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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


Hannibal & Hit 2 calisthenics experts educate you on a few exercises they personally use to help develop a powerful core, you can incorporate these exercises into your own current fitness programs. We will also be providing you with any advice, fitness tips, etc so feel free to ask us questions, thanks for watching Contact us anytime here: HANNIBAL tiny.cc HIT tiny.cc CLASH OF BAR TITANZ PAGE tiny.cc

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  1. Vyccccccka says:

    It’s nice to see Hannibal & Hit working together. Two masters of calisthenics sharing their experience. Keep it going !

  2. elnsau says:

    would be nice if no loud music in next videos or 2 audio track in video (real sounds + with mus other track), i not like music in training video, i like real street sounds and clear voice

  3. ONERHE357 says:

    Double H TEam (Hannibal and Hit), i believe that i’m dreaming, two of my favorite barhitters in NY togetter now, brothers keep puting that motivation to help to the youth around the wolrd, you boys and all the bar comunity helped me with that motivation, therefore it would be a honor to workout with people like you in New York…RESPECT FROM MEXICO AND KEEP DOING GROWTH MOTIVATION BROTHERS!!!

  4. 7braidstrong says:

    Thanks for the uploads guys, yall’s reach extends all the way out here to Asia even. Keep feeding us the motivation. Much respect from Singapore.

  5. eon001 says:

    OOhhh $hit!!! This is like some kind of super hero team up. Superman chilling with the Green Lantern. Damn good ish. Thanks for uploading.

  6. H4V0K8O8 says:

    What’s your nutritional program like? Awesome video, hope to see more? Aloha from Hawaii, 😉

  7. Balzzar says:

    For fitness?

  8. calisthenicskingz says:

    @cc17201 yes you can do it in that format.

  9. cc17201 says:

    @OFFICIALBARTITANZ Thanks alot man. One other question how would you organize a workout based off of calestinics. Would it be the same as working out certain body parts as in weight lifting?


    @cc17201 No it have never had back pains from doing these exercises.


    @vitorcunha thanks.

  12. rauliuxas says:

    Song name please someone?;]

  13. cc17201 says:

    @OFFICIALBARTITANZ Hey is it possible to get back pain from doing the leg raises, or the leg flooders?

    Great video by the way!

  14. vitorcunha says:

    @OFFICIALBARTITANZ That’s one of the best calisthenics vids I’ve ever seen on youtube. It’s nice to see people that focus on cooperate and enjoy the same interest on the bars instead of competing against each other and growing apart. Hopefully I’ll be able to train with u guys in NY. Cheers from Brasil.


    @ArayaGabar No doubt thanks.

  16. calisthenicskingz says:

    @forget1arias Thanks.

  17. forget1arias says:

    Very good !

  18. ArayaGabar says:

    say hit mayne dis video was very positive and i like the creativity my brother…. i like to see my brothers working together….

  19. rauliuxas says:

    Song name?;]]

  20. calisthenicskingz says:

    @CapitalG222 thanks, we appreciate all your support.

  21. sustik84 says:



    @VLKMLK yes you may need more flexibility in your shoulder.


    @ggbay07 thanks for your support.


    @sustik84 check back this week, subscribe so you can be notified when we upload new videos. Thanks for the support.

  25. CapitalG222 says:

    It’s Long Overdue. Thanks TITANZ!

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