Cross-Training Cable Circuit

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

(0:21)- Routine Sets & Reps (0:52)- Crane Lunge Pull (Top) Version 1 (2:00)- Chest Fly on Bosu Ball (2:55)- Alternating Tricep Lunge (3:40)- Abdominal Twist (4:25)- Bicep Punch (5:20)- One-Arm Crossover (6:08)- Squat Press (7:06)- One-Leg Crane Check out for more information and detailed exercises! Join the most supportive and fastest growing community on facebook! Check out my Routines & Tips on the SEARS FitStudio page! ­čÖé iPhone App! Bio-Engineered Supplements & Nutrition BSN Check out my Meal Plan!: TRX Purchase Link: Follow me on Twitter!

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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26 Responses to “Cross-Training Cable Circuit”
  1. Chi Socorro says:

    I would like to thank you for the efforts you’ve put in writing this web site. I’m hoping the same high-grade website post from you in the upcoming as well. Actually your creative writing abilities has inspired me to get my own blog now. Actually the blogging is spreading its wings fast. Your write up is a good example of it.

  2. lptvchester says:

    this is an athletic muscular´╗┐ body not like the big ass pumped all weight lift pussies

  3. EtchedInOak says:

    i´╗┐ sure hope this video is a troll attempt. guys. do not do this workout

  4. badazzboxer says:

    Also, this is similar to PHA; peripheral heart action, working a upper body exercise, then with little rest to a lower body exercise, or vice´╗┐ versa.

  5. badazzboxer says:

    This is more of circuit training, cross-training for example, would be, a football player, normally doing burst of exercises, running, and plyometrics, etc… To make it cross-training, you would incorporate punching the bag, or boxing, swimming and climbing, because its not sport specific to the sport of football (my example), you “cross” over´╗┐ to other sports that would normally involve these, to basically get more variation, and possible greater benefits…Good exercises though.

  6. spinch1488 says:

    @DeliriumD31 yeah i agree with ya´╗┐

  7. zinghigh789 says:

    Hey Scott, I’m a fellow personal trainer and fitness enthusiast planning to compete in the next year or so, first I need to´╗┐ get shredded, what is your approx bf % and do you use cardio to lean out or do you just restrict calories?

  8. TeddyLove69 says:

    your voice is high pitch and annoying…..´╗┐

  9. mattydeakin says:

    @mr1in1000000 it’s not disturbing. It’s inspiring to see how ripped these guys are. When I see these guys i don’t think “oh he’s hot” I think “hell yeah I want´╗┐ to be like that!”. Makes you want to work harder to achieve a similar thing!

  10. tonyjaa3333 says:

    @Pantowski1999 and that why scott is ripped to shreds and you got a big ass beer belly that hides that poor excuse of a pinky you call a´╗┐ penis jerk-off

  11. tonyjaa3333 says:

    @kafor1999´╗┐ and that why scott is ripped to shreds and you got a big ass beer belly that hides that poor excuse of a pinky you call a penis jerk-off

  12. kafor1999 says:

    Jesus Christ,´╗┐ what a wanker!

  13. onetwomonkey3 says:

    @Pantowski1999 Why´╗┐ don’t you post a video response showing us otherwise then?

  14. JakeELee says:

    Go grab a shirt.´╗┐

  15. MCchuster says:

    I have a question. How can I incorporate more circuit training that utilize cardio training like this into normal weight lifting routine (the chest/back/legs/etc.. day split). Should´╗┐ I do only only this ciccuit once a week?

  16. B1mystic says:

    great exercises…stop hating people!´╗┐

  17. Pantowski1999 says:

    This so-called workout is just cheating. And it is for effeminate pussies, gays, wankers, swishies and loser. So´╗┐ awful, so distressing, so ridiculous, so wretched!

  18. robinrobin30 says:

    So´╗┐ do it already ! hahaha

  19. Ahamster1 says:

    accidentally paused at 0:27 >.<´╗┐

  20. mblaaauw says:

    tried it; nice routine to´╗┐ do ­čÖé

  21. rubiorocks says:

    OMdios…you are fantastic´╗┐

  22. botanast says:

    you know what, Scott? you should make´╗┐ an iPhone application with your workouts!

  23. fitchickangie says:

    Great “out side the´╗┐ box” exercises. Thankya!

  24. xostevo601 says:

    @ScottHermanFitness should sign up´╗┐ for like a reality tv show lol

  25. shizyan says:

    is this just for getting ripped? or can this help´╗┐ in overall strength?

  26. thegorn68 says:

    Good´╗┐ stuff Scott!

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