Four Good Things I Have Found about Being Bipolar and Schizophrenic

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By Matthew Robert Payne

There seems much written by professionals on these two illnesses, there is much being spoken about at conferences by professionals on the subject and every good conference will have a consumer speak. I am a consumer who suffers from both these mental disorders and I want to give you some light into my mind and perhaps a positive spin on what seems a very sad subject for some.

The first Good thing

Because I can hear voices, I can hear God and Jesus speak to me very clearly.

Professionals call what I hear “voices” and they call them auditory hallucinations. They assume my overactive and ill mind is making up the dialogue between me and the “voice.” In all my14 years of being ill I don’t think one doctor has really believed what I am hearing is really real and that God really is speaking to me.

Though when I have done lectures people have seemed to be impressed at least as I am convincing them when I speak of the “voices” and perhaps because the people I address are total strangers they are more open.

Doctors would say mediums and Clairvoyants are mentally ill but people who visit them certainly don’t hold that view and many people seemed put at peace and given much hope from people that seemed to know all about them and yet they are total strangers.

I run a prophetic web-site where I give people personal messages from God for free. From some of the wonderful feedback I have received I know something impossible is happening, my “voice” seems to be very accurate in talking to people about their lives and their current situations.

I can meet people in the street and tell them good character traits that they have and give the encouragement in areas where they are currently struggling and they will listen kind of glued to what I am saying until I am finished and their friends will all be nodding that what has been said is so true.

I once had a workshop with ten pharmacy students telling them about my illness and I told them I would test my “voice” on them and said that I would say one positive character trait about each of them and they could have the opportunity to say if I was right or not. I started around and by half way you could tell it was like some party novelty trick and they were all converts to my uncanny knack of picking them, and my so called ESP. At the end, when I had picked ten out of ten, ten different traits a different one in each, I asked them if in their opinion should I stop listening to the “voice” that told me that information and I got a resounding NO!

What you may think you are medicating might really be God.

Let me also say, many Schizophrenics in my travels have opened up to me and told me the things their voices were saying to them and their voices were nasty and saying very ugly things to the people. When doctors think these people are saying these nasty things to themselves they are kidding themselves. I am not an idiot and I know what a demon is.

One time I asked a friend of mine who was Wiccan and wearing black to confirm she had an interest in the “dark side”, if she was interested in knowing more about Jesus. She readily agreed to meet and talk with her mother and my mother present. I told everyone I knew she had a friend in her mind that spoke to her and I asked her if I could ask her friend three questions. She agreed and with the help of my “voice” I asked her three questions that she was to put to her “voice” and then with the help of God I discussed with her that each of the answers of her friend in her mind was an outright lie. Before long she was telling her friend she never wanted to speak to him anymore.

“Voices” are real.

The second good thing…

I have big dreams and a mind that can handle them.

As a bipolar I can have visions of grandeur. I have don’t have the same limitation on the mind that many people have. I can for instance believe that I could write a film script good enough for a movie to be made and to make me famous. They say that the line between genius and being crazy is a thin one. I believe that when they say that they are speaking of bipolar people. Many famous creators and people who did huge things in the history of the world were bipolar.

To think you could speak through thin air between two cities is what one inventor thought and he was locked up for that thought. Telling people that you could write three films and radically turn around some of the world’s worst problems has me being labeled a person with visions of grandeur and yet when I write the three films and talk a producer into shooting them and releasing them to the world I will be hailed a genius!

Bipolar people think big and when they are not deluded and yet have just been so out of the square and creative and see their creation come to pass the whole of society is better for it.

Some people think atomic science is genius. But now the Nuclear bomb is the most feared weapon in the world? Who is the genius, the person who split the atom or the people that made that bomb that the USA dropped on civilians in a war they couldn’t win and ever since have feared some people might do it back to them?

Yes one Internet site, a few films and a few books could transform the world and I have got the insight, the wisdom and a mind that could do all of them. You call me ill and yet a dreamer in the Bible called Joseph saved the whole of Egypt in a severe famine and his family which became the Jewish people we know today.

Another crazy man, Moses, went to the leader of Egypt and set free millions of slaves and dropped ten plagues that modern man doesn’t want to even admit really happened.

I love my Bipolar visions of grandeur. I take my medication but I dream bigger than most and I have the ability to write those books, those films and that internet site.

The third good thing

I hear positive messages that guide me through many sources.

On my first hospital admission the doctor taking me up in the lift was asking me if I was getting any messages from television.

I told him that “A certain shampoo has pro vitamins that do you a lot of good and you can’t see them but they are in there.”

One of the police escorting me cracked a smile.

