Is it Time? Five Ways to Decide if Your Parents Need Assisted Living

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As parents age, it’s not unusual for roles to reverse. Children become the caretakers and parents become those cared for. It’s also not unusual to feel guilty if you begin to think about moving your parents to a facility where they can get more assistance then you can provide. If you’ve been wondering if your parents would benefit from residing in an assisted living facility, here are five considerations to take:

1.Safety is a Concern

For some seniors, slips and falls are a danger as mobility decreases. For others, dementia can cause a forgetfulness that can be catastrophic in the wrong situations. Other adult children may have to worry about their parents wandering away from home and not being able to find their way back. If any of these safety issues are a concern for you and your aging parents, moving your parents into an assisted living facility can provide both safety and security.

2.More Assistance is Needed

Unless you move your parents into your home, it can be very difficult to provide them the assistance that they need on a full-time basis. You shouldn’t feel guilty that you have your own life to live. If your parents need help with day-to-day tasks and you can’t be there 24/7, an assisted living facility can do all of the small things that your parents require help with.

3.Housework is Difficult

If you notice that the home that your parents live in is slowly becoming dirtier or falling into ill-repair, it may be because your parents no longer have the ability to keep house. A dirty home, or one that is falling down around them, can present dangers to your parents that you may not have considered. A cluttered home is full of obstacles that your parents must navigate, and a home that isn’t maintained not only presents physical dangers but may require more repair than your parents can afford. In an assisted living facility, housekeeping staff will do the work that your parents can’t.

4.Lack of Transportation

If your parents need to get from here to there but are unable to drive themselves, residing in an assisted living facility can mean never missing another doctor’s appointment or missing out on an entertaining outing. Assisted living facilities provide transportation to appointments, shops and even take groups on outings to local attractions. If your parents have given up driving, moving into an assisted living facility can mean being able to get out of the house again.

5.Isolation and Loneliness

For many seniors with adult children, life can become lonely and feelings of isolation can set in. Living with other seniors can give your parents a sense of belonging that they’ve lost. Socialization is encouraged in assisted living facilities with group activities and entertainment provided on a frequent basis. Your parents will eat with others, take group classes and participate in activities with others that share their interests.

You should never feel guilty about wanting your parents to have more help than you can provide. By moving your parents into an assisted living facility, you can rest assured that they are being well-cared for and safe, while being able to maintain whatever amount of independence they still have.

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Allie Lowe writes for Assisted Living Today where you can find more information on assisted living.

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