway – 6″ Turkey with double meat with single bacon – 9 points
Subway – 3 chocolate Chunk Cookies – 15 points

>> total 35 points >> 3 points over
>> 32 weekly splurge points remain

Picture of my dinner


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