“And oh, if you have Décoré shampoo you have a better sex life.” ( The advertisement was a very sexy on TV)

“Oh and if you give a girl a Maccona coffee at your home on a date she will know you are a man of distinction and she will most probably stay the night with you” (The ad was saying Macconna made you a man of class and suggestive that it was the coffee invitation that was most likely to lead to sex)

The two police were laughing so hard they kind of didn’t want to lock me up anymore.

At the time, I had no clue what the doctor was asking me. Now I know what they were talking about and I do get special messages from the radio and television.

It’s not an illness though people who suffer with my illness can have their voices saying things that cause them distress. People who have no illness can have the same thing happen to them.

Let me just go through a few with you so you can get some insight

Once I dreamed that my former wife and her new husband came around to my place and the husband said that God had told him he was wrong to marry my wife and that she was back to move in with me. He then brought my son inside and left my wife and son with me. The dream ended as my clock radio woke me up and the lyrics of the song playing said, “ Don’t give up on your faith, love comes to those who believe.”

I took the song as a promise from God that one day my wife might return. I also took the song’s advice to focus on my faith and not give up on my faith but to obey God in all He asks me to do. Later that day God asked me to throw out a novel that I had written ten years before and was getting ready to self publish. The song played in my ears as a memory and I threw the novel out. I rang my mother, a very spiritual person and told her I threw the novel out and she cried and told me it was an answer to her prayers as the novel had a lot of “darkness” in it and was not good to publish.

Can you see how one line in a song gave me hope and confirmed a dream that my wife may one day come back, then the same line in the song gave me direction and hope for a future when I had to make a hard decision to throw a “dark” novel out, a decision that was an unvoiced wish of my mother.

Just imagine:

A young girl is thinking about her lover, as she feels he isn’t respecting her and treating her with the honor she is due, and then a song plays on the radio that says, “You have to love your way through to the hard hearted and not weep but change them with your love.” Suddenly the girl stops her pity party and goes back and loves her man even more. She got a message of the radio too, but no one calls her ill!

Here is another

One day I was walking down the street with my whole life’s worries on my shoulders and a bus went past with a big advertisement on the back, “Take one day at a time, use such and such”

The take one day at a time pert of the advertisement really blessed me and I stopped worrying about a future that might not happen and as I was settled the words of Jesus in the Bible came to my mind, via my thought/ “voice” which said. “Take no thought for tomorrow for today has enough worries of its own.”

I was suddenly free of anxiety and worry.

Would you take that form of communication away from me? Well your medication tries to do it but it doesn’t stop it.

The fourth good thing

I see many wonderful things most people don’t.

I see angels dancing in my church each week. I have seen Jesus 45 times and have been to heaven five times. I have seen things that have blessed my heart so much. I have even seen hell. Doctors call these experiences hallucinations. In Christian circles we call them visions.

One day I am going to get a Digital camera and tell the world a detailed account of all these encounters and then going to make it into a DVD and have people transcribe it into a book and many thousands possibly millions will be blessed and encouraged in their faith through it.

I have met Michael the archangel four times in visions, Gabriel three times, the prophet Daniel once, the man Joseph once, I have met many of the saints in Heaven in visions.

I have met God in heaven and conversed with Him. My faith is not blind faith I have eyes where I can see things within my mind like a movie playing in there but it’s a real person standing in front of me or an angel. It’s a blast, and I wish other people could see like me.

I have prayed for people and God has opened their spiritual sight like me and they haven’t been mentally ill. They have been able to tell me the color of Jesus’ robe he had on and the sash and anything he had in his hands and I was able to confirm they were seeing it right. You should see a Christian person’s faith jump through the roof when they can see Jesus Christ standing right in front of them and speaking to them through my mouth.

Is your medication going to stop these visions? No

The “dark side” (i.e Lucifer and his fallen angels) give people visions( What you call hallucinations) also and these are very ugly and dark to hear about. A person needs more then a pill to stop these from occurring.

I am on a disability pension and on medication until the Lord Jesus tells me to stop taking it, but if you are a Christian I encourage you to have your loved one who has one of my illnesses to read this document.

I hope you learned something. It was a pleasure addressing you and I would be happy to email you and answer questions.


This article was not written to convince doctors in mental health that God and Satan exist, as they cling to their knowledge, science and lack of belief in all things spiritual, it was written to victims of mental illness, and Christian’s who suffer or care for the mentally ill.

I have been ill for sixteen years and I know quite a lot about the Bible, and one thing I know is that Christian church does not seem to understand mental illness as well as they should. Often times a person who suffers from voices can be introduced to Jesus and his gentle, quite and reassuring voice can soothe the suffering that comes from demons speaking awful things to you. I am a prophet and each week the pastor of our church allows me to address the whole church during worship time with a short encouraging message from God via my “voice”. I am stable on medication but the doctors in mental health that I have encountered really have not much insight into the sources of voices and the reality of real visions. They would say the book of Revelation was a hallucination and yet as Christians we all know it was a vision.

