Daily Vlog 11/22/11: Smooth Diabetes

June 10, 2020 by  

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Daily Vlog 11/22/11: Smooth Diabetes

YouTube Description

Good times had by all.

What do you think?

Suggestions, comments etc appreciated down below!


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9 Responses to “Daily Vlog 11/22/11: Smooth Diabetes”
  1. utoobube says:

    It says 2 comments…I only see one (before mine)

  2. InspectorSnatch says:

    yep fuck mexicans

  3. jimmymac12311 says:

    awesome people watching skills and commentary

  4. cisjohn2616 says:

    How long can you dunk a cookie in milk and still get it to your mouth without it falling apart ?….Only an experienced cookie dunker would know this !

  5. jjeepster02 says:

    It’s time to get out the shop vac.

  6. Storm2nite says:

    That is one nice clean carpet.

  7. CampbellFitness says:

    Haha nice mini’s.

  8. remastered1950ford says:

    You like to put peanut butter on the sock. For that dog, great video. Liked the part best where your talking trash about strangers

  9. Noyjeetut says:

    Comes from hours of practise in my People Watching videos. :P

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