Summer Exercise for HART needed

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I’m still “Battling Obesity” … It was my birthday July 11th and I finally weighed in again. My last weigh in on May 2, 2007 .. I was at 272.5 lbs.

Last Wednesday, on my birthday .. July 11, 2007 … I weighed myself to be 273.0 lbs.

I pretty much stopped counting points, or even watch what I was eating since about April 30th, although I was consciously trying to be aware of what was going into my mouth and if I could, I would eat the healthier choice. But, all I did was sit in a chair – stressed out – trying to catch up and get ahead with all my work in progress of my offline Accounting and Income Tax Preparation business. And, now I am on “summer hours” – well, at least my wife is. She takes off every Friday now, and every couple of weeks both Friday and Monday. We will be taking a full two weeks holiday next month. It’s quite hard for me to conduct my business – which, I’m trying to cram 8 days work into 7 days in the first place .. now have to cram it into 3 or 4 days.

But – I do have a few new toys for the summer … so – if my offline business is going to struggle this summer .. my physical well being and weight should not suffer.

At the beach, I am trying to ride my bike a lot, we walk the dogs when we can .. and weather permitting I am like a fish out of water. I have a few new water toys … like, this inflatable kayak pictured below. I bought two of them – one for me, and one for my wife. My wife loves it!

me? I like it.. it’s okay – but, the weight restriction is 300 lbs. I am finding that the way I sit // correction – there’s no excuse to explain it. My belly sticks out in such a way, that I can’t really sit in a 90 degree angle with my feet close together to fit properly inside the kayak, and because I’m already on the heavier side .. with lifejacket, canoe, and the way I sit in the kayak .. water spills inside. This just compounds the problem, giving more weight in the kayak and then more water comes into the kayak.

It’s a humbling experience – and great motivator to lose more weight and be able to kayak with my wife. At the moment, I can kayak for about 15 minutes, then I have to empty the water out. And, I have to do that on shore, as it’s difficult to get back in these inflatable kayaks without letting more water in!


And what do I do after my “laps” in the water, while I’m waiting for my wife to go kayaking by herself? I just sit around.. you know~ in the water!



Click on the little Kayak if interested in buying this from Canadian Tire (affiliate link) .. it’s quite cool, and folds up into a suitcase that you can carry with you in your trunk of your car. Oh, and it takes about 15 minutes to pump up with air with a foot pedal, and about 2 minutes to deflate.

THE HART-SERIES: May 1, 2007 to May 12, 2007

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News, Updates, and Reflections

Nothing new here … after the April 30th deadline and adrenalin rush slow down occurred, and I was getting trying to get all of the “wakeup” pills out of my system too .. I found that I had problems getting back into the swing of things. Then, to make matters worse .. I suddenly realized that I should never have stopped because I am STILL super busy, and pounding to be meeting all of my deadlines before June 15th. I’ve got work deadlines of May 31st and June 30th that I think is under control .. if you call control having the work sit in a box next to your home office desk with a piece of paper stapled to the box with black in text .. “DO ME BEFORE MAY 31st” on it!

Yes .. I’m still battling my obesity problems. I’m not losing weight. However, I am not gaining weight. That in my head is stopping me from losing weight, because in my own very mind – I have been successful in the opposite of ways, by not gaining weight.

After May 1st came and went .. I finally got back to my early morning exercising routines, if you can call it that, with my stationery bike and rowing machines in the basement .. but I stopped after about a week. I’m getting these muscle locks in my legs – where I pull a muscle and it’s like a jolt of electricity has been turned on and there is great pain while I dance around the room walking off the pain, trying to get feeling once again.

Since this past Monday after Mothers’ Day, I have been out walking as an alternative. My dogs Maxxie and Sophie hate me, because I am not taking them with me. It’s just that I don’t feel I am getting exercise with them when I walk. And, I’m just walking down about 6 streets to the local bank, post office or Tim Hortons – and I always end up inside the place where dogs are not allowed anyway. I don’t feel guilty, because my wife has been taking them for the odd walk every couple of days (Whew!). Where do you draw the line? I need to get back into shape. I know they want to go outside, but they will survive and get their share of outside this summer!

