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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Strength Wam-up Circuit (Superset 1) Perform the set 3 times. -Stepup with Knee Drive (12 reps per leg) -Dip (As many as you can) (Superset 2 ) Perform the set 3 times. -Lateral Lunge (12 reps) -Lateral Elevated Pushup (10 reps) (Superset 3) Perform the set 3 time. -Wall Run (20 Secs) -Wall Sit (30 Secs) -Single-Leg Hip Buck (10 reps per leg) (The Big Finish) Perform the set 1 time. -Bodyweight Thruster (20 secs) -Rest 10 secs -High Knee Runs (20 secs) -Rest 10 secs -Repeat for 4 minutes

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