Could Internet Addiction Be Ruining Your Diet?

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Too much of anything is a poison, but have you ever thought that you might be spending too much time on your computer?  Apparently some psychologists have too, since they’ve not only coined a term for it (Internet Addiction Disorder) but are arguing for it to be included in the DSM as its own psychological disorder. 

The proponents of the theory argue that IAD can be an addiction that has the potential to destroy relationships and foster social anxiety.  The criteria they use for diagnosis is pretty much copied and pasted from gambling addiction, which is apparently the most similar disorder they could find that didn’t involve substance abuse. 

Others, however, see internet use as nothing more than harmless socialization, just through a different modality.  To them, any psychological disorders that one would develop from overusing the interweb could be attributed to exacerbation of existing disorders.  The fact that the internet is relatively new and that there’s only a handful of studies done on IAD so far doesn’t help either side substantiate their claims, but regardless of whether or not you think it is a legitimate disorder, there have been a good number of studies done that have identified a causal relationship between internet use and social anxiety.

One of these studies, done a couple years ago by two professors from Monash and Swinburne University in Australia, found that although the subjects’ social anxiety about online interactions had decreased with excessive internet use, they conversely showed higher levels of anxiety in real life social situations. 

As we all know, anxiety releases the “stress hormone” cortisol, which causes your liver to release glucose, your muscles to release amino acids, and all sorts of things that aren’t really important as long as you know that it causes weight gain and diabetes if you let it get bad enough.  So with this in mind, you could say that spending extended periods of time on the internet can increase your social anxiety, in turn causing your catabolism to increase along with your blood glucose and insulin levels, leading to weight gain. 

For more information on social anxiety and weight loss, check out these resources:

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Battling childhood obesity

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Battling childhood obesity
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Vanakkam Tamizha | November 22, 2012

Vanakkam Tamizha | November 22, 2012
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How to Teach your Brain to Lose Weight?

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Why is it so hard to change your eating habits?

Individuals decide on daily bases about what they eat and how much they eat. If we are completely in charge of our life style and eating habits, why is it so hard to make up our minds and finish our diet plans and programs? Why is it that we always feel the urge to go back to our old eating habits? People are usually aware if they are leading an unhealthy life. They feel the guilt but don’t have enough motivation (positive or negative) to change their life style. We feel something is holding us back, but we just can’t get to the point where we can defeat ourselves and start becoming what we want to be.

Some behavioral psychologists think is that the problem is that people think they have all the control over our behavior and life, in general. We are not aware that there are many factors that can affect our decisions and limit us. Our brain is used to certain actions and behavior. It means that it is used to a certain kind of food. You teach your brain to these preferences and then you decide to lose weight. You want to cut back on some kind of foods and meals. Since your brain is good at what is used to doing, persuading it to do something that its not used to doing is hard. It is like reprogramming your brain all over again. Imagine your brain is a computer, and keeping your body away from certain foods is a very dangerous virus. After some time passes, you have to reinstall the operative system, and start fresh. But, let’s face it; the brain is not a machine, but a live organ (the most important one for that matter) and it has to be treated as such. Keep on reading to see my point more clearly.

There are many factors that can affect your eating habits or nutrition preferences.

Our genetics can affect what kind of food we like and what kind of food we need. So, some “parts” of us we cannot change. Some people have a sweet tooth and some people crave for salty food. Some even like sour foods (which is something that is not understandable from my point of view). This is one of the reasons why it is so hard to change into something you are not. If a person needs sugar and he or she wants to lose weight, this craving will probably hold this person back. Salty foods are also not very good for dieting because they keep the water lodged in your body. The question is: If you have motivation and strength to teach your body to want something less and how and when do you do it?

