Fitness Tips from a Ford Model: My Workout Routine

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

I swear the gym is like my second home but I don’t mind at all, I love working out! This is what I do to stay in shape and to be able to eat my homemade doughnuts without a guilty conscious every now and then 😉 – Cooking Blog http – Twitter – Modeling Blog

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12 Responses to “Fitness Tips from a Ford Model: My Workout Routine”
  1. JGLOVER0118 says:

    @niseegirlee yes im a 11year girl and i love your shows i really want to be a model any tips for young girls like me

  2. niseegirlee says:

    @SQueen Nope, 21 is not too old. Go for it!

  3. niseegirlee says:

    @Gelbi3 You’re welcome! Thank you for watching!

  4. niseegirlee says:

    @oshunsweet Hey there, send me a private message (if you haven’t done so already) and I’ll send you my contact info 🙂

  5. niseegirlee says:

    @bigpoppa954 Hey there! You should base you goals more on size than weight 🙂 What are your measurements? What is your workout schedule like? You can send me a private message 🙂

  6. niseegirlee says:

    @devinebitch Thank you soooo much! I’ll be uploading more of both 🙂 I love healthy food and working out! I’m uploading a new video today with a link to my new food blog 🙂 Yummy!

  7. niseegirlee says:

    @JGLOVER0118 Hey there! I see that you removed your comment, do you still have a question? 🙂

  8. SQueen says:

    How old were you , when you got signed ? & is 21 too old to be trying to still get in the modeling world

  9. oshunsweet says:

    i am a 5’7” African American in LA. I want to be a successful model here. Like so many others i dream of a top agency! I am not sure if the agencies would be interested in me I have never seen someone that looks like me signed. I can send you pics of me for the honest truth. I am super skinny with nice skin 114lbs. please send any and all advice i envy ur success.

  10. Gelbi3 says:

    Wow! So motivating! Thanks for sharing!

  11. bigpoppa954 says:

    Thank u (= I am 5’8 and 140lbs. I want to get down to 120lbs for my modeling but dont know how to get there. I will get to maybe 130 then have a carb overload just b/c my body is dying for it n put the weight right back on. Whats the best and quickest way to lose this extra weight. PLEASE HELP

  12. devinebitch says:

    i love this video you are gorgeous.
    i would love to see videos of healthy foods you eat i have a hard time finding good healthy recipes,i would also love to see more fitness videos.

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