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Living with cancer is very difficult. Could technology make life easier for cancer patients? I have compiled a list of iPhone apps that might just do the trick.

There is nothing like a personal digital diary to remind you of your schedule. Reminders of chemotherapy sessions are not usually welcome but nevertheless useful and might even make them tolerable. With this app, you can also easily record other details such as symptoms and side effects, information which is important for your treatment. This personal oncology diary can help overcome the memory lapses associated with the “chemo brain.”

Chemo Calc
Chemo Calc is a tool for health professionals, a chemotherapy dosing calculator. It has “the ability to calculate doses based on AUC, BSA, or weight with the ability incorporate all aspects impacting calculating chemotherapy dosing including adjusted body weight and option to auto convert IDMS to non-IDMS serum creatinine.”

TouchOut™ Cancer
TouchOut Cancer (Health News) is a new way to stay informed with cancer information… bringing cancer news, knowledge and awareness to people each and every day. It is available for iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF) is one of the very first advocacy groups to come up with an app for iPhone. The bilingual (English and French) app brings you the latest news of the CBCF and on-the-go access to online CBCF communities including socnets on Facebook, Twitter, and CBCF’s Finding Hope blog. The app also facilitates registration for the events such as the CBCF Run for the Cure, as well as making donations.

This is not a cancer app per se but tumor surgery and long recovery did inspire it. The developer of iSketch is Cameron Cohen then aged 11 who spent months to recover from a surgery of a benign tumor in his leg. Unable to play his favorite sports basketball and tennis, Cameron put his recovery time to good use by developing iSketch, a phone app that allows people to sketch and paint on their iPhones, thus killing time in waiting and hospital rooms. In addition, the profits of the app help buy electronic stuff for kids recovering from cancer. Now 12-year old Cameron tells USA Today:
“After having such a great exp eminence at the hospital, I knew I wanted to do something to help the kids there, mainly preteens and teens. If they have to be in hospital for whatever reason, I wanted to do something to make their stay better, like offering electronic items and games that could make them happier.”

The young developer announced that $20,000 of iSketch profits will soon be donated to the Mattel Children’s Hospital to buy more interactive electronic devices for teen and tween patients. In the meantime, Cameron is working on an update.

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