6 Tips to Reduce Skin Cancer Risk

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Exposure to ultra violet ray of sunlight is most often regarded as the biggest threat for skin cancer. But other factors like overweight syndrome or obesity, malnutrition or developing skin moles or other lifestyle factors can also play significant contributory role in causing skin cancer. Anybody can become victim to skin cancer considering the wide array of risk factors that the disease involves. Skin cancer though can be treated conclusively if diagnosed in the early stage, but it is life threatening as any other type of cancer if it grows deeper enough to spread internally. Considering the huge amount of risk factors of this type of cancer you cannot help but can take a few precautionary measures. Here we provide 7 tips to reduce skin cancer risk.

1.    Avoid artificial tanning and tanning booths

For a nice brownish skin tan if you are considering artificial tanning in tanning booth as safer than direct exposure to sunlight, then you are terribly wrong and vulnerable enough to this disease. This type of artificial tanning procedure involves more dangerous radiation than normal sunlight. UV radiation in artificial tanning is 2 to 5 times greater than sunlight and thus undergoing such procedure you are more susceptible to get cancer. UV radiation causes sunburn, skin blemishes, skin aging and can fast lead to skin cancer.

2.    Check your moles as soon as you spot them

Moles or discolored spots on our skin often look harmless but in many cases they pose the potential threat or significant first symptom of a lurking cancer on skin. Moles that are there on your skin for years without changing color or shape or causing any symptom may have nothing to do with skin cancer. But if you see a mole that appears very recently and seems to change in color or size or appearance, it should be checked medically as soon as you observe it. A red and bumpy spot on skin that bleeds often or gives you an itchy sensation can be a potential risk factor. Any type of skin sores, discolored spots on skin or rashes that appear suddenly should be medically examined without delay.

3.    Cover your body with protective clothing

Protection from the torching heat of sun or direct exposure of sunlight is the first precaution one should take to prevent skin cancer. Ultra violet rays in sunlight can even penetrate through cloud, moisture or any type of climatic condition, but they are particular strong in the day sun. Wearing protective clothing that prevents the body skin from getting direct exposure to sunlight is the best preventative measure against the risk of skin cancer. Wearing garments of lighter shades is recommended especially in summer season as they absorb sunlight less than the darker shades. When roaming out in a sunny day cover your head and wear a pair of sunglasses.

4.    Apply sunscreen before going out in sun

Still if you want to bath your body in sunlight, apply sunscreen lotion generously on the bare portions of your body. Sunscreen lotion prevents the ultra violet rays of the sun from penetrating the skin and thus protects skin from harmful effects including the risk of skin cancer.

So if you prefer to roam bareback on a sunny beach do not forget to apply plenty of sunscreen all over your body. When buying sunscreen look out for SPF level of 15 or more, because sunscreen with higher SPF only protects skin both from UVA (ultra violet ray long wave) and UVB (ultra violet ray short wave). It is recommended that you apply sunscreen at least 15 to 30 minutes prior to going out in the sun and do not forget to reply in every 2 hours or more, especially if you are involved in swimming, playing or any other physical activity.

5.    Get your daily need of Vitamin D Safely

Getting too much exposure to sunlight is risky enough to get skin cancer as we already know. But getting too little of sunlight got its own demerits too. Ultra violet ray in sunlight is also the source of natural Vitamin D that is crucial for several health reasons. Vitamin D regulates calcium in blood and in effect crucial for our bones, teeth and muscles. Getting exposed to sunlight in a safe and controlled manner is the best solution to avoid either sides of health risk. In summer months early morning or late afternoon exposure to sunlight can provide you required level of UV. In winter months you can enjoy a better share of soft sunlight in a sunny day.

6.    Prevent weight gain

It has been observed that the lifestyle factors that are responsible for overweight or obesity syndromes in most cases are also frequently linked with developing cancer and skin cancer is no exception from this. Derogatory lifestyle factors like consuming junk foods, less physical exercise, hectic and frantic lifestyle, lack of rest or sleep, etc. are not only responsible for weight gain but they make us more vulnerable to cancer.


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