Bulking and Cutting Tips

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Bulking and Cutting Tips

YouTube Description

Link to BMR Calculator: In today’s video, I discuss bulking and cutting. These are basic tips that can help you achieve (or establish) proper goals while trying to get a certain physique. When you are considering bulking or cutting, it is important to understand the pros and cons of each…If you don’t plan properly you could end up fat, or skin and bones, with no muscle at all. In my opinion a proper bulk or cut is done slowly, if you gain a lot of weight quickly, you can’t expect a lot of it to be muscle (NATURALLY). The same rule applies for cutting..you can’t expect to shed a ton of fat but magically hold on to all of your muscle. You have to take it slow in order to gain or lose the proper amount of weight. I will be doing some videos going in to more detail a

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9 Responses to “Bulking and Cutting Tips”
  1. DJFitnessTips says:

    @StayFit4Life321 Thank you! I’m just trying to put things in terms I wish I could have found on YouTube when I was looking for info!

  2. Malignantspiritify says:

    nice new camera…. You have a myfitnesspal account, I’d be interested to see your diet approach to cutting, Thanks James

  3. DJFitnessTips says:

    @siby513 yeah I have a video on abs, but to be short, it is ALL about what you eat. I mean you need to work your abs, but your nutrition being on point is what will get you that 6 pack. The last place men lose body fat is the lower stomach, so you are doing the right things if you’ve got a 4 pack, and you are on the last leg now! Just eat right, and stay on your plan that got you the 4 pack, and have a little patience and you will see that 6 pack in no time 🙂 thanks for watching!

  4. DJFitnessTips says:

    @rampagetapout it depends, when I am bulking I do 1g, because my carb intake is much higher while bulking, and I do 1.5g while cutting (make up for the carbs that I cut out). That is where a lot of people mess up, when they cut, they take out carbs but don’t replace them with anything. Hope this helps! thanks for watching!

  5. lambo5277 says:

    Thanks so much for making this man, answered a ton of my questions!! My bulk is goin pretty well really slow gains but I don’t want to take in more calories than I am now (3800) bu like you said Im no a competive bodybuilder so I can take my time! Thanks again!!

  6. siby513 says:

    nice vid,
    im cutting now, i got a 4 pack but getting rid of the fat on your lower abs is a bitch,
    any tips on burning that last bit of fat off your stomach ?

  7. DJFitnessTips says:

    @lambo5277 Right on man! That’s good..and yeah very smart to take it slow…it will make the cutting phase so much easier! Glad I could help! Keep me updated on your progress!

  8. StayFit4Life321 says:

    Very thorough and informative! Awesome!

  9. rampagetapout says:

    great advice man, do u recommend 1g of protein per lb of body weight or 1.5g?

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