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with the link to allow other users to benefit.

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following the instructions in README.

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$serverpath = “/home/obesity/public_html/images/awaitingreview”; // Path to where images should be uploaded to on the server.
$urltoimages = “”; // Web address to where the images are accessible from.
$maxsize = “700000”; // Example – 20000 is the same as 20kb

$mode = $_GET[‘mode’];
if ($mode == “”) { $mode = “form”; }

if ($mode == “form”) {
echo “

echo “\n”;
echo “\n”;

if ($mode == “upload”) {
$file = $_FILES[‘file’][‘name’];
// If you add your own file types don’t forget to add an uppercase version.
$allowedfiles[] = “gif”;
$allowedfiles[] = “jpg”;
$allowedfiles[] = “jpeg”;
$allowedfiles[] = “png”;
$allowedfiles[] = “GIF”;
$allowedfiles[] = “JPG”;
$allowedfiles[] = “JPEG”;
$allowedfiles[] = “PNG”;

if($_FILES[‘file’][‘size’] > $maxsize)
print “File size is too big – please reduce file size and try again.”;
else {
$path = “$serverpath/$file”;
foreach($allowedfiles as $allowedfile) {

if ($done <> “yes”) {
if (file_exists($path)) {
echo “A file with this name already exists – please rename the file and reupload.”;

if (substr($file, -3) == $allowedfile) {
move_uploaded_file($_FILES[‘file’][‘tmp_name’], “$path”);
$done = “yes”;
echo “

Your image has been successfully uploaded to our server and can be accessed using the URL provided below.

echo “


echo “



if ($done <> “yes”) { print “

Error: Your image as not been uploaded because it is not a recognised image file. Please try again.

“; }
echo “

PLEASE Remember to include a notice in your recipe which pictures belong to which recipe and where abouts, for display in our Recipe Category. Thank-You!


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