How to Build Inner Chest Muscle- Tips From the HodgeTwins (Youtbe Collab)

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

LINK TO TWINS CHANNEl- “LIKE THE TWINS ON FACEBOOK” (They Rock) Guys make sure to check out the HodgeTwins Channel, they are hilarious: SECRET Announcement, Coming Out on Friday- Stay Tuned Yo! [FACEBOOK- BEST WAY TO CONNECT]- [TWITTER] follow me on Twitter- Topics covered:”gain muscle” “gym exercises” “sixpack” “back workout” “back routine” “bicep workout” “watch youtube” “help me lose weight” “how to lose weight” “how to build muscle” “supplement” “diets” creatine “diet plan” “exercise training” “ab workouts” “exercises for abs” “lose weight fast” “fat loss” “build muscle” “gain size” “home workout” “exercise workouts” “sport fitness” bodybuilder

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25 Responses to “How to Build Inner Chest Muscle- Tips From the HodgeTwins (Youtbe Collab)”
  1. tricepsish says:

    r the twins half white or is he wearing contacts? Also, they look like crack addicts

  2. oslodark666 says:


  3. DrTynanol says:

    @so0h they dont mean the inside of the muscle retard

  4. So0h says:

    you can’t target your inner chest. thats like trying to target your middle bicep or some other stupid thing.

  5. OmarIsuf says:

    @SaammmyUK Just did it buddy, make sure to check it out!

  6. dyschickaqt says:

    they r soooooooooooo hot

  7. PretzalKid says:

    you know what im going to do… im going to do WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANNA DO!!!

  8. OmarIsuf says:

    @BearGrylls123100 Oh shit, he told its all about Captain Crunch and Peanut Butter sandwiches WTF

  9. OmarIsuf says:

    @ericunder29 Where did you go to get the BF tested? It might just be high estrogen, I’d need to see a photo. I’d advise more of the brassica family of veggies: broccoli, asparagus, brussel sprouts and a good dose of healthy fats. Hit me up on the Facebook Page and I’ll be able to help ya out

  10. BearGrylls123100 says:

    @OmarIsuf oh man, he got me takin loads of bcaa’s, glutamine, nitric oxides, casein protein and all that shit. he told me to eat as many calories as possible to build muscle so im eatin pizza all day too, and nothin. i think im just gonna jump on the juice. thats what tyrone jackson told me to do

  11. ericunder29 says:

    @OmarIsuf the depressing part is its not even that, its all fine i got it checked a while ago, body fat is 11% (bit high) but not enough for saggy moobs surely?

  12. adityajuneja7 says:

    well close grip bench press or squeezing incline press where you pick a light weight and your squeeze them together and do incline press slowly

    this targets your inner chest

  13. dinamiaesthetics says:

    @tdreamgmail That’s cool! Getting fast results is stupid.

  14. OmarIsuf says:

    @BearGrylls123100 Hahaha, what program is that?

  15. OmarIsuf says:

    @ericunder29 Might be too much Estrogen, see my vid on how to get read of male titties!

  16. raivons says:

    hodgetwins have good result ,where is your’s?

  17. tdreamgmail says:

    @dinamiaesthetics No I exercise, but I know not to expect results like the hodgetwins very soon. More like 3+ years for me.

  18. B0MBALI9 says:

    lol the guy in the blue shirt reacts annoyed to whatever the pink shirted guy has to say.

  19. HakuCell says:

    whats that creepy “1, 2, 3” at the end?

  20. mr420ing says:

    then you got some FUCKED UP genetics, and you need to still eat right and shit
    they did everything good, and you fucked up even with roids.

  21. mr420ing says:

    haha, i clicked on a ‘hodgetwins’ vid and when i heard chefs voice, i thought youtube was broken haha

  22. dinamiaesthetics says:

    @tdreamgmail Sounds like an excuse to not exercise. Yep, excuse.

  23. tdreamgmail says:

    Hodgetwins = 99% genetics

  24. zoddodd says:

    Hell yeah bro!

    Throwing it up!


  25. shurdawg says:

    jimmy struthers gets tyrone to swing a back to hit his chest and he makes all kinds of gains.

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