Personal Training Workout Tips with Rob Riches. Part 7: Biceps

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

::Watch parts 8, 9, & 10 exclusively at Fitness personality and cover model, Rob Riches, is back in the gym to share with you his workout tips for building a fitter, stronger, healthier body. Filmed in the world famous Legacy Gym in Southern California, Rob demonstrates how to work each main muscle group through a variety of different exercises, using variations and modifications to ensure complete conditioning and development of the muscle. Whether you’re an aspiring competitor, model, athlete, or just want to get that fit, healthy look, you’ll learn how to do each exercise properly, and feel muscles that you’ve never felt worked before, helping you achieve results much faster. Subscribe to Rob’s YouTube channel, and see new video’s as soon as they’re uploaded. All exercises are available on one DVD, and can be purchased at Rob’s online fitness store: For more video’s, photo’s and daily health and fitness tips, follow rob on his social network sites below facebook: The Official Rob Riches Fitness Group

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25 Responses to “Personal Training Workout Tips with Rob Riches. Part 7: Biceps”
  1. killerbearx2000 says:

    The perfect body!

  2. Teheleri says:

    When it comes to the point you look as ripped as this guy, you’re definitly overdoing it. Because it’s neither useful nor beautiful. You want a nice defined body and not look like someone who wrapped on a plastic pair of abs strained so hard it looks like your skin could rip any second.

  3. jveneg2 says:

    Suddenly i wanna switch to Geiko…

  4. CSStrikerSC says:

    this is very helpful.. thank you rob.. you’re the best! 🙂

  5. emichaelt817 says:

    @vj5551 he’s not defined? i want to look at your physique

  6. raychi01 says:

    rob riches pls try for president next year so you can teach fat ass america out of his bed in lead us dude

  7. kolayreplz says:

    @johnafer take a look at greg plitt buddy then see 😉

  8. tkdjordy94 says:

    thanks man made a difference massive tenis balls in my arms mates at school ask how got them secret hahahah but yeah

  9. kinley1 says:

    How many muscle groups you workout each day? and what are they?

  10. CooksAndLooks says:

    Now I am excited!!I have found Rob Riches and I am wrapped!!

  11. JekatSkin1 says:

    when Rob speaks, i listen

  12. DBZMaltuz says:

    Åh dra åt helvete, vilka jävla armjävlar du har!

  13. baydaman says:

    GO TO 02:50 …………………HILARIOUS!

  14. pouon says:

    @TheTribalchief han är sinnes! har suttit i 1h straight och sett hans videos, riktigt bra info!

  15. TheTribalchief says:

    vilka jävla armjävlar du har!

  16. johnafer says:

    Theres nobody on youtube that is more informotive than rob ritches

  17. Oblander says:

    love the imitation of the average bicep trainer…spot on!

  18. MrAmirDEV says:

    that was really good tip i have never heard of it even though i do alot of research,but one question, as u said to get bigger biceps from the front by doing that exercise, what would u recomend for the lateral head of the triceps so when u look from the front ur triceps look wide as well?

  19. sydneyki says:

    Wow, awesome bicep tips! I will incorporate this in my workout! Thanks Rob!

  20. vj5551 says:

    he’s trying to achieve a defined body? did he look in the mirror? lol

  21. transtasmannetball says:

    isthe biceps the only muscle you can rotate when working out?..if not can you name the other muscles that can be rotated so that it can be more defined

  22. tgiaps says:

    Biceps are great, but I want this guy’s sweet hair.

  23. laurenssius says:

    @lolwhyyoumadtho arms yeah, but he’s talking ’bout thick biceps.

  24. lolwhyyoumadtho says:

    Rob, your arms get their thickness from the triceps.

  25. riddick655 says:

    give me some tips

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