Lose Weight Super Tip – Body Transformation with The Magic Breath Technique

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


www.Fitnessah.com Learn a simple breathing technique that transforms your metabolic system into a (literal) fat burning machine. This absolutely must be part of any lose weight plan and every weight loss exercise routine . It is especially good for home fitness exercise programs. Best of all, this special technique is FREE. Just visit: www.Fitnessah.com and grab a copy with my compliments. www.Fitnessah.com – Lose Weight. Feel Good. Be Happy.

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Men’s Health BELLY OFF! Workout C

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


Strength Wam-up Circuit (Superset 1) Perform the set 3 times. -Stepup with Knee Drive (12 reps per leg) -Dip (As many as you can) (Superset 2 ) Perform the set 3 times. -Lateral Lunge (12 reps) -Lateral Elevated Pushup (10 reps) (Superset 3) Perform the set 3 time. -Wall Run (20 Secs) -Wall Sit (30 Secs) -Single-Leg Hip Buck (10 reps per leg) (The Big Finish) Perform the set 1 time. -Bodyweight Thruster (20 secs) -Rest 10 secs -High Knee Runs (20 secs) -Rest 10 secs -Repeat for 4 minutes

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Nutrition & Diets : How Can a Skinny Woman Gain Weight?

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


If a woman is skinny and wants to gain weight, she should first see a doctor to see if she has a poor appetite that is deficient in different vitamins or minerals. Concentrate on high calorie foods to gain weight withadvice from a registered and licensed dietitian in this free video on nutrition and diets. Expert: Christine Marquette Bio: Christine E. Marquette is a registered and licensed dietitian with the Austin Regional Clinic in Austin, Texas. Filmmaker: Todd Green

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Victoria’s Secrets – Victoria Pendleton’s tips to getting into shape

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


From her first race at nine years old, Victoria Pendleton showed promise, and in 2001, whilst she was still a student, she won one bronze and three silver medals in the British National Track Championships. The next year she qualified for the England Commonwealth Games Team and after racking up a series of successes on the track, she took gold at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. So if you are looking to get yourself into shape in 2011, who better to offer some advice? And don’t worry; you don’t need to be an Olympic athlete to follow them! To help get us on the right track, Victoria, in association with Hovis Wholemeal, has come up with a series of realistic and attainable tips that everyone can use. “I often get asked how I stay motivated,” says Victoria, “but the reality is I struggle just as much as everyone else. To help women everywhere, I’ve come up with ‘Victoria’s Secrets’, my top tips to staying on course during this January. It’s not rocket science, just some key pointers that should make it a bit easier!” Firstly a simple tip; make sure you keep yourself hydrated. “Often we can mistake feeling dehydrated for feeling hungry. Make sure you drink at least a litre and a half a day. Drinking tea, fruit juice and even eating fruit and vegetables all help provide fluid intake!” And whilst some of her tips are specific health advice, there are some fun ways to stay motivated too! Victoria believes you should reward all of your efforts; it shouldn’t be a chore. “Research

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Earth Day Special: Losing weight is good for the environment

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earthI know. You have probably heard it all. Losing weight is good for you. And this absolutely true. People lose weight for a lot of reasons.

Weight and looks

For some people, it’s all about looks. They lose weight (or at least try to) because they associate slimness with good looks. Sometimes, however, vanity can have some bad consequences when they take the weight issue a bit too far and fall into the trap of eating disorders instead.

Weight and health

Losing weight is good for the health. After all, obesity is a risk factor for many chronic diseases including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis, and cancer. Keeping fit and healthy is the best reason to lose weight. In the process, you feel good about yourself without being dependent on good looks.

Weight and the environment

Now, it seems there is another compelling reason for us to lose those pounds and manage our weight properly. Low weight is good for the environment and can help slow down climate change. Here are the reasons why:

  • Food consumption. Losing weight means low food consumption. It seems that food production contributes extensively to global warning. According to London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine’s Department of Epidemiology and Population Health, the population of Vietnam, which is considered to be on the lean side, consume less food resources than say the overweight population of more developed countries such as the US.
  • Waste production. Food consumption is, of course, closely related to waste production. Again, according to the researchers, a lean population needs 20% less food resources and produce less greenhouse emissions than an overweight population.
  • Transport-related emissions. It is a known fact that energy consumption are related to weight. The more food a population eat, the more energy is needed for cargo transport. In addition, the heavier a population is, the more energy is spent on human transport. And corollary to this, the more transport-related emissions are produced. According to Science Daily

The researchers estimate that a lean population of 1 billion people would emit 1.0 GT (1,000 million tonnes) less carbon dioxide equivalents per year compared with a fat one.

This doesn’t mean that we should blame all environmental problems on overweight people because this is far from fair.

Instead, we should take these findings as a strong incentive to lose weight. And governments and health authorities should put more effort in tackling the obesity problem. For the sake of the population. For the sake of our planet. Happy Earth Day!

