Workout fitness tip- P90x resistance band

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it! Add me to twitter at Providing a workout tip to include in every single workout you do at the gym to get stronger. *This should be alternating with explosive 1 set explosive 2nd set slow third set explosive NOTE: Please be advised I am not a professional and follow these tips at your own risk. Showing everyone a workout Tip which seemed to help me and still does help me while I workout at home or at the gym. Please note this should not be used for every set but once, or twice per exercise example (arms Set 1:Normal Set 2: Slow Set 3: Normal…. or Set 1: Slow Set 2: Normal Set 3 Slow.. Thank you and hope you enjoy my videos!

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25 Responses to “Workout fitness tip- P90x resistance band”
  1. byProVidmaker says:

    it looks sick (in a good way) the way his muscels moves when he makes any lift or anything. =D

  2. jonesymw says:

    how stupid that people have nothing better to do than nit pick someone’s video especially when they are claiming to be professionals, not to mention, how naive they are to think that every company that makes resistance bands uses the same color coding to mark the weight resistance. i have the p90x bands also, and they are 40 lbs!

  3. XxTeRmaNaTExX says:

    dang nice arms dude

  4. dtrrider1 says:

    Get some dumbells, those bands suck. You’ll take your eye out when one snaps on you.

  5. Chris19595 says:

    @sephvalarius ya ur right the resistances bands r 40lbs cause there from p90x which i hav as well

  6. myburneddesire says:

    @sephvalarius yes the thickness varies.

  7. JeffTheDudeAbides says:

    Did you build muscle by just using the resistance bands?

  8. TheS3NS3Y says:

    Awesome thanks for the tip

  9. KaZpa777 says:

    @sephvalarius TRY 10 SECONDS AT TOP 10 SECONDS AT 90 DEGREE ANGLE THEN 10 SECONDS DOWN IT BURNS LIKE A BITCH and for better form tho urs is ggod put back to wall when curling

  10. imvincenzo10 says:

    @thetrainers12345 I know what to do.. How about you stop debating over a F****ing band and just search 40lb if you want 40lb and so on. NOT HARD AT ALL

  11. supermexicano99 says:

    idk but ima start doing that cause he got the muscles so it must work haha

  12. Anderlxxi3 says:

    I really like this video (:

    Just a question, where did you buy your T-shirt?
    You look too strong and sexy with that.

  13. FruitarianSwimster says:

    Thank you! Although I would like to say not to lock out the arms to keep constant tension.

  14. mouhssineammari says:

    well I gotta say that I was doing in the wrong way , thank you Sephvalarius

  15. nivlacnam says:

    this vid helps me to count till 3 🙂

  16. sephvalarius says:

    @thetrainers12345 Im using p90x resistance bands…Just because your green resistance band is 7lbs doesnt mean ALL green resistance bands are.

  17. thetrainers12345 says:

    @sephvalarius no green is 7lb of resistance do you research, I work in orthopedic physical therapy and I’m a personal trainer, green is 7lb of resistance I have a crap load of resistance band and I teach it, look up gorilla strength resistance bands or therapy band for green its 7lb of resistance.

  18. sephvalarius says:

    @thetrainers12345 Green is 40 lbs of resistance…Im not too sure where you are getting your info from.

  19. thetrainers12345 says:

    @sephvalarius green is 7lb of resistance orange is 40lb black is 30lb red is 12lb blue is 23lb….and your video is silly.

  20. 3StyleSuperfly says:

    0:38 msn xd

  21. disturbed4ever2 says:

    curl monkey

  22. gmatar says:

    great tip.. great body:)

  23. kpxflameboy says:

    @xnoel yea he’s probably lying. resistance bands dont give you insane muscle. instead it gives you like a toned ass body which in my opinion looks better than a bulky dude.

  24. xnoel says:

    1,2,3 …4 🙂

  25. xnoel says:

    i don’t buy it. you can’t make arms like that using only resistance bands

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