Starting from prenatal life and factors that can have certain influence on later infant’s life, including everything from eating habits to environmental and cultural influences. In the prenatal period, the mother’s nutrition can affect the baby’s behavioral schemes after being born. Certain deficits or toxic substances can have a negative effect on a baby or the baby can, of course, be perfectly healthy. Then, the next thing is the influence from the baby’s surrounding and culture. Once we become part of our culture we start to learn certain behavioral patterns that are specific for that culture and they become part of us. Parts of (almost) every culture are, among other things, eating habits. However, a baby is born with natural mechanisms to know how much food it needs, what kind of food and when. Many studies have shown that if you let babies choose their own food, after a certain period of time, they will choose the foods that will provide any and all substances they need. The level of certain important substances in blood was, both before and after the experiment, perfectly normal.

Even with all those natural mechanisms we are, nevertheless, social beings and we do enjoy good food with good company, so we neglect and forget to listen to our body. We suppress our nature and our eating habits become pure hedonism.

Food investment

            Once food becomes something more other than just nutrition for your body, many issues occur. People tend to get emotionally invested in their food. It gives them pleasure, comfort and satisfaction. They get personally involved with what they eat. It is characteristic for some people that they respond to frustration by eating. They fill their, lets say, emotional emptiness with comfort food.

            When you find yourself upset, anxious or stressed and you turn to eating in order to feel better – it might lead to weight problems, or even problems concerning your every day life. Many people with weight problems have some kind of emotional problem, or a conflict that needs to be solved. If that is the case the first thing that should be done is working on those issues. Weight gain is secondary and emotional issues are the primary problem. Instead of investing in food, you should invest in yourself. Working on one’s self is a life time process and there are many therapies that can help people with eating disorders that are caused by emotional trauma, conflict or any other issue.

Tips how to lose weight

            Change is never easy. It is already mentioned that people want to believe that they can completely control their lives. You should not hesitate to ask for help and support, if you need it. Sometimes it is easier if you have family or friends supporting you in your plans then to be a “hero” and do it all by yourself.

The first step is to identify yourself with your emotional values. This might sound very transcendental and hard, but, actually, all you need is a good long talk with yourself (I don’t mean that in a weird way). Once you realize what you really want you can create a plan and a program concerned with how to change your life. Your values will lead you to your goals and be helpful when you find yourself doubting, when you are tempted or distracted.

Always visualize your goal. When you find it hard to keep on with your plan visualize what you want to achieve. It will help you be more determined. Change of mind is not enough for becoming fit or for losing weight. We are not completely rational beings. We have desires that sometimes control us more than we want to admit. Your motivation should make you think about the positive aspects of changing your current conditions. Also, think about all negative aspect of not making a change. You must change yourself and, for that, you need to get in touch with your deepest fears and desires and realize what you want to become.

Just because you want a change it doesn’t mean it will happen. If you decide you want to lose weight you need to be determined and to control yourself. Your journey to a healthy life style won’t be always easy. You will feel desperate or tempted and you have to maintain self control. Always focus on what you want to succeed and restrict yourself from things that can jeopardize that. Practicing self-control is a very important aspect of losing weight. It is your cognitive and emotional strength that will lead you to your change.

You should not feel frustrated about your past decisions. If you once made a promise to yourself and didn’t keep it, this is OK, because no one is perfect. Learn from your mistakes and do not let your past mistakes block your way to your goals.

In the end, I cannot stress enough the importance of the advice mentioned above: surround yourself with your friends and family. Losing weight is a complex process that requires a lot of giving, self-control and changes. Even though you are making these decisions yourself, it doesn’t mean you can’t have support. Other people make a lot of influence on you even though you have never noticed that. It is important that you have people who love you and support you in what you do around you. You cannot even imagine how much this all means, before you get into the weight loss process, of course. I wish you good luck, and an “easy road”, if you know what I mean.

Author Bio:

A blogger who likes to lead a healthy lifestyle and take care of his body, Ivan Dimitrijevic, enjoys writing on health and weight loss related topics, like meal delivery services and diets and successful program reviews like: which he has personal experience and has had many articles published in this niche.

Ivan is a family man who always looks to improve his knowledge and has been known to write articles in other fields as well, some of which include online business, self-improvement and family life.

Are You Talking Yourself Into Lifelong Obesity?

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Apple Obesity

An alarming trend is on the rise in the form of “fat acceptance” movements. This isn’t about being healthy, no matter what your current weight. There is, in all seriousness, a concentrated effort to normalize — and even advocate — for a life of obesity.

