4 Easy Ways to Burn Fat Quickly

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When battling to burn fat many people go to extreme measures and use harmful exercises such as Bicycle spinning to burn more calories. However, there are much easier ways to burn fat quickly and efficiently. In this article we will describe several of these methods.

Green Tea

Mug of Green Tea Green tea is a very easy way to burn more calories and live a healthier life. Alongside many health benefits, green tea can also boost your metabolism so you burn more calories and burn fat effortlessly. Drink 1-2 cups of green tea at morning and noon and you will have higher energy as well.

HIT Weight Training

When doing high intensity training you highly boost your fat burning as the effort is short-term but very high. With just 1 hour of gym training per week (separated into 2 sessions) you can make an imminent change of your body fat and lose that stubburn belly fat. Make sure to do slow repetitions of each exercise, and to focus on the negative of the repetition as well as it contribute to boosting your metabolic rate. Note that for maximum performance it is advised to continue each set until the point of muscular failure. This will also cause muscle growth and make you look in better shape. Visit Mass-Gainer.net for more tips on HIT training.

Aerobics Right After Weight Training

Our body only burns fat after it has finished burning all our Glicogen energy which is more accessible. However, after a weight training our body usually finished all the easy-access energy and now proceeds to burn fat. Therefore just 20 minutes of aerobics right after your workout will burn mostly fat and help you maintain a lean physique without wasting hours at the gym. Remember, the entire gym routine I advise here is just 1-1.5 hours of gym per week, which can be done by everyone no matter how busy you are.

Eat Only Complex Carbs

Simple carbs are easily digested and turned into sugar, which then causes insulin spike in the body which stores this sugar as fat. To avoid this it advised to eat complex carbs such as Quinoa, whole rice and whole grain. These carbs are harder to digest, so they do not lead to insulin spike and do not get stored as fat in your body. They will also give you energy for longer periods compared to chocolate or bread which will only keep you fed for a little while.

Dan Storren is a gym fanatic that loves working out and living healthy. Visit his site for more tips on building muscles and burning fat.

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2 Responses to “4 Easy Ways to Burn Fat Quickly”
  1. Eating several smaller meals per day helps too. When your body believes it is starving for long periods of time, it will prioritize storing energy and burning less. Exactly the opposite of what you want. If instead you consistently eat small, healthy meals, your body will stop freaking out over the lack of calories and let you really unleash to build muscle and burn fat.

  2. Henry says:

    When jogging/running, I break into longer and faster strides to double my efforts and burn more fats.

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