Understanding the battle for legal compensation after a brain injury

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IMG_9551.CR2If you or someone you love has suffered a brain injury much of your life is likely to change dramatically, things are unlikely to ever be the same again, but there are things you can do that can help make your life as close to normal as possible. Unfortunately these things can often be very costly, even in countries where a lot of medical costs are covered by the government there likely will still be considerable expenses that you need face.

After the shock of the incident has settled it becomes necessary to look at where this money will come from. If your injury occurred due to an accident which was someone else’s fault they may be eligible to help cover the costs of your recovery. This article gives an overview of the law concerning brain injuries that will help you understand the process. Individual cases will always be quite different so if you do need to claim compensation you should always seek advice from a lawyer that has experts in this field personally.

Doctors advice that you should start the rehabilitation process as quickly as possible, a specialist Brain Injury Case Manager will normally be appointed and they can also bring in a neuro-physiotherapy and neuropsychology to help arrange treatment and provide you with consistency through your rehabilitation. You should not delay treatment waiting to see what those responsible for the incident will pay for so prioritize starting your rehabilitation and let your lawyer worry about any compensation. If you struggle to afford the treatment you need your personal injury solicitor should be able to work with your doctor to gain early access to resources through litigation.

The focus of any claim should normally be rehabilitation; your lawyer will work collaboratively with the lawyer of the defendant following a rehabilitation code of practice. If private care is required interim payments can sometimes be secured by your lawyer to help fund this. This focus on rehabilitation looks set to be the way that cases of this nature are dealt with, the association of personal injury lawyers are currently bringing in a Multi-Track code for use in high value cases such as those concerning brain injury. These new guide lines will focus heavily on rehabilitation.

It is essential that you choose a lawyer that has expertise in dealing with head injury cases, one such law firm is Pannone Head injury lawyers and they offer more details about how the legal process works on there website.


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