There are many reasons why people may feel this is a sensible alternative to diet and weight loss. Unfortunately and perhaps obviously, there are reasons why this trend is doing more harm than good.

A Lack Of Motivation To Be Healthy

The first consequence of fat acceptance, in all sincerity, is a healthy diet. It is certainly possible to eat well and take care of yourself at a higher weight level. Many people even mistakenly assume that someone who is obese cannot be eating healthy foods or watching their calorie intake. This isn’t true at all; what is true is when one makes the conscious effort to ignore nutrition, weight gain is the likely result.

In addition, some assume because they accept themselves as they are, they shouldn’t worry about fitness or regular exercise. Fitness is something people of every weight should take seriously. You can be thin and out of shape, so don’t assume a healthy weight equals a healthy lifestyle.

We are all charged with taking care of the body we have in whatever way we can. You can love yourself as you are and still do what you can to eat better quality foods and be sure to get in weekly exercise routines.

Failure to Address Self-Esteem Issues

It’s like trying to convince everyone that a red 2002 Mustang is really an old yellow Volkswagen. You can’t do it, and people will look at you strangely if you try.

The way society is set up, looks matter. The farther you are from what’s socially acceptable regarding image, the more hurtful others’ reactions can be. Nevertheless, you are more complex and beautiful than what is on a scale. And if you are true to yourself — and love of all of yourself, not just your weight — then it shouldn’t matter what other people think.

Yes, Obesity Is Bad. No Movement Will Change That

One of the reasons people are talking themselves into accepting their obesity is because of the misguided attempt to label the word “obese” as public prejudice and to completely side-step the very real health issues associated with being morbidly overweight. The movement to accept being obese may feel good until you realize that instead of accepting your weight, you may be accepting a lower quality of life attributed to complications caused by being overweight. And that’s not something that anyone should have to accept.

As a result, carefully consider the positive effects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise and a nutritious diet will have you looking — and feeling — better.

5 Weight Loss Foods That Always Work

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English: A salmon rose, part of a sashimi dinn...

English: A salmon rose, part of a sashimi dinner set. Taken on 24 Jan 2006 by blu3d. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A healthy diet isn’t just an incentive for supermodels and athletes, but the cornerstone to a happy lifestyle. It’s important to remember that the nature of relationships between your mind and body is always vice-versa.

Although not all of us have the luxury of time to dedicate ourselves to building six-pack abs, we certainly can do enough to keep those stomach flabs at bay. Here are the top five wonder weight-loss foods that will make your diet plan twice as effective.


Contrary to popular belief that salmon is high in fat, it’s actually remarkably low in calories and only high in unsaturated fats that are good for your body. Salmon is one of the best sources of lean protein and is referred to as a nutritional messiah for its myriad of health benefits.

It helps reduce unhealthy elements in your diet such as sugars, hydrogenated oils, starches and saturated fats. Many people avoid healthy foods because they believe most of them taste worse than a mouse repellant. Luckily, salmon happens to be a worldwide delicacy and renders this stereotype moot. Salmon is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which assist in the reduction of cholesterol, and exhibit anti-inflammatory and brain cognition-enhancing properties.

Brown rice

Although brown rice may fit into the resented “all healthy foods look unattractive” stereotype, it happens to be one of the most popular weight loss foods in the world. Its low-energy density value and fiber-packed nature make it a great hunger suppressing, low-calorie meal. Unlike white rice, brown rice only contains resistant starch, which helps boost your body’s metabolism.

Green tea

If you’re looking for a super weight loss food that has a 100 percent success rate, chances are you didn’t have the best luck finding one. But that may be because you should have been looking for a super beverage instead – a super weight loss beverage called green tea. Its rich antioxidant concentration helps naturally elevate your body’s metabolism and eliminate harmful ketones that manifest in the body during your weight loss regimen.


Popcorn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It’s no coincidence that eggs are the superstars of breakfast foods across every culture. Whether you like them boiled, poached or scrambled, eggs provide a plethora of nutritional benefits that will have a tremendous impact on your weight loss routine.