This May Long Weekend .. we are heading out for the first time to the cottage out in Victoria Beach, Manitoba .. (here’s pictures from last year). It’s supposed to be cold .. about hi of 11c and low of 0c .. with possibility of rain this weekend. A little chilly, but we will only be doing ‘day’ trips and not staying over. I imagine I will be on leaf and raking patrol this weekend and I’m sure Maxxie and Sophie will be getting lots of walks around this weekend!

Yvonne’s Corner

I created a new category here, and have been trying to get my wife to part-time blog on this blog (translation: begging!). She’s in great shape, and I’m so proud of what she accomplished and continues to do to maintain and be healthy. I believe she books approximately 8-9 hours during the week at Shapes Fitness Center, (1 hr or 2hr sessions) and wants to share some articles she receives about fitness training. I hope to encourage her to write more but I will gladly accept less, if anything! She’s been gearing up for the summer cottage routine, by foregoing a few hours at the gym and instead going jogging for a spell, then taking the dogs out for a short walk. I hope that my readers will leave her lots of comments, to get her motivated to write more and get hooked on blogging! I know, that’s sneaky – but Shhhh! I know she would love to help me with my blogging ventures .. if only she didn’t like blogging! But, she’s passionate about being healthy .. it’s almost like blogging, isn’t it?

Yvonne’s corner .. watch for it .. staring before the End of May!

Pictures Between May 1-12, 2007

Basically, this is what I have been eating .. I must upload them to clear my camera memory or fear of accidentally deleting them for a better picture of something else. I will try to place adequate descriptions with the image, so all you have to do is mouseover them. Throughout this period, I believe I have been eating healthy foods, although I can remember days eating at the following places, with no pictures:

(1) Palatal Restaurant for Mongolian Stirfry x 2. No pics
(2) A&W Restaurant for Double Mozza Burger Super Sized Meal *sigh .. I was weak*. No pics
(3) I took my brother out on his 50th birthday to AppleBees Restaurant but, had the Oriental salad. No pic.
(4) Mothers Day. BBQ. Appetizers. Desserts. need I say more? No pics.

And .. yes .. I seem to be eating a lot more Blueberry Bagels now .. instead of Whole Wheat bread.

Two turkey sandwiches on blueberry bagels

May 2-I finished the LoFat Italian Meatballs that were in the Freezer

May 2-Raspberries and Milk. Although, all you need is 1/2 cup of milk per 1-cup of raspberries

May 2-I bought these 1.5 litre water bottles that fit those Crystal Lite packages. If not that, I've been trying to drink at least 1 jug per day

May 3-Mandarin Oranges are back! I've been adding 1-2 to every Salad I make now.

May 3-Cant find any SmartScoop anymore .. but Breyers has a good alternative. Raspberries and some Syrop make it a nice snack

May 3-Have you tried those new Crispy Delights Yet? Just as good as Thinsations and same amount of WW points

May 4-Turkey Sandwich on Blueberry bagel with a Salad

May 6-Microwaveable soup and blueberry bagels with coffee. This is pretty much my daily lunch, after shopping days that is when we get fresh bagels

May 6-#4012 Oranges are back! #4012 Oranges are back! Yippee!

May 6-What can I say? Click for a closeup.. MmmmMMmMmm

May 7-Turkey Sandwiches on Blueberry Bagels - Can you tell I like this?

May 8-I whipped up a batch of Egg Salad (egg, mayo, green onions) add Bacon Bits

May 8-Sure: not an everyday treat, but Ice Cream and Syrop is always a treat and helps settle my stomach after a hearty meal, am I right? :D

May 8-Sophie (left) and Maxxie (right) waiting for the OK to eat their sliced hard boiled egg

May 9-Egg Salad Sandwiches with Blueberry Bagels

May 10-Soup and Salad

May 12-Toasted blueberry bagels with Peanut Butter

May 12-BBQ Chicken (sliced in half) on a Blueberry Bagel

THE HART-SERIES: April 14, 2007 – May 1, 2007

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Wow. Has it been that long?

