3 Tips to Avoiding Serious Weight Gain During Major Injury or Disability

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The cast - A Significant Leg Injury Can Put You Out Of Action For A While

Major injuries can incapacitate us for months or even years depending on the severity. Many people believe it is inevitable that they are going to gain weight during this time and some even use it as an excuse to explain their development of heart disease or some other health affliction brought on through obesity. While those who suffer from a serious injury may become temporarily or even permanently disabled, this does not mean they are completely doomed to becoming unhealthy or completely falling out of shape. Here are three great tips for maintaining a healthy weight and healthy lifestyle through injury or disability.

1. Stay Hydrated

Adequate hydration is essential to not only keep your metabolism going to its maximum but also for carrying nutrients to the injured parts of your body and curbing your appetite while living a more sedentary lifestyle. Don’t consume too much all at once as frequent trips can be a bigger hassle for those with lower body injuries but drink enough to the point where your urine is clear. A lot of people have the tendency to eat more when they have nothing to do or they have a large stomach used to eating more. If you are completely out of action your body is not going to burn much more calories than your base metabolism which for most men is between 1,500-2,000 calories and 1,000-1,500 for women. Drinking water will fill your stomach and make you less inclined to eat if you’re not truly hungry.

2. Avoid Fast Food

Fast food is generally unhealthy for you even when you’re active, it is even worse when you are not. Make it a point to eat mostly home cooked meals while you are out of action. If cooking is a little too much of a burden for your injury or disability keep it simple with fruit, vegetables, and sandwiches. Avoid drinking too much alcohol as well as that can both dehydrate you and be more taxing on your liver and metabolism as they try to process the drinks along with any meds you may be taking.

3. Indulge in a Healthy Hobby

One of our biggest reasons for eating when we are not hungry is simply boredom. Find something to keep you occupied such as a book, movie, puzzle, or even a video game. Do something to keep your mind busy whether it’s productive or just entertaining. It is very ironic how resting can make us restless and more inclined to engage in less healthy habits. Always have a goal and make the most of your time no matter what your physical capabilities are.

Jared Pennington is a health and wellness writer who spent the majority of his youth in athletic training rooms weathering every little injury known to man. When he’s not running or rock climbing he writes for Just Home Medical, a supplier of home aides such as grab bars and overbed tables to assist the injured and disabled.


Go Flexitarian and Diversify Your Diet

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A diet rich in soy and whey protein, found in ...

Although the constraints of a strict vegetarian or vegan diet isn’t for everyone, more and more people are becoming aware of meat consumption’s health drawbacks and ecological impact. For those folks who want to avoid meat but aren’t ready to give up the joys of a good steak, there’s a new term: flexitarian.

The flexitarian is the centrist in a world where our friends and neighbors range from the fast-food-obsessed carnivore to the strict vegan who is always on a “cleanse.” Flexitarians believe moderation is the key to everything, and that staying mindful of your intake while still enjoying a variety of delicious foods is the key to living a balanced dietary life.

The Case for Flexitarianism

While it’s possible to get a healthy intake of fats, vitamins and protein without animal products, the human body evolved to eat meat. However, most believe it is simply unnecessary to consume it every day.

Most societies throughout history relied on fish or animal flesh for at least part of their protein requirements. When industrial farming started making meat cheap and plentiful, however, contemporary society moved to a much heavier consumption model.

In addition to being painful and traumatizing for the animals, the conditions in industrial farms are devastating to the local environment. Waste runoff, excessive resource consumption and the trash associated with packaging are all causes of concern.

The health benefits of reducing meat consumption are also well documented. Most animal products are high in saturated fat and can promote long-term weight gain as well as other serious health problems. Increasing your vegetable intake to make up for the missing meat not only reduces these risks, it also means more helpful vitamins and nutrients in your diet.

Adjusting To The Lifestyle

It can be difficult to go flexitarian when you have been conditioned to think of a “meal” as a big piece of meat with perhaps a starch or vegetable on the side. When you start thinking of chicken, pork, beef, fish or other animal proteins as a luxury, you can open yourself up to a greater variety of cooking styles.

If you’re having difficulty feeling full without meat in your meal, try figuring out which alternative protein sources are hearty enough to fill you up. Eggs, beans, nuts and certain whole grains such as quinoa help increase feelings of fullness, as does ingesting high-fiber foods.

The joy of flexitarianism is that you can still modify your diet to include whatever you like without feeling constrained. You may choose to bulk up your stir-fry with some shredded chicken, or make a veggie lasagna instead of your usual beef Bolognese version. It’s all up to you!

Going Flexitarian For The Long Haul

Sticking with flexitarianism can require some creativity and willingness to try new things, but the rewards are outstanding once you get the hang of it. Who knows — after a few months reducing your meat intake, you may choose to take the stairs instead of the elevator, buy e cigarettes instead of your old pack of Camels, or even order the tofu instead of the burger!

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