Eggs are an excellent source of protein, which are great for keeping your appetite under control for hours after you’ve had them. They’re also good sources of Vitamin D.


Popcorn may be the most surprising choice in this list. Your concerns would be justified if it was the same butter-soaked, over-salted snack you buy at the theater. Air-popped popcorn or popcorn made using oils containing monosaturated fats is high in fiber and low in calories. Popcorn is actually a healthy and delicious snack that can make your diet plan more appealing to your taste buds, as well as give you that full feeling you often lack when dieting.

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3 Tips to Avoiding Serious Weight Gain During Major Injury or Disability

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The cast - A Significant Leg Injury Can Put You Out Of Action For A While

Major injuries can incapacitate us for months or even years depending on the severity. Many people believe it is inevitable that they are going to gain weight during this time and some even use it as an excuse to explain their development of heart disease or some other health affliction brought on through obesity. While those who suffer from a serious injury may become temporarily or even permanently disabled, this does not mean they are completely doomed to becoming unhealthy or completely falling out of shape. Here are three great tips for maintaining a healthy weight and healthy lifestyle through injury or disability.

1. Stay Hydrated

Adequate hydration is essential to not only keep your metabolism going to its maximum but also for carrying nutrients to the injured parts of your body and curbing your appetite while living a more sedentary lifestyle. Don’t consume too much all at once as frequent trips can be a bigger hassle for those with lower body injuries but drink enough to the point where your urine is clear. A lot of people have the tendency to eat more when they have nothing to do or they have a large stomach used to eating more. If you are completely out of action your body is not going to burn much more calories than your base metabolism which for most men is between 1,500-2,000 calories and 1,000-1,500 for women. Drinking water will fill your stomach and make you less inclined to eat if you’re not truly hungry.

2. Avoid Fast Food

Fast food is generally unhealthy for you even when you’re active, it is even worse when you are not. Make it a point to eat mostly home cooked meals while you are out of action. If cooking is a little too much of a burden for your injury or disability keep it simple with fruit, vegetables, and sandwiches. Avoid drinking too much alcohol as well as that can both dehydrate you and be more taxing on your liver and metabolism as they try to process the drinks along with any meds you may be taking.

3. Indulge in a Healthy Hobby

One of our biggest reasons for eating when we are not hungry is simply boredom. Find something to keep you occupied such as a book, movie, puzzle, or even a video game. Do something to keep your mind busy whether it’s productive or just entertaining. It is very ironic how resting can make us restless and more inclined to engage in less healthy habits. Always have a goal and make the most of your time no matter what your physical capabilities are.

Jared Pennington is a health and wellness writer who spent the majority of his youth in athletic training rooms weathering every little injury known to man. When he’s not running or rock climbing he writes for Just Home Medical, a supplier of home aides such as grab bars and overbed tables to assist the injured and disabled.

Eat All That Chocolate

December 6, 2012 by  

Are you craving chocolate yet?  What if I told you not to eat it and that it would make you fat?  Now how do you feel about eating it?  Are you mad-jonesing for it?

That’s what a recent study found.  A joint research team of the University of Western Australia and the University of Strathclyde in Scotland found that when a group of 80 women were presented with videos or images warning that chocolate could lead to obesity that they were more likely to crave it.  When shown images of thin models, their desire to eat chocolate increased while their food consumption desire decreased.

The study that appears in the journal Appetite, while interesting, highlights a problem we are probably all aware of but do little to acknowledge.  We want to do the things people don’t want us to.  There is a part of human nature that enjoys rebelling against a system of order.  And when people are dieting, the life of their eating habits is a system of order.

It is actually the lack of discipline relating to rebellion that is the reason why many diets fail.  Because diets, and worse yet fad diets, are short term solutions that are often not adopted as permanent lifestyle changes.  Any short term benefits of dieting are often lost very quickly when the diet ends and a person reverts back to their normal eating habits.

It’s the big changes to our habits that we have the biggest problem dealing with.  There is often a short-term immediate acceptance but in the long run we’ll naturally want to go back to an old way of doing things.

