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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it! Twitter: Facebook: The lower abs are the hardest part of the abdomen to target but my new lower ab routine will work nothing but the lower abs and will put you on your way to a complete 6 pack and possibl 8 pack. One really helpful tip is to keep your abs flexed and tight during the exercises, rather than doing them loosely.

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25 Responses to “Fitness – Lower Ab Workout”
  1. dreizyboy says:

    Ty dude it helped me alot, i had 6 pack. after doing this for 2-3 weeks i got an 8 pack (Y)

  2. jcsoftballstar729 says:

    Ive been doing these workouts for 2 months and i have a six pack but i’m losing weight instead of gaining weight from the muscle build

  3. xXdummyxX20 says:

    Do i do this with all the other workouts u post

  4. tomorpe says:

    hey arj3191 i did all of the exercises yesterday but today my abs really really hert and i cant do any exercise because of the pain do u know anything about this?

  5. Zockerschnosch says:

    @FistofZuesxD 😀

  6. Elasmax says:

    Not so difficult and it works 😀 thankyou

  7. Monstermann804RVA says:

    Why is he doing the exercises to shitty porno music?

  8. higgly12 says:

    could you please post a video where you will do it with us? 🙂

  9. shayorshayorshayor says:

    why is he working out? with all do respest, he can sit on his ass and still look like he does

  10. zeuszka113 says:

    @gullungen123 yes it does you feel it when do it the first time

  11. zeuszka113 says:

    ey well done really helps thanks loads already subscribed and like everything you do
    at the beninng it’s not easy at all but really good workout when you get in to it .. it really shows

  12. capon123c says:

    this shit kills you! like it.

  13. SevensGaming says:

    @wusup987 he stronger than your entire football team

  14. jbgoddard15 says:

    at the start i thought he only had 1 leg lol

  15. Cupcake6611 says:

    I think this is probably the most informational lower ab work out vid. Thnak god you don’t say just run or do sit ups…. i’m a national sprinting competitor for middle school or 15 year old boys and below and need better home works so thanks.

  16. orokabuto1 says:

    i got a 2 pack and a little stomach

  17. gullungen123 says:

    hi does this realy gives workout on the lower abs?.. because i realy need to get my lower abs out more! and need some great tips!

  18. ilijamik says:

    Hello! Have you tried intellectus 424 diet (search on google)? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my mate lost lots of weight with it.

  19. raja329 says:

    @FistofZuesxD I have a 5 pack too, and yes, it does look dumb. But the golden question is would you rather have a 4 pack? HEELLS NO!

  20. Bodybuildingtips7 says:

    Great tips

  21. Cronosinfinity says:

    LOL FTW!!

  22. HehehoNZ says:

    i must say that you are really fit bro:D very nice haha im just starting to get this fit so its kewl seeing someone doing it like a boss:D shot

  23. brofromanothermo97 says:

    Will doing this help lose a bit of fat aswell? As i have a 6 pack but my lower abd arent quite as visible

  24. tahaowen says:

    yo um is it like your abs are til your belly button ? cuz i have 4 packs and no matter what i do my lower abs dont show up and i am pretty lean …. is it genetics ? or do ab muscles of exercised properly show up below our belly button too ?

  25. RETARDEDv says:

    @rebeccatsai1 yes you will.. but the reason you cant see your lower abs is because they are covered by a layer of fat… therefore to see them better concentrate on burning fat aswell as building muscle

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