Scott Norton Inspirational Video

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Scott Norton Inspirational Video

Scotty Norton is 29 years old and currently battling brain cancer. He has shown remarkable resolve to beat his tumor by making it through 2 intense brain surgeries (totaling over 15 hours) and 6 weeks of radiation therapy. His attitude is remarkable. In this video, he shares his thoughts and gratitude for wrestling, which has taught him how to battle through his obstacles.

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10 Responses to “Scott Norton Inspirational Video”
  1. KRSmartinvestor says:

    Thank You Scotty for sharing your story for us. You are an AMAZING Role Model for us all on how to stay tough at the hardest times…in REAL LIFE! Kristi and I will be praying for you, and know that you have touched us at just the right time when we needed inspiration the most! Thank you once again and KEEP FIGHTING, YOU CAN AND WILL BEAT THAT CANCER!

  2. leahbia82 says:

    Awesome video, very inspiring. It’s amazing that you are able to remain so positive while battling what would break most people down. I wish you the best of luck throughout overcoming this obstacle, because I have faith that you will do just that…overcome it. Best wishes. Continue to stay strong, you have too much to live for.

    Leah French

  3. MrBrinorton says:

    Scotty, you are my hero and my inspiration. I admire your courage and strength. You were an amazing wrestler….()and crazy fast…gezzz). I love you and am always here for you as both your brother and your friend.

  4. Jlnorton1234 says:


    this is the most motivational video I have ever seen! Winning is about getting up when you are down, it’s about not giving up, it’s about pushing beyond your limits. You are a true champion and my hero!

  5. archiefan11 says:

    stay strong Scott!!!! You can beat this!!! GOD IS A VERY GOOD COACH!!!

  6. NycoleWLaFave says:

    Scotty-My exhusband’s brother put together this awe inspiring wrestling video. I just watched yours and I think if you took 5 minutes to watch it, it would pump you up. Your strength is amazing. If we could all posses just a small amount that you portrayed in your video, we would all be better off.

  7. mom42jw says:

    Beautiful messages. I will continue to keep you in my prayers. Stay strong and God bless!
    Mom of 2 former Romeo wrestlers

  8. NycoleWLaFave says:

    I can not copy and paste the link from you tube, but if you search you tube for Tim Peraza Wrestling 09-10 Season – YouTube, you will find the video. His Dad did an amazing job.

  9. TheScottynorton says:

    Thank you Brian for editing and putting this video together. You have been and still are my example in life. It was watching you take the state title that planted the desire to be the best I could. I love you too and will always be here. 

  10. RandySimons says:

    Stay positive Scotty. You can overcome this obstacle. Just like on the wrestling mat, your going to push through this and beat this. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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