Natural Anti-Wrinkle Facial Scrub Recipes

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There are lots of cosmetic facial scrubs in the market developed by many companies worldwide and they all boast of their natural ingredients, of its best components. They may do, but isn’t it good to take a break from these usual routines and go natural for a while?

Across the internet there will be lots of homemade, DIY recipes for facial and body scrubs and with the widely known benefits of scrubbing for health and beauty, isn’t it the right time to start whipping up your own scrub?

Scrub as Anti-wrinkles

Keeping your skin young and glowing is extremely important. It shows your regard for health and beauty. It can even show your inner health as well as the skin tends to project what’s within you.

Facial scrubs stimulate the skin of the face to induce cellular regeneration. Proper blood circulation as well as the right cleansing. Plus the inculcation of natural ingredients can benefit your face.

Wrinkles are often caused by dry skin and other toxifying components. Once you take good care of your skin, moisturize it and get rid of the environments’ harmful blemishes, you may start seeing the real glowing skin you have.

1st Recipe

The first recipe is a popular one. The ingredients include:

2 tbsp. of honey

3 tbsp. of brown sugar

2 tbsp. of olive oil

A drop of lavender (optional)

Mix the said ingredients above. Mix well and finally drop the lavender for the scent. As it was set, you can now start to scrub it all over your body. Or you can opt it for your face only. Massage in a slow circular motion. The sugar bits will cleanse your skin from embedded dirt and the honey and olive oil will moisturize it and leave it to glow.

2nd Recipe


2 tbsp. ground up oats

2 tbsp. argan or neem oil

A drop of scent (optional)

This one is a gentler alternative. Mix the oats with the argan or neem oil. Mix them well and drop the scent if desired, can be lavender or rosemary or any fragrance you want. Check for the mixture’s consistency. You can add ingredients more according to your desire; just make sure it will do as a facial scrub.

The oats can do a gentle cleaning while the neem or argan oil is very beneficial to the skin. It will smooth out your skin and moisturize it.

3rd Recipe


1 tbsp. of sea salt (refine it a little)

2 tbsp. of coconut oil

A drop of aromatherapy scent

Caution, this scrub may be a bit to harsh for the skin. So to keep it good for the face, try to ground the sea salt a little to pulverize it and make it not to harsh for the face.

Now, mix the 3 ingredients. Once they are already good, you can use it to scrub your face. Do it slowly as the salt may sting and scratch you. Salt has natural benefits of the skin and coco oil is highly heralded in the cosmetic world. The best ingredients to fight off wrinkles.

4th Recipe


3 tbsp. used coffee grounds

1 tbsp. of extra virgin oil

1/3 tsp. of pure grade A honey

Mix all ingredients above. If everything’s okay with the mixing, then apply it in the face. Make sure you have clean face before the application. Massage it gently and let it stay for 2 minutes.

Coffee is very beneficial as it can detoxify the skin up to its inner layer. Leave it be and let the antioxidants be absorbed thus preventing wrinkles and premature aging. Honey loosens the dead skin while olive oil will moisturize it.

5th Recipe

2 tbsp. of crushed papaya

2 tbsp. of Greek yogurt

1 tbsp. sugar

Mix 3 and apply to the face. Massage well. It can double up as a mask too. Apply thickly and let it stay for minutes as desired.

The above recipes are all natural and very skin friendly. They take care of your skin and slowly reduce wrinkles.

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