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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Zuzana’s Warm Up Routine. For more of Zuzana’s Fitness, Diet, Exercise and Workout Video Tips visit her blog: www.BodyRock.Tv

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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25 Responses to “Fitness – Workout Warm Up Routine”
  1. zonelad says:

    poor cameraman….

  2. ThePrudence23 says:

    you are Extremely sexy

  3. ThePrudence23 says:

    I love your voice

  4. snuggiwuggi says:

    My GOSH you are amazing. Your form is excellent. I notice in your videos you always keep going and don’t weaken the exercise when it gets hard. Amazing discipline. I guess I wish you’d talk about that a bit more in your blog—like how does a person come to the point they want to be this in shape? How does someone start to love exercise when they hate it right now? The psychology is the hardest part for many of us. Thank you!

  5. badslim26 says:

    hooot baby

  6. RocketPropelled2000 says:

    i love the camera angles.. 🙂

  7. Nadrshin says:

    Nice shoes (like House’s)

  8. jugyta says:

    she has replied to this question on a different video, she said this is the amount of work she does everyday not more not less, this video in particular is just a warm up as stated above so im pretty sure she did do an actual work out afterwards

  9. Eagle100 says:

    To je ČEŠKA?!!!

  10. Sterhunne says:

    The most perfect body i ever seen 😮

  11. xydozhnik11 says:


  12. 1souls says:

    this has to be the hottest trainer in the world =)

  13. dimaniak says:

    too much muscles on her hands

  14. Shazee083 says:

    What country you are from.

  15. Moremooremore says:

    @superman xx9: I wonder – are you breathing properly? You shouldn’t be losing your breath…you should just be breathing hard.

  16. sohavuro says:


  17. MysticGentlemanPRD says:

    You can work out every day, just make some days easier =)

  18. Superman1281 says:

    Wow your fit, you could be Superwoman ; ).

  19. Stompest says:

    I’ve been really wondering the same thing. I also asked on her site, no response so far…
    I’m really curious though.

  20. SoulofPhoenix says:

    yeah! I thought the same way! lol!
    It would be a miracle if I get that far! But I’m doing in it thanks to her!!
    She’s just damn special for doing all these videos for us!
    Thank God she exist!

  21. supermanxx9 says:

    Whenever i do a warmup like that i just lose breath instead of feeling that warmth in my body that will help for stretching, i dunno if something good b4 a workout would be like intense pushups, cuz thats what gets my body really warm! than i stretch, and than i follow ur workouts

  22. lindabebe835 says:

    Beautiful.  Thanks for the tips.

  23. Jahkillian says:

    HAHAH to much abs? LOL WTF?

    Is that even possible?

  24. Evange says:

    Is the excercise you show us in your videos all you do everyday? or do you then hit the gym for hours on end but not tell us?

  25. jose74125 says:

    white likra plisss

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