We all break down for a reason yet I find it most interesting that in my sixteen years in the system of mental health that not one professional has ever talked about my core issues and the reason I had my first breakdown, nor have they been interested.

God bless you

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Multiple Sclerosis and My First Symptoms

August 21, 2007 by  

By Jon Wegner

I would like to say first that I’m not a doctor so I don’t know all the technical words for what I describe in the following paragraphs. But I speak in layman’s terms that I think most people understand. I have secondary progressive multiple sclerosis and as I sit here I’ve been thinking what my life is going to be like in a year, five years and 10 years from now? I’m 49 years old and I suppose I’m getting set in my ways. My MS is only going to get worse. That’s not a very cheerful thought but I try to never feel sorry for myself. I was dealt this hand of cards and I have to deal with it the only way that I know how, with laughter and a never say die attitude! I was diagnosed in 1991 but now that I know what the symptoms of MS are I can easily trace it back to 1980 and maybe even earlier. It’s ironic but I managed health clubs in southern Minnesota from 1980 until May of 1987. It’s ironic because I used to be able to run a couple of miles per day and also bicycle 20 miles the same day. Now I can hardly get out of bed and when I do I’m reaching for my electric scooter or my walker.

The first symptom that I clearly remember is from 1980. Obviously, I didn’t know it was a symptom back then but I do now. I was working at a racquetball club in my hometown of Rochester, MN. I remember sitting in the whirlpool after work or working out and when I got out of the whirlpool I would feel strange. I thought I just didn’t like the hot water because the whirlpools were at least 105 degrees. I couldn’t explain the feelings then and I can’t explain them now but I just didn’t feel right! I was sort of lightheaded, a little dizzy, and sort of wobbly. Thinking back now I was at the clubs for almost 7 years and I bet I wasn’t in the whirlpools more than six times! I also remember having that feeling when I sat in the saunas or the tanning beds. Now I know that it was the beginning of my sensitivity to heat. When I think back I can’t believe that my MS was in my body just waiting to get out. I did a lot of activities in the 80’s that made me warm and I always drank extra beer and blew it off that I just didn’t like heat! Who would ever imagine that it was multiple sclerosis? I know I didn’t.

The second noticeable symptom that I had was fatigue or tiredness which is still a major problem for me today. I worked hard in the early 90’s trying to get my carpet cleaning business going. I would clean a restaurant’s carpets at night and then I would get up and do the marketing the next morning! I used to come home at lunchtime and I can remember lying down on my floor by my TV set and dosing off. I always laid by my TV set because I didn’t have a remote control for channel changing. I had to do it manually. I guess this was the ice ages for TV! lol Then I would wake up after 10 minutes, collect myself and then head back to my office! I did this every day. I learned how to country western dance in October of 1989. I didn’t clean carpets too much on the weekends so when the weekends came I wanted to save my energy for dancing! Again, I would take it easy during the days for dancing and drinking during the night! I would just lie around waiting for 7pm to get there. Again, I would lie in front of my TV dozing on and off all day. I thought I was kind of lazy but I worked hard during the week. In 1990 I was 32 years old and I thought I could spend the weekends any way I like to! In the summer I always explained it to myself as simply not liking the hot weather which in hindsight was true.

The third major symptom that I noticed at this time was the most compelling and I knew something wasn’t right but I didn’t know what. Back in 1990 I jogged two miles everyday. I always ran the same route from my apartment around my neighborhood. I did this year round in all seasons. Anyway, each time I ran at the very same spot my right eye would cloud over! It was like someone had a piece of shrink wrap over it. I could still see out of the eye but it was annoying and I wondered what it could be. I never got too excited about it because after coming back to my apartment and cooling down it would clear up. It was weird and I was a little scared but I didn’t have the time or the money to visit a doctor! I jogged everyday and this would happen everyday. Eventually, after a year of this I made it to an optician who made my prescription stronger but that had nothing to do with the clouding over. I know now that optic neuritis occurs when the optic nerve, the pathway that transmits visual information to the brain, becomes inflamed and the myelin sheath becomes damaged or is destroyed. After learning that I had MS I figured when I ran my body was heating up and affecting that optic nerve. After cooling down the nerve would go back to normal and my eyesight would return.

To answer my question from the first paragraph I think my disease will progress over the next ten years. I know that I’ve gotten worse in the past year. I now rely on my scooter to get anywhere when I go outdoors and the heat really seams to bug me worse. I now have my apartment set up so I can ride my scooter in every room including the laundry room, that bathroom and my tiny bedroom. That’s nice and a load off my mind! As far as work goes I have my two insurance agents, a mortgage company and a carpet cleaning company that I do telemarketing for. They pay well I can do the work in my apartment sitting on my backside. I’m also trying to sell my e-book online and that should start moving now! My life is still GOOD!

