How To Care For Someone With Dementia

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If a person is suffering from dementia they are losing their mental skills that will have an effect on their everyday life. Dementia is a gradually deteriorating condition that be brought about by strokes and if a person suffers from Parkinson’s disease. Also, Alzheimer’s disease is a type of dementia.

Dementia is different in each case, but it leads to memory problems, the ability to think clearly, and problems with daily planning. Depending on the stage of dementia people can function for some time while suffering from it, but since it gradually gets worse they need to be taken care of the more they suffer from it. Here are some tips on how to care for a person that suffers from dementia.


Since memory loss and forgetfulness is a symptom of dementia, it is important that if a person is on medication for dementia that they continue to take it as prescribed.

Physical activity

Staying physically active is important for anybody that has dementia and it can also give them a feeling if independence.

Eating healthy

You will need to help the person suffering from dementia to eat healthy and give them healthy meals and snacks even if they are not hungry.

Encourage mental activities.

This can help people stay mentally active and more alert by doing such things as crossword puzzles, reading, or playing games.

Daily Routines
The more a person with dementia has a clear-cut daily routine, the less confused or frustrated they will be. If there is any change to the routine, you should tell the person beforehand.

Give them their independence.

As long as the person who is suffering from dementia can make their own decisions pertaining to what they would like to eat, what they would like to do with their time and what to wear. These are just a few examples as it still allows them to feel independent.

Have patience.

You must have patience when taking care of someone who has dementia, as things will take longer to do than usual. Never get frustrated with the person, as that will only make them more frustrated as well.

Be there emotionally.

The person with dementia will know what is happening and offering them emotional support can make it easier on them. Listen to their problems and be there for them in a respectful manner. Be there as a helper more than a caregiver and, as much as they can, let them do things and make their own decisions. The more you do things for them that they still believe they have the ability to do the more frustrated they may become.

Safety issues

Make the residence of where the person suffering from dementia safe. This is more of an important issue as the condition becomes gradually worse. Handrails in the bathtub, removing sharp objects, and keeping walkways clear are just a few things you can do to make the residence safer. If the person cannot drive or cook in a safe manner, do not allow them to do these things. Do not move anything or make any drastic changes in the residence, as it may confuse and frustrate the person.

Decide If You Can’t Care For Them Yourself.

It’s understandable when a loved one begins to have trouble caring for someone with dementia. However, there are professional senior living centers where they can reside and be taken care of by professionals who understand their condition

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