Thank-you for your patience during my slowdown, and starting tomorrow I should be back and running on this blog. More of what I do and have been doing will be centrally located on the 1 – 8 0 0 – H A R T blog.

As for my daily meals and counting points .. I had all the best intentions since my last April 14th weigh in and partially kept points and memos about what I was eating. The only thing that affecting me, is that I wasn’t really working 24 hour days .. I was working 28 hour days trying to squeeze a 6 day week into a 7 day week! (I know that sounds kooky). You see, I have been sooooooo busy with my work – it all had to get done. I was working around the clock, sometimes sleeping only 2 hours at a time and, it wasn’t always at night. Some morning at 3 am I would make me supper. Some days at about 4am I would make some breakfast pancakes. I know I certainly wasn’t eating 3 square meals a day, and some days all I was eating was snack food.

Counting points and keeping track was the farthest from my mind. Tomorrow morning, I am planning on weighing myself, and start a-new once again. In the meantime, I don’t feel like I’ve been overeating and probably lost some weight .. although I have been in a chair sitting at a desk in front of this computer for almost 20 hours every day for 2 weeks straight.

I’m not even going to try to describe what I have been eating, except .. a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Here are the pictures of what I was eating and when .. as I post the pictures in here – I’ll try to remember what I was eating and add a few comments – just do a MouseOver to read them.

April 15, 2007 - Chicken Finger and Mini Marshmallow on a Salad .. MAN Was that delicious .. Mmmmm Marshmallows

April 15th - Toasted turkey sandwich with frozen stir-fry vegetables

April 16th - snacking on Carrots and Red Peppers with Three-Cheese Dressing

April 17-19th - Right. Chinese food Take-out lasted me 3 days. This was the last remnants in one bowl.

April 20th - Toasted Turkey sandwiches,  but I had a yearning for Bacon Bits on it

April 21st - Toasted Blueberry Bagels from Superstore - with Peanut Butter Mmmm

April 22nd - We had our first BBQ on night of 21st, with the low calorie burgers in the freezer. Here is burger buns with turkey meat and snacks

April 22nd - Soup and Salad

April 24th - Salad and Soup!

April 25th - Turkey Sandwiches on Blueberry Bagels

April 26th - Salad. After this point, it was all salads and junk food or snack bars. I didn't really have any sit down dinners, except maybe ice cream

So.. what do you think? Did I pig out? Or do you think I’ve lost weight since April 14th?

It’s nice to have a place where we can walk the dogs

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I took my camera out with me last weekend while we were out walking the dogs. Behind our condo complex, is the Sturgeon Creek. On both sides there are sidewalks and fields, and we can walk for miles and miles in either direction. The snow is just melting, and there is no green grass yet .. and the water levels are a bit high .. but it’s still nice to get out and walk the dogs. So, here are some pictures! I should be doing this more often, but the pictures usually end up on my Pet related blogs instead 🙂

* Google Map: This is general view of my backyard .. I live on the left side where the arrow is

* Google Map: Here is a close up of above under the “Sturgeon Creek Parkway” notation is, bottom right side of the above

* This is a picture of what that looks like closeup .. it’s at Cuthbert Grant’s Mill

It’s a little history in our backyard …

The watermill known as Grant’s Old Mil occupies the site of the Red River Settlement’s first mill built in 1829.

It was established by Cuthbert Grant who was the leader of the Metis at the Battle of Seven Oaks. Grant’s Old Mill is on a tributary of the Assiniboine River and is the final incarnation of multiple previous mills that were washed away by frequent floods.

The mill is open to the public and provides a glimpse of a real working water powered mill. Samples of stone ground wheat can be tasted. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and the area surrounding Grant’s Old Mill is perfect for picnics or just laying out in the sun. Located directly behind Grant’s Old Mill is the Grace Hospital.


* Here are some more pictures of the walkway and area .. nothing really that exciting, except open space to walk our dogs Maxxie and Sophie .. who like to sniff everything and pee at every corner marking their way home!