Jon Wegner is a resident of Fargo, ND. He’s lived there for three years after being a lifelong Minnesota resident. Jon’s young son lives close by and the reason he moved there. Jon’s ebook and website can be found at To subscribe to Jon’s newsletter go to

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Dealing With Alcoholism in Yourself or Someone You Love

August 14, 2007 by  
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By Ian Henman

It might be you, a loved one, or a friend dealing with the problem. No matter who it is alcoholism could very well be one of the most difficult issues you’ll face over the course of your life. Similar to taking drugs or smoking alcoholism becomes a very big burden to carry around with you. Knowing it can lead to great disaster and even death of the person it directly effects. When ever you find yourself dealing with alcoholism you should prepare yourself for the worst, but hope the best will come of it all.

The initial step taken when dealing with alcoholism is the alcoholic, or yourself must admit that a problem exists. Like any addiction, until the person addicted realizes there is a problem to them there isn’t one. How can you decide if a person has a problem with alcohol? Is their drinking out of hand, is it having a negative impact on their life, work, and relationships with others. If this sounds like someone you know then there is a good chance they do have a problem. How ever you recognizing it doesn’t mean there is a solution close by, dealing with alcoholism is a two way street. Remember you can’t help someone with a problem, if they themselves haven’t realized it yet.

Now of course all this is not to make you feel as though that person is lost or doomed. There are places an alcoholic can go for help dealing with alcoholism. Likely the most used and heard of alternative is AA or alcoholics anonymous. The people of AA have developed a universal tried and tested plan to help recovering and drinking alcoholics overcome their addictions. There are many people who even after they quite drinking continue to rely on the ways of AA to help guide their lives. To go along with AA there are similar support groups and programs that family members of alcoholics can attend dealing with alcoholism. These programs help them deal with the person, and how to help them cope with their new found sobriety.

Never forget that alcoholism is indeed a disease. While you may have trouble showing pity to those who suffer from it remember it could cause the death of a friend, or loved one. If you are dealing with alcoholism, and feel you have no where to turn there are places you can turn for help quick. The Internet for one can link you to online support forums, and also the closet AA meetings in your area. Don’t let yourself live under the guidance of alcoholism, find help and beat it.

For more information about dealing with addictions, and treatment articles please visit our website at Overcoming Addictions

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How To Love A Schizophrenic

August 4, 2007 by  

By Yvonne Nahat

Loving a schizophrenic is almost an impossible task. The person is usually unstable, sometimes aggressive, often abusive and very hurtful. While I was going through my psychosis I alienated my husband, family and friends. By the end of my psychosis only a handful of people were still left who were even willing to know me, let alone love me. As a matter of fact, except for my mother, everybody else had given up on me: sisters, father, husband and most friends. It has taken time and effort to rebuild broken relations and friendships after my recovery.

This essay then, is to encourage all those confronted with a schizophrenic family member or partner to not give up hope and love even if it seems impossible.

A schizophrenic is undergoing extreme labors of the psyche. Voices, hallucinations, visions and so called delusions are what they are going through. They have severed all ties with exterior reality and are living in a completely interior world. As a family member, spouse or friend, try to find out what exactly these visions, hallucinations, delusions and voices are made up of. Dare to enter the mind set of the schizophrenic. Soon you will realize that there are real stories and dramas evolving in the psyche of the schizophrenic and that there is room for love. For a closer look at entering the mind of a schizophrenic please see my essay How to understand the interior life of a schizophrenic.

I believe that most schizophrenics want to be understood. Textbook medicine describes them as being closed, unresponsive and non-communicative. This however is only to the cold observer. Numerous psychologists and psychiatrists have made the experience that opening themselves up to the psychotic, accepting their story, being genuinely interested in it will open doors to the heart of the psychotic.

Most psychotics are experiencing, as already mentioned, real drama. They might be confronted with a world take over scheme, they might be threatened by evil forces, feel that they can foresee catastrophes in the near future. Voices might be accusing them, calling them names, talking dirty and using derogatory language. Visual hallucinations might make them see things such as light apparitions, figures who ware not there and the like. Delusions might make them interpret visual stimulation in a negative way. A group of people shopping can become a group of persecutors to the psychotic. Once someone shares this interior world with a psychotic, then understanding and a dialogue can unfold. Without this sharing schizophrenics are left alone in their world of trials.

