Super exercise for lower back: BodySpex fitness w/ Jai

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Trainer Jai demonstrates proper form and technique for variations of the super flying man exercise. This exercise works the lower back and glutes and is great for addressing lower back pain.

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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25 Responses to “Super exercise for lower back: BodySpex fitness w/ Jai”
  1. ahumikesac says:

    Toes out (aka plantar flexion) has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with your hamstrings…

    Hams get engaged with knee flexion and assist in hip extension…

    Go learn your muscle insertion and origin points

    Stop misleading people…

  2. Sebastien1832 says:

    Hello, reader. If you started reading this, don’t stop or else. I hate people who post these kind of comments but…. Post this to 16 videos in 30 minutes and promise your self to never listen to these kind of comments or make one up. But this one is real.If you don’t post this, a boy with no head or legs will show up in ur room at midnight kill you. Everyone will forget u. start posting. the timer will start as soon as you finish reading this. yes I do hate these coments

  3. rietta says:

    @mean71cuda i dont do this exercise anymore…now i have started doing barbell squats/ I may start back on this exercise….its been awhile lol

  4. benlucas6 says:

    @BodySpex thanks very much, i was struggling with getting the correct form and technique which you have explained very well.

  5. tnasingkhran says:

    hold on let me try it

  6. vidfreak56 says:

    You can do the superman without the overextended arc backwards. All you need to do is bring your torso just a little ways off the ground(small movement) and hold. This will help prevent the overpressure.

  7. leonapendragon says:

    Heheh, I like how he said “Tummy!”

  8. TheLeoEgo says:

    @blkrican2009 FUN-NY

  9. dlnbrnt16 says:

    Meet your dream girl in Russia

  10. blkrican2009 says:

    nice glutes

  11. Ambibbly says:

    Nice vid, Sir. I’ve been doing the superman exercise wrong this entire time but now I know how to do it correctly.

  12. healthnut4life48 says:

    I have fought back pain for the majority of my life, spending thousands of dollars on physical therapy, chiropractors, and pain medicines.

    Recently I have found by far the best, most economical help ever. Going through this routine every morning has changed my life drastically for the better.

    Check it out…


  13. mursalat says:

    for some reason i got a lot of thumbs up in return when i do this at the gym 😉

  14. chuninabun says:

    @41ToiToi that depends, ill tell u from personal experience my back pain does not come from pressure. It comes from severe lack of muscle to support the spine. I worked on my abs my whole life and neglected my back, what this does is it causes the ab muscles to pull on the back muscles causing even more problems. Most back problems are caused by a lack of muscle in the back, back exercises are incredibly risky, and this is a good beginner exercise to start with.

  15. mr5890859355 says:

    Could you please help me with lower back exercise information?I need a lower back exercise witch don’t include abs or gluteus muscles,just lower back.Every exercise I know for the lower back is the exercise for the abs or gluteus muscles at the same time.I need an exercise just for the lower back muscles and nothing else.please help,its very important,thank you…

  16. yasswah says:

    This exercise makes me feel good and my back feels better too.

  17. scavenski says:

    Thanks Jai, this really works!
    The term “not as easy as it looks like” fits here best!

  18. LiveReligiously says:

    it looked easy at first, but it’s really not that easy .

  19. Apjooz says:


    Pressure means nothing, if your body is conditioned for it. Jumping puts 100 times the pressure on your joints than standing, but healthy people can still do it safely most of the time.

  20. 41ToiToi says:

    This is a horrible exercise for the back.. do some reasearch. Studies show that this puts 14 times more pressure on your spine than standing. People do nor do this is you hhave lower back pain. If you do.. good luck with making it worse. =(

  21. mr5890859355 says:

    can i ask u something.does super man exercise work cheast muscle too?

  22. kendal36 says:

    that looks hard

  23. Doderhultarn89 says:

    @sports317 ok. what sould you do to train lower back then?

  24. mixolidianmode says:

    @sports317 … i have to do this bullshit exercise for the marines

  25. sports317 says:

    According to Dr Stuart Mcgill this exercise and any variation is a bad idea. The reason is that this movement torques the low back and promotes activation of the erectors for hip extension. Short term a very deconditioned back patient may get relief. This is because any movement that promotes blood flow helps but long term this movement will cause disk issues.
    I would say 90% of my back patients felt better once they stopped this exercise.

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