THE HART SERIES: Weigh In: Week 15

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Saturday April 14, 2007

271.0 lbs

>> Down 2.5 lbs
>> YTD Down 11.0 lbs


I don’t get it. Yes – I have been doing ‘some’ exercise – but, I still have not put it into second gear. This week, I seemed to have been eating MORE junk food, eating out MORE .. LESS exercise .. and I lost weight!

~wait~ I think I’m on to something! haha .. // Eat more! Excercise Less! Lose Weight!~

Well, maybe it’s because I’m eating less portions than I normally do with the large salad meals that I have been eating (you’ve seen the pictures!). Maybe it’s the stress from my work burning off calories sitting at a desk all day and all hours of the night or worrying that I haven’t been blogging that much? Maybe it was the new Melaleuca Nutritional meal replacement bars, or nutritional weight-loss fat burning bars I happened to come by, and been snacking on instead of Thinsations and Pringles. Maybe I just pigged out late at night on the night before last week’s weighin and my weight wasn’t really representative of what it should be .. don’t forget – it was a short week and I changed it up from a Monday morning weighin to Saturday morning weigh in.

I’m believe in the weigh in number, because we have a good scale. I think it’s just a timing issue, because bottom line – it doesn’t feel like I’ve lost 2-1/2 pounds this week .. mentally.

THE HART SERIES: Counting: April 7-13, 2007 (Summary)

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Saturday April 7, 2007

* Brunch: Pancakes on my Family size Griddle .. it’s great! (PS> pancake on top row, far left=1 point)
* Supper: Salad, with turkey
>> Total 22 points – UNDER .. 35 splurge flex points remain untouched

Sunday April 8, 2007

* All Day Easter Dinner with family
* homegrown Chickens from the Hutterites (about 2.5lbs each, for 4 people)
* Add chocolate, donates, stuffing, potatoes, and cake
>> Total 42 points today .. OVER BY 10 .. 25 splurge points remain

Monday April 9, 2007

* Breakfast: Cereal, etc
* Lunch: Leftovers stuffing, potatoes, salad, cake
* Snacks all day, no real supper
>> Total 38 points – OVER BY 6 POINTS .. 19 splurge flex points remain

Tuesday April 10, 2007

* Breakfast: Toast and peanut butter – I didn’t notice my cat’s noseprints on my camera lens until a few days later ..
* Late Lunch: With Client at Salisbury House. I have a Texas Meat Western Skillet (hash browns, bacon, ham, sausages, covered with 2 over easy eggs and cheese) Mmmm and 2 Salisbury donuts
* Supper was Ice Cream with syrop
>> Total 44 points – OVER by 12 points! .. 7 splurge points remain

Wednesday April 11, 2007

* Brunch Client meeting at Schmeckers Restaurant – had Apple Pancakes
* Dinner: Salad and (new) Melaleuca Nutritional bar
>> Total 33 points – OVER by 1 point .. 6 splurge flex points remain

Thursday April 12, 2007

* No picture today .. because I didn’t eat today
* Although I did snack on 2 Nutritional Bars from Melaleuca and Thinsations and Cereal
* Supper Snack: A&W – 3 chicken Strips with Sweet & Sour sauce
* Supper Dessert: Low Fat (Skinny Cow) Ice Cream sandwich
>> Total 28 points – UNDER .. 6 splurge flex points still remain

Friday April 13, 2007

* Luncheon Client Meeting: Chicken Gyros on 7″ pita
* Snacked on Nutitional Bar, Kelloggs Oat Bran bar & Sweet & Salty bar
* Supper: Toasted turkey breast sandwich, with mayo with Pringles
>> Total 36 point! – OVER BY 4 POINTS .. I end the week with 2 unused splurge flex points

THE HART SERIES: Weigh In: Week 14 (Short Week)

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Saturday April 7, 2007

273.5 lbs

>> UP 1.5 lbs
>> YTD Down 8.5 lbs


Well, I seem to have lost my book after this weigh in was taken, and that pretty much says it all, right? When I lose track of my notebook that I write all my meals down .. you know something is wrong! I could say that there was also chocolate bunnies involved sometimes during the week, since Wednesday!

