FITNESS TIPS FOR HALLOWEEN (Part 2) : Get Fit Friday #6

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO on YouTube, Twitter & Facebook Please FAVORITE too! Thanks STEW CREW! FITNESS TIPS FOR HALLOWEEN (Part 2) : Get Fit Friday #6 GETTING CHUNKED IN NEW MEDIA STEW: A GET FIT FRIDAY segment featuring part 2 of the Halloween Fitness Tips video I did in Washington DC…plus STEW CREW Shout Out & STEW CREW Star Of The Show! GET A NEW MEDIA STEW SHIRT! http FIND ME HERE: Official Website: IMDb Order DVDs & Books: Fitness & Vlog Channel Twitter: Tumblr: Google Plus Facebook: DailyBooth: PLAYLISTS! MOTIVATIONAL: CELEBRITY NEWS: WTF REPORTS: MOVIE REVIEWS: FITNESS, HEALTH & WELLNESS: & ASK JB: ASK JOHN & GRACE: Special Appearances By: Grace Helbig (aka DailyGrace): Justine Ezarik (aka iJustine): Jessica Lizama (aka ExoticJess): Special Thanks to: Martin Arvebro ( – Fit Tip Intro Patrick Owen ( – Background Tracks To download the NEW MEDIA STEW theme song for FREE click: EXTRA TAGS: FITNESS TIPS FOR HALLOWEEN Fitness “lose weight” “Halloween candy” daily grace helbig “sexy witch” pumpkin witch “fitness tips” “get fit Friday” “fit tips” candy “natural foods” “lose weight fast” exercise “fitness made simple” “John Basedow” “Grace Helbig” ijustine “Justine Ezarik” exoticjess health healthy

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25 Responses to “FITNESS TIPS FOR HALLOWEEN (Part 2) : Get Fit Friday #6”
  1. Rowena4364 says:


  2. Rowena4364 says:

    Love this wonder why? 🙂

  3. Rowena4364 says:

    This guy is awesome, sub, comment, and favorite!

  4. TheBluefairy93 says:

    @JohnBasedow1 Lol that’s good. Give her a doggy biscuit for me. When did you get her?

  5. JohnBasedow1 says:

    @TheBluefairy93 She appreciates your support & it’s filling her with joy. 🙂

  6. JohnBasedow1 says:

    @Rowena4364 I know many people don’t show any appreciation but viewer support means so much to me & you, my dear, go above & beyond. Keep it up. 🙂

  7. JohnBasedow1 says:

    @Rowena4364 :)

  8. Rowena4364 says:

    Love the way you say my name, lop

  9. Rowena4364 says:

    Thanks for noticing how much I do support you, and I always will. Your the best!

  10. TheBluefairy93 says:

    @JohnBasedow1 Thanks. Thank your awesome hairy companion.

  11. JohnBasedow1 says:

    @wrathcpa Someone is giving @SpaceRockBeatz a run for his money in the awesome meme dept.

  12. JohnBasedow1 says:

    @steviejacko “Youtuber Duder”…there’s a special turn of phrase

  13. JohnBasedow1 says:

    @pcgamerguy1234 Yep

  14. JohnBasedow1 says:

    @Rowena4364 See, I do notice all of your support…& it’s much appreciated.

  15. JohnBasedow1 says:

    @fatdaddyb28 Haha…911 has been called & believe the restraining order is being enforced.

  16. JohnBasedow1 says:

    @SocialPatches You, sir, are the STEW CREW STAR OF THE SHOW!

  17. JohnBasedow1 says:

    @TheBluefairy93 Well put.

  18. JohnBasedow1 says:

    @TayTayKemp That’s the biggest problem. One piece a day to satisfy a craving is a better alternative.

  19. JohnBasedow1 says:

    @lordcoyote2000 WINNING…on both counts.

  20. JohnBasedow1 says:

    @babegirl861 Thanks so much & I always appreciate your support. 🙂

  21. JohnBasedow1 says:

    @DianaH18 Cool…no food is off limits. Just ask yourself if it’s worth the calories before you eat it & practice portion control.

  22. JohnBasedow1 says:

    @ItsDianaSkye There ya go!

  23. ItsDianaSkye says:

    I am definitely trying to enjoy my candy slowly 🙂

  24. DianaH18 says:

    I like that “enjoy your treats, don’t lose your waistline in the process”. : )

  25. babegirl861 says:

    @JohnBasedow1 That rule I eat health food vegs and fuits if u eat too much junk food u get sick eat less food much love and repects JB

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