Personal Training Workout Tips with Rob Riches. Part 4: Chest Flyes

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

::More video’s, workout’s and recipe ideas available at Fitness personality and cover model, Rob Riches, is back in the gym to share with you his workout tips for building a fitter, stronger, healthier body. Filmed in the world famous Legacy Gym in Southern California, Rob demonstrates how to work each main muscle group through a variety of different exercises, using variations and modifications to ensure complete conditioning and development of the muscle. Whether you’re an aspiring competitor, model, athlete, or just want to get that fit, healthy look, you’ll learn how to do each exercise properly, and feel muscles that you’ve never felt worked before, helping you achieve results much faster. Subscribe to Rob’s YouTube channel, and see new video’s as soon as they’re uploaded. All exercises are available on one DVD, and can be purchased at Rob’s online fitness store: For more video’s, photo’s and daily health and fitness tips, follow rob on his social network sites below facebook: The Official Rob Riches Fitness Group

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7 Responses to “Personal Training Workout Tips with Rob Riches. Part 4: Chest Flyes”
  1. davidcoco54 says:

    can u make a video to get pecs

  2. CSStrikerSC says:

    your body is crazy!!!! good work.. and great biceps!

  3. fedfyr says:

    I think Rob says a lot of good things that really makes sense, but sometimes I dont think he is right about the angles and where it hits the muscle. You shouldnt look at where the weight is coming from, but rather in which direction you are pulling/pushing it. So when the cables are at the bottom you are pushing upwards = incline (upper chest). Just my view, I´m not trying to say I´m smarter than Rob or anything…

  4. maakmegekmaakmegek says:

    depends if you squize it up, if you don’t do the full movement, you will never train the upper chest the way he does it.
    it’s the same thing with simple pushups, you wont get upper chest muscle’s if you do regular pushups, you will only train the deepest part of your chest, depends on how wide you do it, inner, wide or regular.
    fly’s have the best motion (:

  5. jarvyroth says:

    your wrong, using the cables attached at the bottom works the upper portion of the chest.

  6. bigtonutz says:

    thanks rich keep up the videos they are great.

  7. trinishipp says:

    I love ur videos so much
    Ur now my best fitness youtuber

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