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Today’s society and workplace demands multitasking and requires a person to be more efficient with time. The work has expanded, but time has not increased and most of us compensate by taking time away from daily routines such as eating. Most of us do not pay attention to how fast we are eating or how many calories we have consumed in a short period of time. 

It takes about 20 minutes for the brain to receive the signal that you are full, but most people finish eating their first helping in 10 minutes and have reached over for the next helping. You have almost doubled the calories when you eat fast and not let the brain get the “fullness” signal. Not only are you getting extra calories, you are also causing digestive health issues.

By eating the meal slowly you benefit from it several ways. Read on to find out the benefits of slowing down when it comes to eating.

Lose weight:

If you allow yourself 10 to 15 minutes before helping yourself to seconds, you will be surprised to find that you are not all that interested in eating any more as you brain has registered that it is full. This way you will have consumed fewer calories without changing your meals. Practice eating slowly until this new habit becomes a part of your lifestyle 

Enjoy your food:

Savor each bite and take your time slowly chewing them before swallowing them. This way you will get the flavor from the food and it will help you prolong your eating time. Make your meals to be a pleasing activity than a rushed chore.

Better digestion:
Digestion starts in the mouth and for that reason, when you chew your foods properly you are aiding in digestion of the foods. Better digestion leads to better gastric health.

Eating slowly ensures that you are eating until you are satisfied and not until you are stuffed. Follow these simple tricks to eat slowly and develop new habits that support a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Change hands: If you are right handed, even a simple task like buttoning a shirt can take twice as long when done with the left hand. Same rules apply when eating – if you keep the fork in the left hand and the knife in the right hand, it will take you longer to eat. If you favor your left hand, use the right hand while eating.
  2. Use the sticks: Eat an entire meal with chopsticks (even if it’s not an Asian meal).This will definitely slow you down and will give your nervous system time to send the signal to the brain saying it’s full.
  3. Talk, but not with your mouth full: Stretch out the meal with conversations, if you are eating with someone. Enjoy the company and savor the food. If you are eating alone, try reading a book and set a goal of finishing a set number of pages before you finish your meal.
  4. Drink, but not caloric beverages: When dining out or at home, keep the water glass full and take a sip after every bite. This will prevent you from eating too fast and also to get full faster without the additional calories.

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