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Profile: January 2008 to February 2008 - Battling Alzheimer Author: Michael Davidsen Location: Texas For her last two years, I was my 90-year-old grandmother's primary caregiver, moving into her spare bedroom shortly after her Alzheimer's diagnosis. Several of my other relatives have also been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. I don't think I have it myself, though my wife sometimes wonders. I try to write things down before I forget them. I work from my sixty-year-old Texas home as a freelance writer, blogger, curriculum developer, and website consultant. My wife has served as a counselor for domestic violence issues. Over the last thirty years, I have also lived with nearly twenty children, including one son. The Battling Alzheimers blog focuses on experiences and practical advice from Alzheimer's caregivers, loved ones, and patients, written from the perspective of a forgetful caregiver who has perhaps looked more deeply into a patient's eyes than some others have. Some Alzheimer's symptoms can be prevented or lessened, while others can be compensated for, but so far, Alzheimer's disease has no cure. But then, neither does death and old age. For now, can we create and reinforce happy memories, and not give up the fight?

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