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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Visit www.BodyRock.Tv for Zuzana’s daily free workout videos and diet tips. No equipment is necessary to get in great shape at home! Real exercises that deliver real results.

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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25 Responses to “Fitness – Cardio Strength Workout”
  1. AZdarpiAZ says:

    I think she is from rusia or germany xd

  2. blazetronx says:

    Can you backflip too? 😀

  3. Il0vekramer says:


  4. nativeballa06 says:

    yes they sell jump ropes at walmart..cuz thats where i got mine.. its buy the 5 to 10 lb n our store its by the fish

  5. 2paclive4 says:

    5 estrellas!

  6. BlueKyne says:

    Ya know, they don’t sell jump ropes at Wal*Mart! I looked, I need one!

  7. edwelsh says:

    Don’t worry about the comments I think your amazing.

  8. LateNitePieWorkout says:

    why are there cannons going off in the background?

  9. Raver92ss says:

    nice workout… 🙂

  10. kommisar says:

    Fuck, no, they’re not. American girls are very lazy when it comes to exercising. Most of them are content to giving themselves malnutrition than getting into shape. They figure what the scale says and how “fat” they think they look are more important than their actual health, so they try taking shortcuts by starving themselves and/or taking pills rather than just exercising and getting toned. I can’t stand this sort of mentality. Trust me, you’re better off. Find some hot chick at the gym.

  11. kommisar says:

    80 on each leg??? I very much doubt that, especially given skiers’ body types.

    I used to do those but then I heard they’re bad for your knees as they put too much pressure on them, and believe me, they weren’t kind of my knees. I was told the best way to do any sort of squatting motion is to have the knee go past the ankle no more than a few inches.

  12. gml6672 says:

    you are so good.  I am chinese.I am teacher . I like it.

  13. powskier says:

    I know pro skiers in their 40’s that can still do 80 one leg squats on each leg. Surely the average person should be able to do at least 5. Ten is good. If not, (unless you have knee problems, you are a weak pussy whos sits around too much. Demi Moore did full one arm pushups off her feet… not cheater pushups off the knees.

  14. freshflyest says:


  15. ironcross83 says:

    Nice, dam hot :”)

  16. finesweet01 says:

    flameout12345: y don’t you work out WITH your girlfriend?? this will help, plus you will be knocking 2 birds out with one stone…quality time and working out. after a while, you will enjoy doing this everyday together. think about that. Great workout today, i had to rest in between, but i’m getting better everyday 🙂 thank you

  17. boysunog61 says:

    holding your breathe during exercise will worn you out easily

  18. InfiniteEndurance says:

    Yeh I know right. My girlfriend left me because I changed and actually got into exercising. I don’t feel like a loser tho because to advance in her career as a model she took weight pills that maintain her waistline whilst losing weight. So actually I changed and she didn’t. Girls I guess aren’t really passionate to sweat.

  19. InfiniteEndurance says:

    Yeah when people say make a straight back they mean to have the curve only that the end and start points of your back have to be aligned. You really don’t have to be straight because if you did, hahah, youll be one stiff human.

  20. stephaniixox says:

    i cannot stop staring at your abs
    je suis tres jealous.

  21. Tomicolo says:

    It’s good to hold your breath – for example: Imagine yourself pushing a big heavy crate – you will hold your breath subconsciously so you can release more power to it. While exercising, [a] you are supposed to take in breath before the exercise,[b] then hold your breath during the “hard part” of exercise. [c] When you get back to normal position, you can breath out and get back to “[a]”

  22. GeneralHanSolo says:

    Well I have heard that as well, however I think it is wrong.

    Sometimes the oxygen needs to be held in a little longer for the good contraction of muscles, both in your chest as well as trying to get the maximum oxygen flow in the body. Its also natural sometimes to “hold” your breath in certain extreme cases.

    Faster you breath – the harder the heart has to work. Take deeper and slower breaths is the key.

  23. crimsonblaster says:

    me too…

  24. jakubvalenta says:

    smislné cvičení (CZ)
    Beautifil fitness

  25. Hirnlego999 says:

    One leg squats are very effective. And it can be done almost everywhere.

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