Fitness – Ultimate Stretching Routine

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

To follow all of Zuzana’s home workouts, diet tips and healthy, whole food recipes, visit her blog: www.BodyRock.Tv

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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25 Responses to “Fitness – Ultimate Stretching Routine”
  1. MouriRan12345 says:

    wow so buff.. lol

  2. tkdwiz1 says:

    extremely talented!

  3. ComaBoy05 says:

    i want your body!!! on me that is…

  4. griskrossaren says:

    or well, both..  : ]

  5. griskrossaren says:


  6. skadvaldur says:

    I want to thank you, before I never bother stretching because it is boring and I find it lonely, but after I watched this video I started stretching more, when I wake up I stretch and watch your video while I’m doing it also in the evening after training 🙂 it just feels like I’m stretching with you and that is awesome. Thank you

  7. Katerina2020 says:

    Thanks! that’s very helpful

  8. ImNotBroken2009 says:

    which is better? streching after warming up? OR B4


    These videos are torture.

  10. barloungeclub says:

    Your video has me motivated. I’m hoping to get in shape without needing a gym.

  11. FreezingSun14 says:

    @dvdgzzrll thats classic!

  12. F0Xhound009 says:

    I was feeling tired today and was not gonna work out since I’ve worked out mon thru thursday this week but I just watched this while eating somethin and I’m ready to go, gonna get to the gym now charliejames. Doubt you will read this though haha

  13. dvdgzzrll says:

    i hope that’s a good mat, looks like a hard floor!

  14. taigakirdape says:

    Today she has for us, sexy top and tights 😉

    More seriously, thank you for the vid. It’s nice to see what kind of post-workout stretching you do. I usually do about ten Sun Salutes or a few other yoga postures.

  15. worldofbattle says:

    Woah, awesome body. I want it tonight lawl’. < just sayin'.

  16. iHateToRegister says:

    @chentianze We all do 🙂

  17. MissArmyNurse says:

    dude visit tp her blog/site im sure u can find all the simple stretching workouta for ur mom find zuzzana daily workouts or archieve on her sites…

    coz im a mom too u can motivate ur mom to workout with im sure that would be fun… god bless

  18. OvoPiano says:

    I would start with non-jumping jumping jacks … just use the same legs and arms movements of jumping jacks but walking the legs instead of jumping

  19. OvoPiano says:

    would you comment in a video of a professional pianist: for you count only the music? That doesn’t make any sense. People have many interests and dimensions (spiritual, political, playful, professional…) but in videos that are specific about a topic, fitness in this case, of course you’re going to see only that topic discussed .. .geez

  20. justsayno2islam says:

    I’m in love with this woman.

  21. OvoPiano says:

    what in the world are you talking about? this channel is about fitness, of course its content is about the physical

  22. ShaolinHero1 says:

    Hi Zuzana, could you tell me how do you decide when to change your exercises.

  23. 360azimuth says:

    Great warmup. What yoga-type moves are good for a cool-down, when we are already hot and bendy?

  24. helldozer17 says:

    thanks for proving once again that female is the superior gender… now i feel like shit

  25. NeoTigreTigre says:

    My Girl Master ! ! !

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