But – Up 1.5 lbs. NOT GOOD. My timing has been off and I’ve been eating supper in the afternoons, breakfast at night and snacking at my computer. The more I’ve exercised the more pain I get from exercising that yes.. yes .. “No Pain No Gain” but, it’s hard to exercise fully when you are in pain.

Honestly – I know I should get back on schedule, back to routine – but, work comes first at this stage for me, at least until after April 30th. So, I try – but I also know I am not as motivated as I should be. But, the weather is warming up here in Winnipeg (around 0c) .. rather than snacking on food during short breaks .. I plan (and starting to) include the dogs in my breaktime and going outside for a ‘romp’ by the river, behind our condos, and walks to the bank and post office (about 8 blocks away)

THE HART SERIES: Counting: April 2-6, 2007 (Summary)

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This was a short week, from Monday to Friday to re-shift my weigh-ins to Saturday Mornings now….. I accidentally threw out my little notepad that had all my meals on Sunday afternoon .. I will have recreated Saturday and Sunday .. but, all I have this week are pictures that I hardly took!

Monday April 2, 2007

Well, didn’t have any pictures of food but I took pictures of Maxxie and Sophie

Tuesday April 3, 2007

Didn’t take any pictures

Wednesday April 4, 2007

Didn’t take any pictures

Thursday April 5, 2007

I took a picture of these new Thinsations my wife bought yesterday during Shopping Day. Peanut shaped peanut butter cookies and some little shortbread cookies. The Peanut Butter Cookies are quite tasty!

Also, I bought this new dressing from my mother on Tuesday, who purchased it at Costco. It’s called ‘Vidalia Onion Dressing’ and tastes a lot like that Kraft Poppyseed dressing, with a touch of onion and I suppose butter? But, the Poppyseed dressing is 2 points per 1 TBSP and this one is 3 points per 2 TBSP .. so, not as great as the regular Blue Menu Caesar dressing salad which is 1 point for 2 TBSP, but much tastier. Now that I think about it, I’ve been using it every day this week whenever I can.

Friday April 6, 2007

This is those Restaurant style grilled cheese sandwich, but I added a fried egg inside it with extra cheese.


I still had many client meetings this week, including a few lunch meetings, and Tim Hortons outings .. and I felt like I was eating too much snacks, and my timing was off. During the week I had worked a few nights and took power naps during the day as I try to stretch this 5-day period into a 4-day week! To prorate the weeks 35 splurge flex points by 5/7 – I should have been allowed 25 splurge points for the short week. Based on the upcoming weigh-in Saturday April 7th .. I probably had more than 35 points this week!

One thing that I do know .. while my ‘mini’ exercises on my exercise bike and rowing machine every morning (i.m.o.) got my heart rate going and was turning into a ‘mini routine’ .. (every morning) .. my wife continued to MOCK me for calling it a routine because it was turning to be AT MOST 20 minutes each time. So .. I upped my routine to double time – and, by Thursday my legs and body has been aching greatly. Today as I write this, (April 11th) I am still aching and haven’t exercised since Saturday PM (although, the weather has been warming up and I have been walking the dogs)

THE HART SERIES: Weigh In: Week 13

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Monday April 1, 2007

272.0 lbs

>> Down 1.5 lbs
>> YTD Down 10 lbs


I was also sickly Monday morning, and didn’t eat anything solid since suppertime Sunday Evening – taking shots of Crown Royal Whiskey and jumping under the covers. It’s Thursday morning now at the time of writing this, and I’m back up to .. well, the week isn’t over yet and I shouldn’t be weighing myself during the week – but I was curious as I reached my FIRST 10 POUNDS ~! I know, after 13 weeks it’s not that great. But, I could be at ZERO or even gained weight.