Instead of trying to make sudden sweeping changes to your habits consider small changes.  Nutritionists have seen better long-term results when people adopt smaller changes to their eating habits.

When you start small think of how many calories you take in each day.  Are you drinking three cans of soda a day?  Could you live with two?  Are you getting the fast food combo with large fries and a drink?  Maybe go medium instead, that is if you absolutely need to have that fast food meal.

Do you find yourself constantly snacking in front of your television or your computer?  What is it that you’re snacking on?  Is it cookies or chips?  When you sit down to browse your queued instant videos or check your email, consider putting a bowl of baby carrots in front of you.  Health experts have found that people have a tendency to reach for and snack on whatever is close at hand.  If what’s close at hand just happens to be a healthy fruit or vegetable snack it could be much better for your belly than a box of doughnuts.

Little changes to your fitness can be adopted as well.  It can be as simple as just parking your car a little further away from the entrance to the shopping mall.  If you’re walking up a few floors in a building take the stairs instead.  If you are going up thirty floors though it is probably just fine to take the elevator so you don’t show up at your business meeting sweating and huffing and puffing.  If you do have the gusto to climb thirty flights of stairs then go for it!

When you step into 2013 for the first time and think about that most common of mantras people like to attempt every time a New Year starts, think about taking small steps.  When somebody tells you not to eat chocolate because it will make you fat don’t just eat that chocolate out of spite.  Take small steps and pay attention to your habits when it comes to eating and you may find that positive change may be coming your way.

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The 4 Easiest Ways to Lose Weight Quickly

May 28, 2012 by  
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I’m really not a fan of fad diets and I don’t trust their methods at all, but there are still some ways you can genuinely lose weight quickly without having to put it all back on again. For me, the key is in moderation and in never trying to be too extreme with your diet. Simple, gradual changes are the ones that are most likely to stick. However, if you really do need to lose weight quickly here are four sneaky methods.

1. Cut down on your carbohydrates

As you may know, the Atkins diet involves cutting out all carbohydrates completely (including fruits!). Many people have lost weight with this diet, but I imagine it would be very difficult to stick to. Carbohydrates are what make us feel full after a meal, and I imagine not including any at all in a diet would only result in constant hunger and irritability.

However, most people actually eat far more carbohydrates than they actually need. One good tip for losing weight quickly is to increase the amount of proteins and vegetables you have in each meal and decrease the amount of carbohydrates proportionally. The protein and vegetables are where most of the nutrients are, so a meal composed this way will automatically be healthier, and you may also find that it leaves you feeling surprisingly full! If you need a dramatic weight loss, I’d consider reducing your carbohydrate by as much as three-quarters initially.

After you have reached your ideal weight, you can begin introduce a little more carbohydrate to your diet, but only a little. You should never return to the amount of carbohydrate you were eating previously, as this is probably what caused you to gain weight in the first place.

2. Go vegetarian

As a weight loss strategy, temporary vegetarianism can be very effective. Meat and fish, especially red meats, are high in calories. In order to get an adequate  supply of protein without all the calories, replace your usual fish or meat with legumes instead. Vegetable chilli is a great option.  Remember, you can eat as many vegetables as you like and they will never cause you to put on weight. It’s literally impossible to eat too many vegetables, so feel free to eat as much as you like.

If you don’t feel you can become completely vegetarian, try cutting out just red meat for a while. This is the most  calorie-rich type of meat and has also been linked with  certain types of stomach cancer. If you can, try to eat only seafood. Fish is packed with the Omega-3 oils that are incredibly beneficial for your mental health, so you may well find that eating more fish reduces your symptoms of stress and your need to indulge in high-fat or sugary foods.

3. Cut out alcohol

Even a moderate drinker should find that cutting out alcohol alone makes a big different to his or her waistband. One glass of wine contains up to 150 calories, while there’s roughly 100 calories in just one bottle of beer. If you were to drink ten bottles of beer as many people do at the weekend that would be adding a massive 1000 calories on to your intake for the day. This is half of your daily calorie intake! It’s no surprise the term ‘beer belly’ was invented. For serious, immediate weight loss, try cutting out alcohol altogether.

