Fat Burning Workout #1 with 3 Different Levels- Reno Fitness Trainer

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


This is a great fat burning workout! It’ll make you sweat, burn calories and fat, and get you lean all at the same time! It’s a 15-20 minute workout depending on which level you do… beginner, intermediate, or advanced. It works your lungs, legs, glutes, chest, shoulders, triceps, and abs! Short, sweet, and to the point! This is a workout that you can do 2-3 times per week. If your muscles do get sore from this workout and you are getting ready to do it again… I’d wait until the soreness goes away before you do it again. You always want to make sure that your muscles get plenty of healing time before you work them hard again. The goal of this workout is to get as many rounds of the 5 exercises that you can in 20 minutes for the intermediate and advanced versions and in 15 minutes for the beginner version. I got 3 rounds for the advanced version. I would love to hear from you telling me what version you did and how many rounds you got. Please leave comments and rate if you liked this video. 🙂

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25 Responses to “Fat Burning Workout #1 with 3 Different Levels- Reno Fitness Trainer”
  1. CliftaFIT says:

    @TheWoodfine Thank you!

  2. CliftaFIT says:

    @parton45852 Very awesome! Good for you! Thank you for watching and trying it. 🙂

  3. parton45852 says:

    Hi, I am currently in the Marine Corps and I tried this workout, I extended it to 30 minutes instead of 20, and I think it is a great workout, defininatly 5 stars

  4. TheWoodfine says:

    pure power!! brillliant 5 STARS LV IT DONE A CUPLE OF ROUNDS AND I FEEL GREAT!!

  5. MrShaeed says:

    Hi, You should try intellectus 424 diet (Google it). Me and my wife lost crazy amounts of unwanted weight best diet ever.

  6. superhero2010100 says:

    Hi, nice video. You will have better results with Intellectus 424diet (You can google it) You can probably download it for free. The results are outstanding! I lost all unwanted weight easy.

  7. cliftavideos says:

    Visit CliftaVideos too. 🙂

  8. MadMadsGamer says:

  9. CliftaFIT says:

    @mne202001 Good for you for doing it the natural way without surgery! 🙂 It depends on the person… you could maybe try a squat/dumbbell press (it’s in one of the 3 minute workouts on my channel). Or a wall sit (shown in one of my latest videos just a couple weeks ago… beginner leg workout). Maybe see if you can do any of the ones I have listed there.
    You can always eat chicken, turkey, whey protein powder, tuna, or lean red meat for your protein… no need for eggs.

  10. mne202001 says:

    Hey lady, looking great! I was just wondering what are your suggestions for someone who can’t do lunges or eat eggs. I’m currently very overweight but will be joining a gym this weekend. Weight Loss Surgery just simply isn’t an option for me. I have problems with my knees and ankles so lunges are a no no. On top of all of this eggs make me nauseated so I won’t be eating those for protein. Any suggestions?

  11. muffinsunny says:

    Advanced done… Sorry for the typos in the two posts earlier. Kept pushing send by accident on my ipad. Anyway I liked it and the diamond pushups were the most challenging for me. Thanks for the workout!

  12. muffinsunny says:

    Did 4 rounds in 20.44. Used 20lb db fi

  13. muffinsunny says:

    Did 4 round

  14. nolosoporto2 says:

    how many calories will the beginner version burn?

  15. zenislevas says:

    strong boobs you got there

  16. Coolheart15 says:

    She’s ripped!

  17. MCoolieM12 says:

    wow I do’t think I can do the push ups.

  18. CliftaFIT says:

    Good job!

  19. CliftaFIT says:

    Yes, it’s a really good workout!
    You can do an invisible jumprope until you get a real one. It won’t be as hard, but it’ll work. 🙂 Let me know if you try it. 🙂

  20. LadyGaga792 says:

    This looks like a great workout!!! I’m gonna try advanced… I just gotta find a jumprope somewhere….

  21. CliftaFIT says:


  22. soonerGLO says:

    I love this.

    I do this before my morning jog

    Thanks, your videos are great.

  23. CliftaFIT says:

    Thank you for watching!

  24. frank581949 says:

    Woow great video more pleaseeee !

  25. CliftaFIT says:

    Thank you for watching and for your nice comments!

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