A Guide to Colon Cancer – Know Different Aspects of It

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Cancer, the six letter word, induces common fear amongst all of us. Every one of us would hate to be a victim of cancer of kind. Recent studies show that almost 60 percent Americans suffer from this malicious disease and in most of the cases, the cancer type is colon cancer. What is colon cancer? Colon cancer or colorectal cancer is a type of cancer that occurs at the colon area of our body. It is indeed a disease that can cost a precious life. The reason behind colon cancer has been found to plenty and the interesting fact is that each of the reasons is different as well as quite prominent. This article will guide the readers on several aspects of colon cancer; hence keep your eyes on this.

Reasons behind Colon Cancer

Reasons of colon cancer can be divided in three aspects. Though, there are more than 10,000 reasons for which colon cancer may happen but for the ease of reading, three broader reasons will be discussed here.

• Hereditary Reasons – Yes, colon cancer can be a disease, which is getting carried by your gene. If someone in your family had colon cancer, then you are simply another suspected victim of it. However, there is nothing to be panicked as through regular screening tests, you can surpass the chances of genetic colon cancer quite conveniently.

• Malnutrition – Malnutrition is also a reason behind colon cancer. It is not that most of the Americans suffer from malnutrition, but of course they do not opt for proper diets. Lack of balanced foods or lack of nutritious substances makes our colon unhappy! If your colon’s health gets affected, you are nothing but getting prone to colon cancer or colorectal cancer.

• Colon Tumor – Some people acquires polyps or tumors in their colon area. Such tumors may become malignant, which causes cancer. However, yet anothertime, regular checkups can keep you stay out of the harm’s way.

Colon Cancer Treatments

Like all other kinds of cancer, colon cancer is also treated by two methods, and they are: surgical method and chemotherapy. Treatment of colon cancer actually depends a lot on the nature of the cancer and on the stage of cancer. Colon cancer has been broadly divided in five stages and as the stages get higher, intensity of the cancer increases. Another determining factor for treatment mode is age of the patient. Younger patients can easily undergo surgery or high dosages of chemotherapy. But this is quite not obvious for the older ones. Thus, the more age of the patient is, the more difficult the treatment is!

Prevention of Colon Cancer

To prevent colon cancer, the best possible idea is keeping the colon area healthy. For that, following tips can be suggested:

• Eat lot of natural fibers in your daily meal in order to cleanse your colon naturally.

• Drink a lot of water every day, as water is the most vital element of our colon area.

• Keep your immunity level stronger in order to protect your body from cancer.

Finally, one thing should be kept in mind and that is routine cancer checkup. Periodic checkup will not only save your life but save you from a lot of sufferings.

Author Bio:

Terry Godier is a veteran health advisor, having specialization in colon cancer research as well as treatments. He shares information, facts and treatment possibilities on colon cancer and author choice.

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