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Adjusting Your Attitude to Lose Weight

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There is a basic equation for losing weight: use more calories than you consume. One of the easiest ways to do that, it is sometimes believed, is simply to eat less at least of certain foods and/or exercise more. And, it’s true, that is fundamentally what all diets amount to. But how to do that to achieve natural weight loss requires a little more. In particular, it often requires a change in attitude.

Attitude alone won’t change the rate at which your body burns calories, nor will it magically cause you to eat less or exercise more. But sustaining a weight loss program over the long run needed to achieve permanent results can only be done by (in part) a change of attitude.

* But what attitude? What is meant by attitude, here, anyway?

‘Attitude’ is used here to sum up all those views about what to eat and whether to exercise, and how. Some, even those who desire a more natural weight loss program, simply go on doing more or less the same things day in and day out. But no change in behavior will result in no change in effect. To change behavior, it’s necessary to adjust the attitude.

* How?

That’s the 64 thousand dollar question and the answer, it will come as no surprise, will vary from person to person.

Some individuals will reach a crisis point in their lives. They are tired of looking in the mirror and seeing a body image they despise. Or, they are tired of feeling tired all the time. They are strongly motivated at the outset to adjust eating habits, change their diet and commit to a healthy exercise program.

Others have to dig a little deeper, to find the inner strength to change, to look farther down the road. Starting a diet ‘after the holidays’ or ‘after changing jobs’ or any of the thousand other reasons we devise to start later means one thing: not starting now. But now is the time to start, if you want to start achieving results now. That means changing attitude now.

Easier said, than done, it goes without saying. But not so very hard if you look to any of the many available sources for helping you. Friends who have successfully started or gone a long way on a natural weight loss program can be an inspiration. Let the positive pull of their success motivate you, more than the negative guilt of where you are today.

Read about the large variety of diets available. No one of them is perfect for every individual. Finding one that fits your natural inclination will help get you started. Some people find it easy to devote to tracking calories. Others only want to focus on healthy foods, but keep portions modest. Still others want to follow a diet that has been successfully used by those they know or trust. Anyone will want a natural weight loss program that optimizes their overall health. Here, the only correct answer to ‘Which is best?’ is the one that gets you started and produces results for you.

Starting that research is the first step to helping you alter your attitude, a shift that will result in the change you are really after in the first place: losing weight.

It’s That Time Of Year – Time To Start The Diet Again!

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Image Created at Create-A-Character


* On May 25, 2005 .. I joined Weight Watchers and officially weighed in at 291 lbs.

* On January 1, 2006 .. I had stopped watching or counting points and weighed in at 263 lbs.

* On January 1, 2007 .. I weighed myself back at 283 lbs.

* Yesterday – January 1, 2008 .. I weighed myself and I was 287.5 lbs.


I must say, I don’t feel obese, being a 6’1″ person .. but I mostly sit at my desk working and do feel sedentary at times. Sometimes, I wonder if I’m losing feeling in my toes from the lack of circulation. My wife is cold blooded and hates the heat .. (could be thyroid related) and I’m always cold and using a Space Heater in my office here on the 2nd floor to up the heat a few extra degrees. Is that because of lack of circulation? Last Summer I was at the cottage, and swimming, running, biking, walking the dogs .. but, had trouble fitting in a Kayak that I had purchased – that is, sitting in a position with my feet together inside the kayak and my back straight. When summer was over, we still went until just about Canadian Thanksgiving time, on Weekends .. but that exercise was enough for me and I never even walked the dogs during the week. I have to also say, that these past six months has been quite stressful for me – workwise.

In November, my father-in-law was in a serious car accident, and now has brain damage, loss of sight and requires 24/7 personal care. I have been taking care of his business, or rather – trying to liquidate and end the business .. and eating out at restaurants. Maybe it’s because I’m out and about, and doing lots of lifting, and running around – but, I actually lost weight in November and December (before Xmas celebrations that is). But, ever since – I’ve been taking Tums at night (yummy Calcium!) But, only after eating burgers, pizza and fries! That can’t be good.

My Body Is Trying To Tell Me Something

Well .. my brain and stomach told me to immediately finish off the remaining Rice Krispy Marshmallow Treats that I made last week (3 points each for about 2″x2″ bar, 34g each) .. and give it a go with the open boxes of chocolate (and 1/2 an Easter Bunny) .. But – now that it’s gone now… My brain is telling me it’s time again – time to officially lose weight and get healthy.

OKAY! I GET IT! Enough is Enough!

The diet starts today – January 2, 2007 … I’m back watching what I eat, counting points like I used to with Weight Watchers, minding my portion control and .. eaaaaazzzy on the chocolates, Double Mozza Burgers, Pizza and All-You-Can-Eat buffets!

So – the good news is .. I will be back now posting on the HART’s Getting In Shape category here at Battling Obesity … three times is the charm! You guys *want* to see what I’m eating, now – don’t you? 😀

How about you? Are you blogging about your weight loss in 2008? Leave your link in the comments – and I’ll start a “Friends” page about this! Interested in joining me? We can also try to do some meme’s, cross linking, share recipes, pictures, etc etc etc … or – let me know privately off-line via obesity.BattlingForHealth.com/contact/


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