Big Arm Exercises- Biceps and Tips for Big Arm- Biceps workout

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Big Arm Exercises- Biceps and Tips for Big Arm Big Arm and Biceps Workout The best biceps workout for big arms. Vic give you an incredible arm workout and shows you how to get an in credible peak on your biceps. Victor Costa give an incredible “how to” on how to not only grow your arms, but help you get a peak on your biceps. Victor Costa is considered to be one of the Best Trainers in the World. He has been featured in many magazines and articles. His training is very unique and he believes that less is more. Natural bodybuilding is his passion and he can help you get in the best shape of your life. Visit his site at and become a member of his Facebook community- updates – encouragement and incredible bodybuilding tips. http articles to enjoy

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25 Responses to “Big Arm Exercises- Biceps and Tips for Big Arm- Biceps workout”
  1. desimunda15011992 says:

    My salute goes to you
    Wht ever u said about not comparing, and especially realeasing ur anger through work out. Thts what I used to think but then somebody told me to use that anger in a positive way, learn a lesson from whatever happened. It’s just great

  2. onetao8 says:

    Vic you really hit the nail on the head with this one. Great bodybuilding wisdom. Thanks

  3. vicsnatural says:

    Hi – I do a set or two of the exercise I want to perform as a warm up. Vic

  4. TheCallahan044 says:

    Hey, Vic! How do you do your warm ups before training sessions??
    Thanks and great videos!

  5. ugoste says:

    man i love your philosophy of bodybuilding,..

  6. vicsnatural says:

    Yes- sir- a bit “tongue and cheek” on my part. But really, it is about stimulating the body. Now, certainly, don’t use “light” weights, rather, use weights that are manageable, pumping iron while maintaining good form and keeping the tension on the muscle area you are trying to do. Vic

  7. agrelon says:

    “Well… I’m not trying to break a world record here, I’m just trying to pump up my guns.” – Love this, haha. Will definitely drop this when doing lighter weights and my workout buddy tells me to man up.

  8. zzzZezima says:

    your like a ripped intelligent professor

  9. MuscleFIttest says:

    wow you are the very first person on this youtube site that actually makes since when you explain something! props man bodybuilding is all personal! great stuff man this video just made me wana SUB to you 🙂 thanks for the tips VIC!!! look forward to the rest of your videos!

  10. paranoidpfanclub says:

    Good advice at the end there!

  11. vicsnatural says:

    So the debate ensues about eating. I am delighted to put up any posts that stirs debate. It is good to have a different perspective from everyone. However, when it comes to eating. The debate as I see it is which is more important eating “right” or training. There is a great understanding between men and women that I believe we can all agree, “garbage in – garbage out”. This goes for the mind – and the body. It is not a judgmental statement it simply elementary. Love your body- Peace all,Vic

  12. cptkiller007 says:

    great to see your videos again,I ve been following your program for the last 18 months and definately had big gains, better than the previous 4 years at the gym. What you say is true, the training, your diet & rest. I enjoyed your book. I would also like to add constistancy of training is very important & being realistic in a timeline plan.I see so many people expect to get all the rewards within weeks/months.It takes years to get great results,Thanks for everything Vic. Peace, Love, Muscles

  13. vicsnatural says:

    I don’t use whey protein. I am not sure it helps- I haven’t seen any studies that suggest anyone has gained any muscle as a result. The issue is that many people are eating like fools, taking drugs, training and then taking 4 supplements. Essentially, throwing stuff against the wall and watching to see what sticks-without any concept of contribution. I mean – how much of one’s gains can be attributed to food, training, supplements, etc… I just don’t know and neither do they. Vic

  14. 5506akash says:

    hey i jus had one question should we consume whey protien ??? i mean is it really required ,cz practically every1 in my gym uses them i always thought they were not required ….what do you suggest ????

  15. rzc0624 says:

    I love the last 2 minutes of this video. Everything you said is very true.

  16. vicsnatural says:

    Thanks for your kind comments. Peace, Vic

  17. vicsnatural says:

    Thank you for watching -I’ll try to post some more in the next few day-. Really appreciate the interest. Vic

  18. vicsnatural says:

    Gents- TMcad and MrIrish- much respect. Thanks for your kind comments. Peace, Vic

  19. TMcad says:

    Thank you brother!

  20. MrIrishSte says:

    Well said Vic.

  21. vicsnatural says:

    A problem we’d all like to have. My feeling is that your size will be limited at some point by your intake of food. You are doing so much activity, so it takes a certain amount of fuel to maintain that. There will come a point where your out put will balance with your input and then you will be able to focus on strictly endurance etc. Here is my opinion, your muscles needed to get bigger-your body co-operated with you- it supported you and you gave it the right stimulus. Bravo!

  22. vicsnatural says:

    will do friend- absolutely

  23. dfly8888 says:

    Vic, your vids are great – clear and concise. No macho bull sh*t. Love em. My question is this –
    Im really happy with my size and shape now after a couple years of body building and mountain biking. I love to push myself to failure in almost everything I do. I want to keep gaining endurance and strength, but dont want to get bigger. How can I do this, while still challenging myself? I have started using lighter weights, higher reps, and lots more cardio, but Im still getting bigger. ???

  24. miamiwestchester says:

    Vic thanks again for sound advice. I always enjoy and appreciate your videos.

  25. JRMS1973 says:

    Hey Vic, you keep it simple and very realistic. It is why I trust in your methodology.

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