“The Deadly 5” Flat Ab Exercises: ExerciseTV Trainer Cindy Whitmarsh

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


Do 30 reps of each of these! Workout with Cindy with the BODYLICIOUS System: bit.ly For more nutrition and fitness tips visit Cindy’s blog: bit.ly Dance with Billy Blanks Jr.’s Cardio Fit workouts and have fun losing weight! bit.ly

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18 Responses to ““The Deadly 5” Flat Ab Exercises: ExerciseTV Trainer Cindy Whitmarsh”
  1. marenrose says:

    youre great Cindy!!! keep the workout videos coming, i do them everyday =)

  2. ffm65933 says:

    I just clicked on this video because she looked very sexyyyy !!!!!!!! 😀

  3. scarletmagan says:

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  4. SixPackAbs077 says:

    great video.. love watching it..

  5. SixPackAbs077 says:

    awesome video! love watching it..

  6. koldfire66 says:


  7. zizou9051 says:

    I swear I ve done this like 3 days ago and I still feel it in the abs (specially the upper part) =) that means that it was an amazing workout so thanks for that but I ve a question if you do the same exercises every day does your muscles get used to it and so not getting the results you want??

  8. foreva21girl says:

    you look so graceful!!

  9. zoe6b says:

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  10. LittlePinky82 says:

    How many times do you repeat? Just how many times you think you need?

  11. awsomepeep says:

    Can you do more workout sessions so i can go along?

  12. jennasmom79 says:

    this was a good one!

  13. Yesenia0710 says:

    I love your living room! Great colors!

  14. leovalintino says:

    too sexy.. good vid! 🙂

  15. StephCyanide says:

    This is GREAT thank you! I look forward to feeling my abs from this hahahaha

  16. biozamadotcom says:

    BodyLicious = haha, i like that name

  17. 3rni3nm3 says:

    love it xoxoxoxoxo

  18. bandamardu says:

    this is really hard

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