Entering the world of the psychotic is one way of loving them. There are however numerous instances when family members, spouses and friends are hard pressed to find a loving connection to the schizophrenic. They might be sending you hate mail, accusing you of unbelievable things. In such cases refute the accusations in a kind and loving manner. For example should you be accused of participating in a world take over scheme where you might be perceived as harming the psychotic, calm them down. Say that you would never join evil forces or that you would never dream of hurting the psychotic, your loved one. Reassure them of your goodwill and trust. I accused my family of cannibalism during my psychosis. They were so shocked; they did not know how to respond. This in my psychotic mind was an affirmation of my darkest most dreaded suspicion. Instead my family should have spoken to me calmly, saying that they would never do such a thing. Not in a shocked manner, but as an affirmation of their goodwill and love. This would have helped me a lot.

Should you receive hate mail, do not be hurt, think of the hallucinations and delusions your loved one is going through. Respond to the letter; let the person know that you love them anyway. If the person refuses to see you, pushes you away, stay there, keep contact. Don’t give up. During my initial stay at hospital I refused my mother contact with the doctors. Because of my age the doctors had to respect this wish of mine. My mother did not stop calling me and the doctors to make sure I was not given electro-shocks and that I was being treated well at the clinic.

If a schizophrenic stops paying the rent, rearranges the entire apartment without seeming rhyme or reason keep in mind, that to the schizophrenic things like paying the rent seem unreal and unimportant. Don’t get angry at them but try and get them help. On how to get a schizophrenic help please see my essay How to get a schizophrenic to the doctor.

During my psychosis I alienated my entire family, husband and friends. My father, sisters and husband refused contact with me. It was only my mother left who kept on trying to make contact with me although I was pushing her away, accusing her of the most terrible things, writing her hate mail and making hate phone calls.. She called me regularly, she called friends that they would come and look after me, she called neighbors and social services to look after me. She traveled to see me as much as possible. As we were living in different countries this made matters very difficult. Most of our friends did not realize just how psychotic I was. I thought I was having trouble with my mother and did not want to get involved. Family members had had enough of my abuses. One of my sisters even went so far as to accept were I to die. One day my mother and younger sister had traveled the 1000 Kilometers to see me in my too expensive new apartment I had bought during my psychosis. They came with a dear friend of mine. I refused to open the door. I was very abusive and sent them away although they had been waiting for me for hours. The poor things had to leave only with my screams in their ears, the tantrums I made and the abuse I had for them.

Loving a schizophrenic is a very difficult task indeed because it is precisely the person whom you want to love who is oftentimes pushing you away. It takes a tremendous amount of love and endurance to stick with a schizophrenic, to not give up on them and to not despair. But your love is all the schizophrenic has as a last contact to the non-psychotic world. So don’t sever that link.

Love is a king quality of the soul. Love can move mountains and it can make the greatest obstacles disappear. Often a psychotic is refashioning love in his or her psychosis. Visions of love often characterize a psychosis. Behind the mask of abuse and pain somewhere there is an idea and high ideal of love lurking. Try and tap into that. Be soft and gentle with the schizophrenic. Speak with them about love and how much you love them. This might open a door to their heart and be the first step towards healing.

Yvonne Nahat has undergone a schizophrenic experience for eight years. For further insight and information please visit her website at

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How To Get A Schizophrenic To The Doctor

July 30, 2007 by  

By Yvonne Nahat

Getting a schizophrenic to the doctor is no easy matter. And it should not be. Questions of personal liberty and psychic welfare are to be considered.

I have been a schizophrenic for eight years and I lived in what traditional medicine terms denial. I refused help from family members and friends over the years. I refused to see doctors, although I have been in and out of mental institutions six times. Doctors however, have also committed the classic mistakes that can be made with a schizophrenic. The cold methods of traditional medicine should be considered skeptically when wanting to help a schizophrenic. I remember screaming at my doctors in one of the clinics that I was not “ill” but “mad” quoting Nietzsche that my “sickness” is “my great health”. Intuitively I must have known that a psychosis is not just an illness parse but also itself a part of a massive healing process of the psyche and soul.

More often than not a schizophrenic will not go to a doctor of his or her own accord. Usually family or friends are the ones who manage to get the person undergoing a psychosis to get medical help. The burden frequently rests on the ones closest to the psychotic. They are the only ones willing to put up with all the hurt, pain and trouble a schizophrenic puts his or her family and friends through.

How do we help someone undergoing a deep schizophrenic experience? Experience will tell us that most psychotics live in a world unto themselves with a blind eye and ear towards the ones trying to help them. In most cases the psychotic is not aware that he or she is ill and that is certainly not all there is to the story.

Schizophrenia is a multidimensional world full of horrors and imagination. To the psychotic a new world has opened up. They are undergoing a deep labor of the psyche. We would do a schizophrenic wrong in just labeling them as ill. For that the visionary power of the experience is too much filled with myth and symbolism which is understandable to anybody taking the time and effort to understand what exactly is going on. A psychosis is an in depth individuation process where the person is undergoing most likely an extreme form of ego death and renewal. All these aspects of a psychosis need to be paid heed to when approaching a psychotic. In my psychosis I conjured up an entirely dualistic world picture. Evil forces were threatening to take over the world. I was part of a world wide body of people fending off these forces.

