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Profile: March 2008 to August 2008 - Battling Alzheimer Author: Loretta Parker Spivey Location: Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

You take a deep breath, you know the water is cold, you are on the side, preparing to jump, but before you have a chance to inhale, close your eyes and prepare for the plunge, you are PUSHED from behind. Brrrr, the water is freezing. Everything in you is fighting against the shock of the push, the water that found its way into your nose and the freezing cold water. THAT is how it feels to be thrust into care giving ...
For me the push came the day my 70 plus year old mom called me looking for her little girl and threatening to call the police if she didn’t find her. I was 500 miles away, but I knew that it was time to swim, or at least tread water till I could get my bearings. I was her primary caregiver for seven years. During that time I read a slew of books, had a plethora of experiences and incessantly wrote in my journal while I worked as a writer, vegan caterer and raised a family. It is my honor to author this blog for Alzheimer’s caregivers. My experience helps me to understand, but my writing skill, ability to connect to various people and wide range of knowledge is what will make the blog successful. In terms of the direction of the blog, I understand that caregivers are often stretched to the max as they navigate the waters of caregiving. So here is what I hope this blog accomplishes: * Provide suggestions as to how they can care for themselves. Give them information about treatments, medications, healthy eating, and legal issues. They often want to understand how to how to deal with things like rage, incontinence and wandering. If I write the blog, they’ll be able to get meaningful, insightful information that will respond to the issues they face daily. They may also be forced to consider independent living facilities, long distance care giving and long-term care facilities. My goal is for this blog to be the “go to” internet source for information AND inspiration regarding caring for a person with Alzheimer’s. * For those who have the disease, they want to know how they can keep on living with this disease, how to maintain their independence as long as possible and how to hold on to their “position” as spouse or parent instead of becoming a child who is told what to do. The site will provide ideas for those with the disease to live as healthfully and independently as possible. It will also teach them how to give up the reigns with honor and dignity. I hope to share some of my personal experiences and provide an outlet for caregivers and those with Alzheimer’s to be comfortable in our family room sharing their joys, fears and things they have learned along the way as they live, in one way or another, with Alzheimer’s Disease. Loretta

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