If you do find it difficult to cut out alcohol altogether, try swapping to white spirits instead. These are the least  calorific of all alcohols. By drinking vodka and lemonade instead of beer or wine you’d be saving a massive amount of calories and you probably wouldn’t have such a bad hangover either.

4. Exercise every day

If you lead a sedentary lifestyle at the moment, exercising moderately for just half an hour every day should have a massive impact on your weight. If you were to combine this with one of my other weight loss tricks, you would really see a dramatic difference. Remember, this exercise doesn’t even have to be particularly strenuous. Just upping your heart rate for half an hour every day will improve muscle tone and speed up your metabolism.

A great way of fitting exercise into your daily routine is to buy some home-gym equipment. This means you don’t have to sign up for a gym membership that you may not use and you don’t have to worry about the intimidating atmosphere of a gym. One item of equipment I’d recommend to all home-gym beginners is an elliptical machine. While exercise bikes and treadmills tend to target only one area of the body (the legs), Horizon elliptical machines allow for an all-round cardiovascular workout. There’s no point in wasting money on a poor quality piece of equipment, however, so make sure to check out some elliptical machine reviews online to find a good machine. A good quality elliptical machine review will let you know the price, the quality and any extra features the  machine has so you know exactly what you’re buying.

Remember not to exercise too vigorously or for too long, you may think you’re improving your weight loss, but if you burn too many calories you will become too hungry and this creates cravings. The trick is to always remain satiated, but to burn up all the calories you have consumed.

If you’re not sure how many calories you should be eating, you can find a precise formula for your gender and height online. As a general guide, women should normally eat 2000 calories and men 2500 calories, however this does vary according to your height, activity level, age and other factors.

About the Author:

Mother of two Melissa Cameron has always enjoyed keeping fit. She has been an avid hiker for many years, and enjoys camping with her husband and two daughters. Recently she has discovered the benefits of keeping fit at home, and has written about budget elliptical reviews to extoll the benefits of her new home gym.

4 Easy Ways to Burn Fat Quickly

May 21, 2012 by  

When battling to burn fat many people go to extreme measures and use harmful exercises such as Bicycle spinning to burn more calories. However, there are much easier ways to burn fat quickly and efficiently. In this article we will describe several of these methods.

Green Tea

Mug of Green Tea Green tea is a very easy way to burn more calories and live a healthier life. Alongside many health benefits, green tea can also boost your metabolism so you burn more calories and burn fat effortlessly. Drink 1-2 cups of green tea at morning and noon and you will have higher energy as well.

HIT Weight Training

When doing high intensity training you highly boost your fat burning as the effort is short-term but very high. With just 1 hour of gym training per week (separated into 2 sessions) you can make an imminent change of your body fat and lose that stubburn belly fat. Make sure to do slow repetitions of each exercise, and to focus on the negative of the repetition as well as it contribute to boosting your metabolic rate. Note that for maximum performance it is advised to continue each set until the point of muscular failure. This will also cause muscle growth and make you look in better shape. Visit for more tips on HIT training.

Aerobics Right After Weight Training

Our body only burns fat after it has finished burning all our Glicogen energy which is more accessible. However, after a weight training our body usually finished all the easy-access energy and now proceeds to burn fat. Therefore just 20 minutes of aerobics right after your workout will burn mostly fat and help you maintain a lean physique without wasting hours at the gym. Remember, the entire gym routine I advise here is just 1-1.5 hours of gym per week, which can be done by everyone no matter how busy you are.

Eat Only Complex Carbs

Simple carbs are easily digested and turned into sugar, which then causes insulin spike in the body which stores this sugar as fat. To avoid this it advised to eat complex carbs such as Quinoa, whole rice and whole grain. These carbs are harder to digest, so they do not lead to insulin spike and do not get stored as fat in your body. They will also give you energy for longer periods compared to chocolate or bread which will only keep you fed for a little while.

Dan Storren is a gym fanatic that loves working out and living healthy. Visit his site for more tips on building muscles and burning fat.

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