Schizophrenia is a deep world unto itself. The person undergoing a psychosis is imbedded probably in hearing voices, whether this person is conscious of it or not, hallucinations, delusions and visions. This inner life creates a world which is completely separate from the world non-psychotics live in. Reality for the psychotic has been changed and transformed.

Very often schizophrenics hear and see conflicting things; the good and the bad; damning voices for example, as well as beautiful hallucinations, colors and sounds. Frequently schizophrenics create a story within their own psyche and mind. They have people, imaginary or real-imaginary ones, with who they are in a dialogue. Often a schizophrenic will conjure up an internal dialogue where persecution, enemies and friends populate the psyche, as is shown in the film “A Beautiful Mind”.

For these reasons it is very difficult for an outsider, even if this maybe family or friends, to enter the field of consciousness of a psychotic. Often the ones trying to contact the schizophrenic, family members and friends, have been implicated in a hallucination the schizophrenic is undergoing: They are either part of a group that is trying to harm them or trying to help them and so forth. During my psychosis I had voices in my head from family and friends. In my mind they were mostly, not all, implicated in cannibalism. This caused me much confusion and the utmost form of pain.

A family member or friend trying to get through to a schizophrenic needs to be prepared for an in depth journey into the psyche of another person. Trying to access the schizophrenic from outside of his or her mind set will not work. The basis of any relationship is trust and love. So too it is with a schizophrenic. You need to gain the trust and love of the person undergoing a schizophrenic experience.

How can you do this? By offering trust and love yourself. Be there for the psychotic, no matter how trying they might be. Take them not just as an ill person, but as someone undergoing a deep labor of the psyche with a need to communicate this state with a loved one. Take the person for real. Try and understand the mental and psychic world the person is living in. Try and find out the story the person is living through. What is the story of the hallucination, the vision, the delusion? Who are the characters involved? Who in the mind of the schizophrenic is trying to harm or help them? See the psyche of the schizophrenic as a puzzle you need to put together. It has a rhyme and a reason to the schizophrenic. Enter his or her world of reasoning.

Unfortunately when I was going through my psychosis nobody reacted this way. Family members, friends and people from the health services all came knocking at my door, telling me: “Yvonne, you are sick, you need help and medication”. I however was battling inner demons of a higher order. I had conjured up a dualistic world picture with friends and foes. Half of my family was implicated in a scheme to sell my body parts in my mind. I had been hijacked by a group that could do black magic on me via cyberspace. It seemed to me that nobody could help me, least of all the family members and friends whose voices I was hearing in my head. Had somebody bothered to find out what the nature of my hallucinations were, had somebody bothered listening to my story, then perhaps I would have opened up to the people surrounding me trying to help. Instead people were telling me that I was sick and I was convinced that I was as healthy as ever. After all, did not my new consciousness prove that I was healthy? I could communicate telepathically. I could read people’s minds; hear their voices without them speaking to me in traditional terms and so on.

So, gaining the trust of the person undergoing a psychosis is of the utmost importance. As I have already pointed out, learning the in depth nature of the visions and hallucinations and delusions of the schizophrenic is indispensable in gaining this bond. This trust becomes the basis of a relationship. It will take time. Learn about the characters trying to good or harm. Find out who they are their names and their intent. Do this without judging just allow yourself to enter the story. Participate in the story. Say that you will help fend of the threats, help along with the friends. Be loving and warm. Accept the person in front of you as someone undergoing a real psychic experience and labor like in dream work.

Gaining the trust of a psychotic might be no easy task. Often psychotics can be very harsh, they push away the ones they love, and they stop trusting relatives and friends. If you are trying to get in touch emotionally with a schizophrenic be prepared to take a lot of blows. As long as you don’t understand the world view he or she is purporting, you will be fighting a lost battle. During my psychosis I wrote hate letters to my mother, sister and husband, accusing them of horrible things. Instead of responding that no, neither were they cheating on me, or trying to sell my body parts or holding me hostage with a cybercracker war gang, they said: “ You are sick” and there I had my proof. Why were they not denying my accusations? My family was so shocked at the accusations; they did not know how to respond, other than being hurt. But that was exactly the wrong way to respond to a schizophrenic. They should have reassured me, that they want no harm.

