Quick Tip – Full Body Workout?

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


www.instructionalfitness.com Personal trainer Joe Tong answers a viewer question about whether or not he should only do one or two body parts per workout.

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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25 Responses to “Quick Tip – Full Body Workout?”
  1. keyofdavid888 says:

    I did full body work outs for a long, long time. Eventually my joints suffered tremendously and I messed up my right shoulder, right knee, and pulled a huge muscle in my back doing bend over rows. But I was doing them 3x’s per week @ 3 sets per exercise and sometimes going down into 5 reps range.

    If you want to do full body workouts they do work fine, if you WANT to do them, but this guy’s advice is good still. The more you can focus on each body part the better off you are.

  2. pierrekaul says:

    nice channel sub=)

  3. pibadar says:

    i used to do splits for years with minimal results but after switching to full body, i’ve seen tremendous gains. i do 1 exercise per body part, totoal of 8-9 compound exercises – 2-3 sets, 6-8 reps with heavy weights. works like a charm

  4. Panoptic555 says:

    @AltamonTKidd Spoken like a true Broscientist!

  5. AltamonTKidd says:

    Only a noob would do a full body workout.lol.
    Full body workout would take way too long if done with full effort…and you’ll definately get more tired and lazy as time goes by. Trusttt!!

  6. desamania says:

    @deanblaze2000 I agree I do full body with no problem. I just don’t feel right walking out the gym with just my triceps worked, I don’t know.

  7. Nicklacruz says:

    @Firithfenion Agree to this its to personal!

  8. bicmyflic25 says:

    why splitting your body up is good is because the end result will be a more evenly muscular body. your guaranteed to put alot of effort into that muscle group if you do it on a seperate day.

  9. EbayEuron says:

    awesome video been lookin for something like this wow, another quick q: Every muscle once a week is enough?

  10. deanblaze2000 says:

    To be honest I dont agree with this, I think it depends on your goals. If your a body builder and want to focus on developing certain areas, then spilt routines 5/6 x week are a must. However training 2/3x week (eg .upper/lower body or whole body) using heavy compound movements will ceratinly produce equal muscle/strength gains. Possibly even more as you have plently of recovery time. Plus your sessions shouldn’t need to be significantly over an hour.

  11. Firithfenion says:

    There is no general answer to such questions. What works for one guy, does not necessarily work for another guy. I have switched from a split workout to a full body workout, and it works for me. I have only time to go 2 x a week to the gym and in this case, a split wouldn’t make much sense. Two times a week with a full body workout plan that needs 3 – 4 hrs time brings me good results and allows me to have a life beside of my fitness activities

  12. LivetheTao says:

    Well it (full body) worked for Steve Reeves and the other true naturals back in the day, so why wouldn’t it work for you? Unless you are on some chemical and don’t care about your health I guess.

  13. Magicquickfingers says:

    @ryancouture i do 3-4 sets of bench 10, 8, 6, 6 going up in weight each time. Then incline and decline, same sets. Then i use the cables 3×10, and then the incline machine 3×8.Then pectoral flies 3×10, pushups as much as i can do and then some more cable flys while balancing on a big ball (laying on the ball). And after all that i sometimes do a chest burnout.

  14. ryancouture says:

    @Magicquickfingers your chest should nto take an hour man you’re not going heavy enough

    all you should need is a good 3 exercises, 3-4 sets each, 5-7 rep weight range – always try to hit a max

    i usually pyramid with my benchpress – so i’ll do a 10rep warmup weight, then 6 rep weight, then 4, then 1, then finish off with 8-10 on a 60%max weight to really rip up whats left of my muscle fibers

    just because you cant get off any more reps @ 200lbs doesnt mean you couldnt pop off 8 @ 160 right

  15. ryancouture says:

    @Magicquickfingers chest i do do 4 sets flat bench, 3 sets incline dumbbell, 3 sets incline fly
    shoulders i do lateral raises, overheadpress, and another raise for the back head of the deltoid
    back – pulldown, pullup, barbell row, tbar row
    abs- i do a circuit with weighted crunches, weighted decline situp, and leg raises
    obliques – i do the 45 degree weighted side bench

    mess my shit up

  16. ryancouture says:

    @Magicquickfingers yeah not only biochemically is that a bad idea – theres no way you can be giving your exercises after an hour and a half much of anything – your muscle glycogen stores are completely used up

    still shouldnt take that long lol

  17. Magicquickfingers says:

    @ryancouture lol whoops, i was at the gym for 3 hours yesterday working chest, back, shoulders, and abs

  18. ryancouture says:

    @Magicquickfingers yes im even pushing it with my 90 minutes

    they say after that your body will start to release a stress hormone called cortisol which will hinder your gains

  19. pr0fet says:

    I do squats every time because it is really the only major leg workout I do with my time constraints. I usually do 3-4 sets:

    10 light – 10 medium – 10 heavy
    10 light – 10×2 medium – 5 very heavy

  20. BbCompHelpb says:

    @Magicquickfingers yeah, you should work for around 45mins to 1hr aday 5 days a week, thats if your are an advanced bodybuilder. if your a beginner just focus on full body exercises “compound movements” hoope i helped

  21. SoCaldrumnbassRV says:

    @pr0fet why are squating ever time u lift weights? how many reps/sets are u doing

  22. Magicquickfingers says:

    @ryancouture i was at the gym for 2hours and 15min today and worked chest, back, shoulders, and a little bit of abs. My chest routine alone takes a little over an hour since its my favorite muscle to work, but do you think im staying at the gym for too long?

  23. ryancouture says:

    @Magicquickfingers yeah but i have good muscle building genetics

    im on a cut right now

    if i was bulking through the winter or something i would do 3 days per week

    but even with this, even the exercises are done properly with full intensity – i still get results and so should you

    each day takes me like an hour and a half tho most people will have to build up endurance to that

  24. pr0fet says:

    @Magicquickfingers I do something similar, Monday-Wednesday-Friday I do a bit of a rotation, I just started weight training though so I don’t do a ton because I burn out pretty quick. Usually after the first full set I start yawning like crazy.

    Monday – Squats, Rows, Deadlift
    Wednesday – Squats, Bench, Curls
    Friday – Squat, Tricep, Shoulder

    Then I do all cardio Tuesday and Thursday.

  25. Magicquickfingers says:

    @ryancouture does that work well for you? i find i have to dedicate two days to upper body.
    First day being chest and back -core if time allows
    Second Day being biceps and triceps -core if time allows
    Third Day Legs and Shoulders -core if time allows

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