My Excercise routine has been steadily becoming a “routine” instead of the “whenever I go downstairs and get a file I should jump on a machine and do a few minutes of something” method! In the morning, before coffee and again at lunch time – I do two sets of the excercise bike and in the morning I’ve been adding the rowing machine routine. The amount of time I spend may not seem that much to many (1/2 hr at most each time or less) but I am getting my heart rate up, putting up a sweat and I think it counts :p

The temperatures went back down to a deep freeze here in Winnipeg (-20c) and haven’t walked at all outside. If I’m not meeting clients, I am sitting at computer all day and all night and not even taking breaks. My knees are starting to bug me, and um, you know that flabby area between your legs when you ride bicycles or do lots of running or walking and are out of shape? yah .. it’s soft and hurting~

THE HART SERIES: Counting: March 26-April 1, 2007 (Summary)

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Monday March 26, 2007

* Breakfast – toast etc
* Client meetings x 2
* Tim Hortons x 2
* No Lunch
* Pancakes for supper
* Thinsations during the day
* No meal pictures
>> TOTAL 33 POINTS … Over by 1 point – 34 splurge flex points remain

Tuesday March 27, 2007

* Breakfast toast PB & Jam
* Snacks during the day
* No Lunch
* Dinner salad, orange and I found these Weight Watcher Snack cakes 1 point each
>> TOTAL 27 POINTS … Under – still have 34 splurge flex points remaining

Wednesday March 28, 2007

* Breakfast cereal
* Lunch and Snacks the rest of those Weight Watcher snacks!
* Other snacks Thinsations and Singles Pringles
* Dinner soup and salad
>> TOTAL 31 points … Under – 34 splurge flex points remain

Thursday March 29, 2007

* No pictures today
* Client meetings and deliveries
* Tim Hortons including Muffin (9 points for muffin)
* Breakfast cereal
* Late Lunch – Home Made Chili Fries at Steve’s Restaurant (took 20 points)
* Snacks during day, Sweet & salty, pringles, thinsation
>> TOTAL 48 POINTS .. – Over by 16 points – 18 splurge points remain

Friday March 30, 2007

* Breakfast Cereal etc
* No Lunch today
* Snacks oranges, thinsations, pringles
* Dinner salad and chicken fingers (took 14 pts for 6 pcs)
>> TOTAL 34 POINTS .. Over by 2 points – 16 splurge flex points remain

Saturday March 31, 2007

* No Pictures
* Breakfast Melba Toast
* Lunch & Dinner at Relatives
* BBQ 2 hotdogs, 1 hamburger, treats, and sample chocolates! (took 36 points for this)
>> TOTAL 41 points .. over by 9 points – 7 splurge points remain

Sunday April 1, 2007

* No Breakfast – Slept in, and was sickly today
* Lunch Toasted Turkey Sandwiches
* Dinner soup and salad and an orange
>> TOTAL 20 points – UNDER .. 7 splurge points remain for the entire week.

THE HART SERIES: Continued But Fragmented

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* Week 13 and the HART SERIES will resume back after this Wednesday .. and now will be summarized once a week (or so) in one general post. I will be changing my weigh-in (Yes – I did weigh in Monday Morning) to a new day and time .. Saturday Mornings, first thing from now on. This will leave me time to recap my week’s efforts over the weekend and keep everyone informed of my progress. Also, it will align myself with the weekly weigh ins of my wife, who likes to weigh in BEFORE weekend dinners and other family gatherings 🙂

I suppose I should apologize for not keeping up with this on a daily basis, although deep down the apology is really to myself for being unable to post on a daily basis. I continue to count points, keep track and take pictures of my daily meals and I’m even exercising now on some fitness equipment in my basement.

It’s just that my offline work is consuming most of my time (I am an accountant / income tax preparer by day) and will probably continue to be busy for me – until June 15th.

In the meantime .. there should be more articles in here, as I will attend to PRE-posting more Ezine Articles in here to fill up the gap during the week .. just not ones from the HART SERIES, as I call it!

THE HART SERIES: Weigh In: Week 12

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Monday, March 26, 2007

273.5 LBs

>> DOWN 2.0 lbs
>> YTD Down 8.5 lbs


It seems like I am meeting too many clients, but it has to be done. I am not a morning person, so all I have been scheduling myself is from Noon to 6pm .. and, if people want the noon slot – they have to buy me lunch! Well, they don’t have to ..actually. But – what I have been doing this year is to offer to FLIP FOR LUNCH ..5 times so far! Loser pays for everything. I have not yet lost, and 2 clients just wanted to pay for my meal anyway and not flip a coin .. and I actually won the flips at the Palatal restaurant and Tim Horton Luncheon meetings.