If you want to convince the person going through a psychosis to see a doctor, don’t say: “You have to see a doctor”. But try it another way. Perhaps you can say that you want to see a friend who can help with getting rid of the enemy figures for example. Try and find a psychiatrist who is loving and warm, someone who will also enter the story of the individual and not someone who will just diagnose “mental illness” and prescribe some pills. If you want to try to get a psychotic to take medication, also try and do this in a loving manner and from within the story the schizophrenic is living through. Don’t say: “you are sick and need medication”, but try and explain that this medication will strengthen one in warding off pain, evil or whatever the trauma is the person is undergoing. Most schizophrenics are very sensitive people and they respond like seismographs to the feelings with which they are presented.

Be sure that you have found a doctor who will talk with the schizophrenic and won’t just do his or her diagnose and then follow up with a prescription. This won’t be an easy task because it is an unspoken rule within traditional medicine to not enter the mind set of a psychotic, since it is all considered “crazy” anyway. Try and find a Jungian therapist near you or another therapist or doctor who accepts the schizophrenic as a full fledged person in his or her own rite.

Dealing with schizophrenia is a labor of love for the schizophrenic as well as for family members and friends. Often the person undergoing the psychosis will have visions of love and will be very sensitive towards anything that has to do with emotions, even if this might not seem so to an outside observer. Psychotics often reinvent universal love and with a caring partner they can exteriorize this movement of the psyche. A loving understanding and in depth participation on the part of the one who wants to help is often the first step in aiding a schizophrenic in his or her first steps towards betterment.

Yvonne Nahat has undergone a schizophrenic experience for eight years. For further information please visit her website at

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By Jacques Gauvin


Having schizophrenia means that the things you find to do are therapy for you whereas they are hobbies, jobs and pastimes for everyone else. People with mental disorders are sometimes referred to as survivors. I suppose that this is, at least in part, because so many of the non-survivors have committed suicide. I guess I’m a survivor although I have never attempted suicide. I did, however, ride a motorcycle for a while.

Having a mental illness means that it is a challenge at times to give the ongoing impression of being sane or ok. At other times it is a challenge to convince people that you have a genuine illness. Much of what you do is to maintain the sanity that you do have and to try to be functional to an extent. The idea of improving your condition seems to not be an option from a medical point of view. You can only realistically expect to get worse. Your life expectancy is greatly reduced primarily because people with mental illnesses are more prone to commit suicide.

People are afraid of schizophrenics. They think they are dangerous. The fact is that schizophrenics are no more prone to violence than normal people. They resort to violence generally when they are threatened or attacked just like others do. The greatest threat that a schizophrenic poses is to commit suicide or to hurt himself. This generally happens when the circumstances seem hopelessly unjust. A condition often aggravated needlessly by evil doers.

I don’t know that there is a reason why people develop schizophrenia. I tend to think that it is in the genes and that it cannot be prevented except through divine intervention. If it were a matter of a chemical imbalance, as is generally medically accepted and professed today, we might find a cure, and that is what the experts would have you believe is happening, it’s good for business. I think it is rather a physical flaw that medicine cannot alter. The medication that is prescribed only reduces the symptoms, like plugging the hole in the bottom of a boat with a piece of chewing gum that needs to be added to regularly. I highly suspect that like the chewing gum medicine collects in your system and in your brain. Perhaps the boat will complete its journey before it becomes an issue. Medicine does not cure the condition, as the chewing gum doesn’t mend the boat. Medicine is a rather crude science and is still in its infancy as far as I’m concerned. The realm of medicine is filled with lofty egos, which think they have the best solution for schizophrenics, just because they have found something that seems to help. They often don’t convince them though.

One of the greatest struggles in deciding whether or not to go along with the psychiatrist’s decision to put me on medication was, is this ok with God? Does the field of medicine have enough wisdom to recommend something that is actually good for me? Or is this branch of medicine on the same fatal path as antibiotics are? The use of antibiotics has promoted the growth of resistant strands of bacteria. God has dietary laws that are a matter of life and death for believers and adherents to Christianity. Do drugs meet the criteria of clean foods? If they do not then I should not consume them. Is the medical industry fit to make that decision for me? They certainly believe they are, without a doubt. My hesitation was looked at as a symptom of my illness, I was perceived to be in denial, one of their pet assumptions. Although the changes might not be as dramatic, I thought that developing a better relationship with God would be more beneficial in the long run than taking drugs, a quick fix. Absolutely no discussion of the matter was encouraged, an insult to my intelligence and to my religious beliefs and good reason to doubt the medical profession all the more.

I went through therapy. Overall I would say it was beneficial but not nearly as much as it could have been. The clinic was run like a business. I was looked at as a file, a case or a client rather than a human being with unique needs. The objective was to get me to fit into a predefined mold. The first thing they taught us was to avoid discussions of a personal nature. On the other hand they asked us all kinds of personal questions, a blatant double standard. They certainly did not practice what they preached in this regard. The prevailing attitude was that they knew best what was good for me. Of course they were following the pattern set out for them in their job training and education. I surfed the net a bit and found that the word compassion is not used in conjunction with psychotherapy in the English language, only in other languages. Empathy is found to be a new tool used by a few, but is far from being in widespread use. To those who do use it, it is found to be very effective and beneficial. It is a real shame that the second greatest commandment, ‘love your neighbor as yourself,’ is not deeply observed by the psychiatric and medical industry.

