100 Life Saving Health Food Tips

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


www.healthfitnesssite.com 100 Life Saving Health Food Tips-

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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25 Responses to “100 Life Saving Health Food Tips”
  1. Killuminati1blood says:

    @SouljahsMarching bottled water..even evaporate´╗┐ your own water and some how make the water droplets from the condensation drop into a next cup ­čÖé

  2. Jojonazif says:

    follow me on´╗┐ twitter ­čÖé ..@Beauty31

  3. millionairenow15 says:

    you can’t put a price on your health, LEARN WHAT IS THE BEST FOOD FOR YOUR HEART´╗┐ AND ARTERIES. send 5.00 and a s.a.s.e to p.o. box 470405 Los Angeles,CALIF. 90047

  4. haduken2009 says:

    health is wealth. thanks for this video. i also´╗┐ found health tips and guides at yourdailyhealtharticles.blogspot.com

  5. SouljahsMarching says:

    Water has´╗┐ fluoride in it so its not that healthy lol

  6. michealjohnedmondson says:

    @SouljahsMarching right!´╗┐ got to have our herbs too lol

  7. JJxDaxTyRaNtx says:

    if you want food tips go to food events and more on twitter follow @Sagittariuschef he is a cool chef someone cool to talk to and gives great food´╗┐ advice and regular´╗┐ advice follow him give them a thumbs up and help an up and coming chef reach his dreams

  8. DeadHandsome25 says:

    yeah, fresh fruits and vegetables are great, we dont need doritos´╗┐ .

  9. SaludesHealth says:

    Love the´╗┐ video!!

  10. bumblebee012381 says:

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  11. 1000Classics says:

    Great video! When I first thought about growing a vegetable garden I got discouraged. I did my research and found a system that has changed my family’s life. The Bucket Garden created by The Garden Master, he isn’t just a hobby gardener out there to take your money. He is an experienced gardener that has built his system upon good values. He hosts garden clinics and videos to help you along the way. If´╗┐ you are looking for a start on a garden, research him.

  12. entertaintv35 says:

    ´╝Ě´╝Ě´╝Ě.ClearLifeNet.C´╝»M´╗┐ -´╗┐ FREE Health guides, natural health videos & more about healthy foods & home remedies with expert health tips!

  13. healthclean says:

    Very nice presentation! The majority of foods you show are´╗┐ Round, which is a common denominator in healthy foods

  14. G4Christ says:

    Nice video

  15. SouljahsMarching says:

    where is´╗┐ marijuana?

  16. DJsonnyANTWERPEN says:

    end where´╗┐ is meat here???

  17. DJsonnyANTWERPEN says:

    cherry sprayed with pesticides ,end you think with´╗┐ washing you will get them off?? you are crazy

  18. DJsonnyANTWERPEN says:

    1= water= weight loss if you only drink end not eat
    cancer combat ??? you are crazy !
    kidney stones?? water is full with´╗┐ calc !
    smooth skin?? = absurde comment

  19. Jechtvssephiroth says:

    All´╗┐ of these foods were made by God, no wonder why we should know they are healthy, unlike coce or Mc donalds this fruits are natural and that’s why they are good.

  20. SuperRednosepit says:

    @sillydude61 i wishi´╗┐ could give you 500,000 thums up,,,,youre great !

  21. 4everTrue100 says:

    Wow´╗┐ I wish they’d put all the tips

  22. chikineeter says:

    very useful video,´╗┐ thank you

  23. capthook1 says:

    Awesome! Here – here to whole foods, fruits and veggies!! Moderation on´╗┐ fruits- and eat some serious greens: kale, collard greens, mustard greens and find health. Don’t fall for “food-like” substances ( i.e. Gogurt) be smart about your diet.

  24. edgar0001 says:


  25. LeFounte says:

    so simple…´╗┐

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