I’d Like To Thank “Anonymous Visitor” from Netherlands

I received a comment on my last weigh post ..

So we’re 12 weeks into the year and you’ve only lost 6.5 pounds? that’s pathetic! Cut the crap out and focus if you actually want to lose anything.

Comment by anonymous visitor — March 23, 2007 @ 4:45 am |Edit This

My response was as follows:

You’re abolutely correct. No doubt about it – that I need to focus and make time to add exercise to my daily routines.

Comment by HART (1-800-HART) — March 23, 2007 @ 8:11 am |Edit This

So .. what did I do? I’ve been walking the dogs every day since last Wednesday up until last Sunday. It’s Wednesday morning now, and I haven’t walked on Monday or Tuesday (been busy) .. and the my two Papillon Dogs have been bugging me all week to take them out. It’s just that — well, they have been driving me and my clients bananas .. for all who are meeting me here in my home with their barking! It’s very unprofessional and I shake my head on that. I’m not sure what to do.. but, now they want to go out walking even more when clients are over or before or afterwards … Meanwhile – they get the treats, and I am not walking. The walking and client meetings helped this past week, even though the food may not be the healthiest. I can’t sit here at my desk working all the time without exercise.

But good news – I’ve pulled out some exercise equipment from storage and they are sitting in my basement ready to be used. I’m going to give them a good cleaning tonight and start tomorrow with something. Pictures to follow. One’s a rowing machine and the other is a crappy old exercise bike with a seat that feels like a Thong up your behind.

THE HART SERIES: Counting: March 25, 2007

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Coffee – 1 point
Cheerios and refill – 4 points
Milk – 3 points
>> See picture at bottom to see what that looks like


Blueberry Muffin from Yesterday’s Tim Hortons – 9 points

Snacks during the day

Sweet and Salty – 3 points
Singles Pringles – 2 points
Rest of the Weight Watchers Pecan Chocolates – 4 points
Sweet and Salty – 3 points


4 whole wheat toast – 4 points
with Peanut Butter – 4 points


>> Total 37 points
>> OVER by 5 points .. ended this week with 9 splurge flex points remaining!

Picture of my Breakfast

THE HART SERIES: Counting: March 24, 2007

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Cheerios Cereal – 4 points
Milk – 3 point
2 homemade Chocolate Caramel Nut Cookies – 8 points

Lunch (Promo) Meeting With Client

2 Coffees – with extra cream – 2 points
Toasted Blueberry Bagel with butter – 6 points

Snacks during the day

2 Weight Watchers Pecan Chocolates – 2 points


Salad with orange peppers – 0 points
with white onions – 0 points
with 100g Oven Roasted turkey – 2 points
with Bacon bits – 1 point
with Sunflower seed – 1 point
with croutons – 2 point
with Asian Silk Dressing Spray – 10 spritzes – 0 points
with Dessert – Leftover Death By Chocolate Cake – 9 points


>> Total 40 points
>> OVER By 8 points .. 15 splurge flex points remain

Picture of my Dinner

THE HART SERIES: Counting: March 23, 2007

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Coffee – 1 point
Sweet and Salty Bar – 3 point

Lunch With Client

‘breakfast’ – Bacon & Eggs, with Rye Toast
with 3 small Bacon – 4 points
with 2 Eggs over easy – 4 points
with hash browns – estimate 4 points
with 2 Rye Toast – 4 points
with Jam lite – 1 point

Snacks during the day

Weight Watchers 1-point Pecan (turtles-like) Chocolates – 1 point
2 Chocolate Caramel Nut Homemade Cookies @4ea – 8 points
>> See picture at bottom


Garden Salad
with Red peppers – 0 point
with Hard Boiled Egg – 2 point
with 100g Turkey – 2 point
with croutons – 2 point
with Bacon bits – 1 point
with Sunflower seeds – 1 point
with new Balsamic Vinegrette dressing – 10 spritzes – 0 points
And, 1 Weight Watcher Pecan Chocolate – 1 point