For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus. Philippians 1:6 NASB. This is an example of the love of God for His creation. No matter what your situation is, if God has chosen you, He is in the process of perfecting you. This is not a physical perfecting, for we know that we get old and decrepit, but a spiritual perfecting. The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law. Galatians 5:22-23 NASB. The development of these characteristics is spiritual growth. This development can start with any human being and continue until death do you part or Christ’s return. In my way of thinking, if this development is encouraged then even the mentally ill will get better. This is what the therapists should be concerned with instead of having us fit in to some worldly social idealism.

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7. This verse comes to mind. It occurs to me that a sound mind is not a flawless mind just as a healthy body is not a flawless body. There is no such thing as a flawless body or a flawless mind. Just look at Lance Armstrong for example, he is a world class athlete and has cancer. A sound mind is one that can reason and chose to obey God’s commandments.

Since writing this article I have come across an explanation of schizophrenia at this website . I would recommend it to anyone intersted in learning about schizophrenia. It is a comprehensive website by the author’s of Webster’s New World Medical Dictionary. I would have benefited from having this insight when I was being diagnosed or when I was going through therapy. I would have written a different article. It may not have been available at the time. Knowledge is increasing.

For a well-informed broader view of psychiatry see the following article by Maureen B. Roberts , Soul In Exile. It is an excerpt from her book Divine Madness: Schizophrenia, Cultural Healing & Psychiatry’s Loss of Soul, c. 2001 Darknight Publications by Maureen B. Roberts. Though she points out a real problem quite well she does not present a convincing solution. Personally I believe that all healing comes from God through His Son Jesus. Without this admission there is no lasting healing.

Jacques Gauvin

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Your Battle Plan For MS Fatigue

April 4, 2007 by  

By Michael Russell

Fatigue is probably one of the most complained about Multiple Sclerosis symptoms. We’re not talking about some ordinary fatigue here; but fatigue that incapacitates you physically, mentally, psychologically and emotionally as well. As if having Multiple Sclerosis wasn’t depressing enough, the degree to which your already low reserve of energy and strength is sapped is sufficient to halt any and all activities and often does.

Did you have a plan to do this or that? Well guess what? There’s a very good chance it may not happen. At least not when you had originally planned. Of course, if you’re the one with Multiple Sclerosis, we’re preaching to the choir here. You already know how it can profoundly affect your daily activities, but you should also be encouraged to know that you can do something about it. If you want to counteract the way fatigue impacts your daily life, read on.

As with any health concern, a healthful and well balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals found in whole grains, fresh fruit, vegetables and legumes is encouraged and offers the best source of nutrition. Large doses of any supplements should only be taken with the guidance of a trained nutritionist or physician. Use of stimulants like caffeine and over the counter sleep preventing drugs are discouraged because of their addictive properties and more of a concern is their ability to further load down an already stressed nervous system. Although some physicians will occasionally prescribe antidepressants, which offer some relief from fatigue, there is little else in the arsenal of drugs that offers any real benefits without costly side effects.

The idea of lifestyle changes is not a new concept but neither is it without merit. It remains your best ally in your battle against fatigue. It is simply this: conserve your energy as much as you possibly can. How can you do this? You carefully monitor and pace your day-to-day activities. Only you can do this and only you should. Don’t let anyone else set your schedule for you. Only you know how you feel from day to day. Start a journal and record various activities and grade each one on a scale of the degree of their energy draining power. Use this information to decide which activities should be done in the morning, afternoon or evening or maybe not at all. You will have to begin to prioritize and schedule activities that are important to you. The following are tips to help you make your battle plan against fatigue a success.

Tips For Battling Fatigue

– Rest when you feel tired, don’t be heroic and push on. Break up any large projects into small manageable segments.

– Always sit when possible. Most tasks can be performed sitting. Standing will use up much needed energy.

– Keep frequently used items accessible and in the rooms in which they are often needed. Keep items out in the open to prevent unnecessary reaching and stretching.

– Make use of daily living aids for reaching, dressing, cooking, reading, writing, etc. They will save you time, energy and frustration. Use as many as you can.

– Ask for outside help when need it.

The way that fatigue impacts your life is very real. Don’t be an MS Fatigue Martyr. Fight back by readjusting your daily activities to conserve your precious energy.

Michael Russell Your Independent guide to Multiple Sclerosis

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