Dr Bob The Drugless Doctor Presents “Get to Know” Men’s Health: Common Conditions

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


Men, do you know what brings many of you into my office? Pain! Do you have pain between your shoulders? What starch is causing that pain? I hope you have your notebook out for this episode of “Get to Know.” Make sure to follow me on Twitter, @druglessdoctor, and visit my website www.druglessdoctor.com.

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Grape extract resveratrol can help fight diabetes

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Resveratrol, that anti-oxidant that is very heart-friendly, seems to positively affect blood sugar levels, too, thus can be a potential anti-diabetic agent. This is according to several studies whose results were presented at the recent annual meeting of the American Diabetes Association (ADA).

 Resveratrol is found in red wine, grapes, dark berries, cacao and certain nuts. It is one of the ingredients of the Mediterranean diet that makes it heart-friendly.

Previous studies in mice have shown that this grape extract and component of red wine can help fight diabetes. Current studies in humans show promising results.

One small pilot study had participants consisting of 10 patients who were given resveratrol supplementation at high doses – i.e. amounts that are even higher than what is found in wine, grapes and peanuts. The results were very encouraging: resveratrol supplementation lowered post-meal glucose levels and improved insulin sensitivity.

According to study author Dr. Jill Crandall, associate professor of clinical medicine and director of the Diabetes Clinical Trials Unit at Albert Einstein College of Medicine:

“The results of this pilot study are preliminary and need to be confirmed in larger numbers of patients. However, we are encouraged by these findings and plan to conduct additional studies to further explore the potential utility of resveratrol in improving glucose metabolism.”

Another study looked at the effect of resveratrol in overweight, middle-aged insulin resistant patients. Using a highly sensitive measurement technique, the research team of Prof. Meredith Hawkins detected a 40% improvement in insulin sensitivity.

Not only does resveratrol regulate blood glucose levels and improve insulin sensitivity, it also helps prevents complications such as heart disease and retinopathy. So how does resveratrol fight diabetes?

According to Dr. Matt Whiteman, researcher at the Institute of Biomedical and Clinical Science, Peninsula Medical School:

Resveratrol’s antioxidant effects in the test tube are well documented but our research shows the link between high levels of glucose, its damaging effect on cell structure, and the ability of resveratrol of protect against and mend that damage… Resveratrol or related compounds could be used to block the damaging effect of glucose which in turn might fight the often life threatening complications that accompany diabetes. It could well be the basis of effective diet-based therapies for the prevention of vascular damage caused by hyperglycaemia in the future.”

However, before downing bottles of red wine, we should keep in mind that alcoholic drinks come with health risks, especially for those with diabetes. The safest source of resveratrol is probably red grapes, especially the skin.

Fighting cancer the delicious way

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We are what we eat and the food we put in our mouth now determines our health in the future. In the April edition of the MD Anderson cancer Center newsletter Focused on Health, cancer and nutrition experts give us a list of cancer-fighting foods:

Berries protect against skin cancer. Red currants, blueberries, brambles, raspberries – these are just some of the berries available from April till September. Health experts say they are a great source of Vitamin C and the dark-colored  polyphenols which have an antimicrobial and antioxidative properties. I love making milkshakes out of berries, with low-fat milk and no sugar. MD Anderson’s tip to prepare berries:

Grapes can fight breast cancer. The antioxidant resveratrol is the reason why red grapes (and red wine when taken in moderation) are considered healthy. I love my grapes fresh and I love a glass of red wine in the evenings. When eating grapes, eat the skin and the seeds or else you will be throwing away all the antioxidants. MD Anderson’s tip for grapes:

Broccoli  is great against stomach cancer. This vegetable is the most popular of the cruciferous veggies, basically because it is yummy, crunchy – and healthy. Broccoli is rich in isothyiocyanates which have cancer-fighting properties.  My family loves broccoli in stir fried veggies (using olive oil!). I love it crunchy with my vegetarian spaghetti with garlic sauce. MD Anderson’s tip for broccoli:

Tomatoes can stop prostate cancer. Of all the vegetables, tomatoes contain the highest concentrations of lycopene, which fortunately for tomato sauce lovers, do not diminish but even get concentrated with processing and cooking. Strangely, my kids are not so fond of tomato sauce in their pasta, but they love fresh tomatoes. I love tomatoes in salads. My favorite: tomatoes and cucumbers chopped into small pieces. Add similarly sized chopped green mangoes and a bit of salt. No need for a dressing! You can add green coriander if available. MD Anderson’s tip for tomatoes

Bon appétit!

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