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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


Exercises that lift the breast are exercises that work out the pectoral muscles that lie within the chest. Click below to subscribe to our channel for more great videos! Do push-ups and chest fly exercises to lift the breast with help from a personal trainer in this free video on breast-lifting exercises for moms. Subscribe to ModernMom.com TV – www.youtube.com ModernMom.com TV – www.youtube.com ModernMom Website: www.modernmom.com ModernMom on Facebook www.facebook.com ModernMom on Twitter: twitter.com ModernMom on Google+: plus.google.com

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25 Responses to “Exercises to Lift the Breasts – Health & Fitness – ModernMom”
  1. alexandradecastro says:

    @Lianasfiction Never be afraid of weight. Lift the weight you can for 10 to 12 reps in such a way that the last 2 or 3 feel very hard (almost that you wont be able to do one more).

  2. jonesheart1 says:

    i have sagging breasts…and my boobs have grown recently..prior to this they were perfect..i had allergy on my chest portion for quite…did it happen because of that and the weights that u have used in the video..how much should they weigh….

  3. Chuggalugg says:


    of course you can do them, saying otherwise is just a cop out.

  4. idilali says:

    @MesmerizingGrayEyes Of course, a women of 34DD can do this exercise and many more, it just depends on how bad you want the change and are willing to push. I am 38F and with a good sports bra (Freya) I am capable of doing these exercise as most of them can be found in the p90x program.

  5. Mony0B says:

    @NellaFan1 does it make your breast larger !??

  6. TheFitnessTutor says:

    @sexyshopers Dont waste your time. Go to my channel for real information.

  7. ESCHITz says:

    3ppl have IMPLANTS

  8. sexyshopers says:

    anyone done this and it work? inbox me and tell me the truth cause i need help like wow

  9. zchikie says:

    law of gravity has its effect… so the heavier they are… the more force gravity pulls them down… so exercise would help them tighten a bit to prevent further sagging 😉

  10. hailstrrrm says:

    @thenaturalite Get a bra that fits properly and do these exercises……

  11. NellaFan1 says:

    thanx 4 your exercise vids…they are a great help to me.

  12. smokeymcgreenston says:

    thats what guys are for

  13. BababoCopyrights says:

    @sward96 I would suspect this is like something that you’d notice when you’ve done it for some years. And I doubt it would lift what has already sagged, but it will prevent excessive future sagging. Maybe.

  14. vivianvortecksx says:

    @Lianasfiction She was using 5s. So I guess that’s okay.

  15. summertime361 says:

    when she mentioned the posture i fixed mine….. haha

  16. iSNEEZES says:

    @JohnnyJohnW Yes. Definitely. Full C-cup.

  17. JohnnyJohnW says:

    I’m a man, so will this make me have girl breasts?

  18. sward96 says:

    @MesmerizingGrayEyes I have DD breast and been doing this for a month and haven’t seen any improvement.

  19. ChantellaMusic says:

    @ghazaleh8765 No, I’m simply saying that not all large breasts are saggy.

  20. Brandy69ism says:


    but she looks good to be old . . .
    ill like to see YOU her age 😡

  21. harvestcheddar0 says:

    @funkman70 well not only if she takes steroids. She can achieve that if she wishes by doing certain things in both exercise and diet. Though it would take a specified workout and she would be aware that she was working toward bulkiness. It would be very rare to achieve it spontaneously. Lifting weights is great for everyone, even with social standards of image for men and women.

  22. harvestcheddar0 says:

    @TAiiNA130 women usually get toned as opposed to bulky “man muscles”. Which creates a strong but more flexible and lean body. Unless you need a lot of velocity for some reason, it really is more useful to be more toned than bulky for both genders.

  23. ghazaleh8765 says:

    @ChantellaMusic u mean u did the exercise and it was helpful?

  24. acgirl512 says:

    Do we really need the body ball? :/

  25. ChantellaMusic says:

    @MesmerizingGrayEyes I’m a 34 DD and mine are firm and lifted…

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