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Profile: October 2007 to August 2008 - Battling Arthritis Author: Gloria D. Gamat Location: Philippines I am a Chemist by profession who has worked in rice research in the Philippines for some ten years. Before that I worked in a Pharmaceutical Quality Control Lab and a Mag Wheels Plating Company for a total of two years all in all before landing the Research Chemist position. Motherhood changes your priorities in life so that when I discovered problogging I was hooked. I will not trade working at home for anything else while I do the difficult job of being a mother. I guess most importantly (as an arthritis blogger), is that I found out earlier this year that I have osteoarthritis. Currently, I am blogging from a remote (but not so remote!) little village -- where I am the only one with internet connection at home (thanks to a 3G cellphone!) -- south of Luzon, Philippines.

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