>> Total 39 points
>> OVER by 7 points … 23 splurge flex points remain

Pictures of my Dinner

THE HART SERIES: Counting: March 22, 2007

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Coffee – 1 point
Cheerios and refill – 4 points
Milk – 3 points

Lunch With Client

At Palatal Express (Mongolian Stir Fry)
Mongolian (large) size – 9 points
with Sweet and Sour Sauce -2 point

Snacks during the day

Sweet and Salty bar – 3 points
Thinsations Oreo cookies – 2 points
Singles Pringles – 2 points


Chunky Chicken Soup – 4 points


>> 30 points
>> UNDER .. still have 30 splurge flex points remaining

Pictures of my Dinner

no pictures were taken today

THE HART SERIES: Counting: March 21, 2007

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A little catching up to do!


Coffee – 1 point
8 Melba Toast – 2 points
with 1 TBSP Peanut Butter – 2 points

Lunch With Client

>> Meeting at Wendy’s Restaurant..
Classic Double Burger – according to Nutritional section on their site – 16 points plain
with Cheese – 1 point
Mandarin Chicken Salad – 3 points

Snacks during the day

Sweet and Salty Bar – 3 points
Thinsation Chips Ahoy – 2 point


New York Blueberry Bagel – 3 points
with 100g Turkey Breast – 2 points
with Lots of Mayonaisse – 2 points


>> Total 37 points
>> OVER by 5 points .. 30 splurge points remaining

Pictures of my Dinner

THE HART SERIES: Counting: March 20, 2007

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Coffee – 1 point
Cheerios, 1 bowl only – 2 points
Milk – 2 points


Sweet & Salty Bar – 3 points

Snacks During the day

Sweet & Salty Bar – 3 point
Coffee – extra – 1 point
Chocolate Chip Muffin – 9 points


toasted Turkey slice sandwich
with 2 Whole Wheat toast – 2 points
with 150gram Shaved Turkey slices – 3 points
Diet Dr. Pepper – 0 points
And Smartscoop Icecream – 4 points
with Syrops – 1 point


>> Total 31 points
>> UNDER By 1 point … 35 splurge flex points still remain untouched!

Picture of my Dinner

THE HART SERIES: Counting: March 19, 2007

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Coffee – 1 point
4 whole wheat toast – 4 points
with Peanut Butter – 4 points


Kelloggs All-Bran bar – 2 points

Snacks during the day

Nutrigrain Sweet & Salty bar – 3 points


Garden Salad – 0 points
with red peppers – 0 points
with Dill – 0 point
with 100g leftover turkey – 2 points
with bacon bits – 1 point
with sunflower seeds – 1 point
with (*New!) 10 sprits of raspberry Spritzer Salad dressing spray – 0 points
with 14 croutons – 2 points
And just over 1 cup of leftover stuffing – 9 points
Two scoops of leftover Mashed Potatoes – 2 points


>> Total 31 points
>> UNDER by 1 point .. 35 splurge flex points remain untouched

Picture of my dinner

THE HART SERIES: Weigh In: Week 11

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Monday March 19, 2007

275.5 lbs

>> UP 1.0 lbs.
>> YTD Down 6.5 lbs.


Two consecutive weeks down by 1/2 a pound each week .. and then back up this week by 1 pound .. back to where I was 3 weeks ago.

But! Birthdays are over. Weather is warming up. Work is getting even busier. Something’s bound to change.

Despite knowing better, I decided to asked my wife where I am going wrong. She mentioned that I don’t exercise and burn off enough calories. Well .. Sure! That’s constructive – but, I know that. So .. I just browsed all my previous posts and two things keep coming into mind as I read my daily meals over and over since January 1, 2007 …

* Cheerios and Refill and Milk >> I really should stop eating the refills.
* 4 Whole Wheat Toast with Peanut Butter >> I could cut the toast into half
* A lot of Thinsations, Sweet & Salty, and other “singles” low-calorie products in my closet >> Ugh! Must. Hide. Them.

But – as my philosophy continues .. It’s a new day tomorrow, and I will continue battling my obesity 🙂

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