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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

If a person is looking to lose belly fat, they should use yoga poses that focus on lengthening and lifting with the abdominal muscles. Click below to subscribe to our channel for more great videos! Tone the abs and work on other muscles with help from a yoga instructor in this free video on yoga exercises for losing belly fat. Subscribe to TV – TV – ModernMom Website: ModernMom on Facebook ModernMom on Twitter: ModernMom on Google+:

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25 Responses to “Yoga Exercises That Help You Lose Belly Fat – Health & Fitness – ModernMom”
  1. danielsan152 says:

    @hyonu78 Yes I agree, the site is WeightLossAction.Info and my friend suggest it to me and my partner. It really worked you know in a few weeks youll lose a weight just like I did.

  2. dargici says:

    There’s no such thing as spot fat removal!!!

  3. undertaker5063 says:

    how long does it takes to show result

  4. funnyred222 says:

    that reallyyyyyyyyyyssssssssssssss feelssss gooddddd

  5. catjunful says:


  6. thedesertrose99 says:

    I hate to see people who know nothing about meditation talking shit in the name of Yog and yes its YOG not yoga

  7. pkscottio says:

    @Kezocoro okay first, you cannot target where fat is lost from. doing ANY exercise can help lose fat, in conjunction with a clean diet, but not from a specific area.

    Hate all this bollocks. PLEASE NOBODY LISTEN KEZOCORA says.

  8. domki14 says:

    Hi! Have you considered the maximus muscle 247 workout (google it)? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my cousin gained crazy amounts of muscle with it.

  9. TurkishSeriousLover says:

    HUGEEEE FEEET 😮 hahahahaaaa

  10. taner456clark says:

    Is there any exercises safe for a child to loose weight?

  11. MMArtist99 says:

    I’ve been a personal trainer for about 12 years now so I’ll shed some light on the topic. People really seem to over-complicate things!


    1) Avoid high GI foods (they trigger fat storage)

    2) Eat frequent, nutrient dense meals (every 3 hours)
    – include a protein source with each meal

    3) Follow the nutrition plan from the “Fat Loss Customized” program (I can’t provide a meal plan here)

    ** FatLossCustomized. com **

    4) Perform interval training to boost your metabolism.

  12. salonsam says:

    this strengthens abs but if you have belly fat do cardio this doesnt burn the fat i know cause i tried it

  13. RyanDoucette says:


  14. TaliesinProductions says:

    @Kezocoro Thankyou.

  15. Kezocoro says:

    Apparently, that’s what I learnt from this ebook: 6-packs-abs (with no space)

    Doing lots of sit-ups won’t get you a 6 pack ab.

    Taking weight loss pills can harm your health

    There are some secret exercises you can do to get a 6 pack ab.

    I was also educated on the foods that fight belly fat or cause belly fat.

    It costs $39.95 and comes with a 60 day money back guarantee so if the methods don’t work for you, you can simply request for a refund.

  16. Ritusroutines says:

    Does this work? Ow long does it take. Please inbox

  17. asianworld21 says:

    @CRaZyChIcK3141 im really sorry really i didint mean to say that

  18. 6packabdominal says:

    Wow, with this program the pound fell off almost instantly, Its to good to be true, and the best thing is it only cost me $5 for a 22 day trail, best choice I’ve ever made!

    bit. ly/pEsSc2

  19. TheMykfj says:

    life should always be healthy

  20. sasuke0kaiza says:

    @ThumbOfMeganFox fuck off asshole

  21. ThumbOfMeganFox says:

    @sasuke0kaiza please stop personal messaging me, asking me to cum on your face.

    it’s pathetic. I’m just here to watch youtube vids -_-

  22. sasuke0kaiza says:

    @ThumbOfMeganFox oh that was so funny -.-

  23. ThumbOfMeganFox says:

    @sasuke0kaiza ugh! Mean dicks are the worst! Especially when they cum in your eye! 😉

  24. TheXrea says:


  25. applemint96 says:

    this looks like an easy exercise 😀 though, does it give results fast??

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