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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO on YouTube, Twitter & Facebook Please FAVORITE too! Thanks STEW CREW! 5 BEST WINTER WEIGHT LOSS EXERCISE ACTIVITIES! : Get Fit Friday #10 GETTING CHUNKED IN NEW MEDIA STEW: A GET FIT FRIDAY segment featuring the 5 best winter exercise activities to maximize weight loss and have fun! Plus…the TAKE CONTROL FITNESS COMMERCIAL on MTV and VH1! Order the Fitness Made Simple Book & DVDs here: FitnessMadeSimple.com GET A NEW MEDIA STEW SHIRT! http DistrictLines.com FIND ME HERE: Official Website: JohnBasedow.net IMDb IMDb.me Order DVDs & Books: FitnessMadeSimple.com Fitness & Vlog Channel YouTube.com Twitter: Twitter.com Google Plus: gplus.to Facebook: Facebook.com DailyBooth: DailyBooth.com PLAYLISTS! FITNESS, HEALTH & WELLNESS: bit.ly & bit.ly MOTIVATIONAL: bit.ly CELEBRITY NEWS: bit.ly MOVIE REVIEWS: bit.ly WTF REPORTS: bit.ly ASK JB: bit.ly ASK JOHN & GRACE: bit.ly Special Appearances By: Edwin Feliciano: YouTube.com Grace Helbig (aka DailyGrace): YouTube.com Justine Ezarik (aka iJustine): YouTube.com Brittani Louise Taylor: YouTube.com Special Thanks to: Martin Arvebro (YouTube.com – Fit Tip Intro Patrick Owen (YouTube.com – Background Tracks To download the NEW MEDIA STEW theme song for FREE click: bit.ly EXTRA TAGS: 5 BEST WINTER WEIGHT LOSS EXERCISE ACTIVITIES “winter activities” “winter exercise” “winter exercise activities” “winter exercises” “lose weight” “weight loss” skiing “snow shoeing” “cross country skiing” “ice skating” snowboarding

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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25 Responses to “5 BEST WINTER EXERCISE ACTIVITIES! : Get Fit Friday #10”
  1. deloreanfan81 says:

    lol the 4th tv was an ad for rubbers

  2. TheFunnyFatGirl says:

    @JohnBasedow1 You are right! I love the fact that you respond to comments JB…makes you epically awesome and sexy….thats epi-awe-exy. So…there you go. You are welcome LOL

  3. TayTayKemp says:

    @JohnBasedow1 it’s actually a part of my job as a volunteer xD I hope it doesn’t snow a lot here in the city

  4. JohnBasedow1 says:

    @sunsetlover Much Love & Respect to you always! 🙂

  5. JohnBasedow1 says:

    @wrathcpa Yes, yes you are. Thanks again for the support, man!

  6. JohnBasedow1 says:

    @wrathcpa :)

  7. JohnBasedow1 says:

    @ElektraKnight Have fun in Denver!

  8. JohnBasedow1 says:

    @Domingo0022IWAY Thanks buddy.

  9. JohnBasedow1 says:

    @MrTetris88 Thanks & thanks for the referral. There are some year round exercise routines already posted too. Check them out in the Fitness Playlist.

  10. JohnBasedow1 says:

    @TheBlindDyslexic Working on the dock at sears definitely would burn tons of calories.

  11. JohnBasedow1 says:

    @TheFunnyFatGirl There’s a whole series of arm exercise videos to get rid of that flab already posted. 🙂

  12. JohnBasedow1 says:

    @realitytc Snowshoeing is an awesome workout.

  13. JohnBasedow1 says:

    @Rowena4364 Glad you enjoyed!

  14. JohnBasedow1 says:

    @TayTayKemp Haha…one of the main reasons I’m glad I moved from a house to a condo.

  15. TayTayKemp says:

    looks like I got some shoveling to do! lol 😛

  16. Rowena4364 says:

    Great tips!

  17. realitytc says:

    Excellent advice! I will be getting my snowshoe on this year!

  18. TheFunnyFatGirl says:

    Ah John…once again great fit friday. How about some tips on how to tone that winter arm flab? 🙂

  19. TheBlindDyslexic says:

    All together now everyone for the #1-BOOOOO lol
    But I burn a lot already due to working on the dock at sears.

  20. MrTetris88 says:

    Half the planet is summer, half the planet is winter. Can you do some summer work outs for us? Great video!

  21. Domingo0022IWAY says:

    Great tips John! Thanks for this!

  22. ElektraKnight says:

    Very cool. I’m booking a flight to Denver. 🙂 Happy Weekend. :-)

  23. wrathcpa says:

    lmao like “a water” as if water was a singular item lol.

  24. wrathcpa says:

    WHOA im all over this like a water on a fish! thanks johnny b!

  25. sunsetlover says:

    wonderful video… I love your fitness fridays…. love it!

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